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/a>Power Management Interface
/a>.   3
/a>.   4
/a>The power management subsystem provides a unified sysfs interface to .   5
/a>userspace, regardless of what architecture or platform one is.   6
/a>running. The interface exists in /sys/power/ directory (assuming sysfs.   7 6
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/a>The pow1anagementt Interface
/a>The pow1f="Docum1enta/opt/power/interfac1e.txt1L3" i(Suspend-to-Disk4.idluL5" class="line" namaluL5">   5
/a>userspa1f="Docum1enta/opt/power/interfac1e.txt1L4" idluL4" class="line" namaluL4">   4
/a>The pow1er manag1ement subsystem provide1s a u1ifiedWritarc " it" o 8813t#L6"Docalus/istrarcs catfoscale href="DtodluL4" class="line" namaluL4">   4
/a>The pow1ce, rega1rdless of what architec1ture 1r platransi/sele    it"entio.49. Pleas/iseecale 8813dluL4" class="line" namaluL4">   4
/a>The pow1. The in1terface exists in /sys/1power1 diress="line" namaluL4">io.49ahe p e.t/opntacri   4
/a>The pow1terface.1txt#L7" idluL7" class="1line"1nam2iio.49ahdluL4" class="line" namaluL4">   4
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/a>The pow19erface.19xt#L7" idluL7" class="1 idlu194" idluL4" class="line" namaluL4">   4
/a>The pow76" class="line" namaluL4">   4
/a>The p/pend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
/a>The pow1. TA427..4.21  mrfa"1line4
/ainterfac1. TApend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
     itec1ture 1r sleep - us">   ite/sys/powedriverpend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
    off  itec1ture in reboo4">   itpend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
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  The p2w18erface.18xt#L7" idlu27" cl2ss="1mrfas"1line4
/ainterfac1. TA mechanism:nterfae"14 recw1f="D.1tterfae"14terfa.  If  itpend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
    terfac1e.txt1L 1r platransi/sele    it"entio.49. Pleas/iseecal2pow76" c2ass="line" namaluL4">  24
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/a>The powwillwaccept" na"1lpend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
     45  4
       txt1Lshutdowntxt1L3" i(Suspend-to-Disk4.idluL5" class="line" na4iThe p4w18erface.18xt#L7" idlu47" cl47  4
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/a>4he p/pend),i'mem' (Suspend-to-RAM),n6
  The pow1image_size427..4.21   4
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