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4 41./a>#
4 42./a># Makefile for the Linux nfs filesystem routines.
4 43./a>#
4 44./a><4 45./a>obj-$(CONFIG_NFS_FS) += nfs.o<4 46./a><4 47./a>nfs-y                   := client.o dir.o file.o getroot.o inode.o super.o \<4 48./a>                           direct.o pagelist.o read.o symlink.o unlink.o \<4 49./a>                           write.o nam
space.o mount_clnt.o \<4 3.8.a>                           dns_resolve.o cache_lib.o<4 11./a>nfs-$(CONFIG_ROOT_NFS)  += nfsroot.o<4 12./a>nfs-$(CONFIG_SYSCTL)    += sysctl.o<4 13./a>nfs-$(CONFIG_NFS_FSCACHE) += fscache.o fscache-index.o<4 14./a><4 15./a>obj-$(CONFIG_NFS_V2) += nfsv2lo<4 16./a>nfsv2-y := nfs2super.o proc.o nfs2xdrlo<4 17./a><4 18./a>obj-$(CONFIG_NFS_V3) += nfsv3lo<4 19./a>nfsv3-y := nfs3super.o nfs3client.o nfs3proc.o nfs3xdrlo<4 20./a>nfsv3-$(CONFIG_NFS_V3_ACL) += nfs3acl.o<4 21./a><4 22./a>obj-$(CONFIG_NFS_V4) += nfsv4.o<4 23./a>nfsv4-y := nfs4proc.o nfs4xdrlo nfs4statelo nfs4renewdlo nfs4super.o nfs4file.o \<4 248.a>          delega  >
.o idmap.o callback.o callback_xdrlo callback_proc.o \<4 258.a>          nfs4nam
space.o nfs4getroot.o nfs4client.o<4 26./a>nfsv4-$(CONFIG_SYSCTL)  += nfs4sysctl.o<4 27./a>nfsv4-$(CONFIG_NFS_V4_1)        += pnfs.o pnfs_dev.o<4 28./a><4 29./a>obj-$(CONFIG_PNFS_FILE_LAYOUT) += nfs_layout_nfsv41_files.o<4 30./a>nfs_layout_nfsv41_files-y := nfs4filelayout.o nfs4filelayoutdev.o<4 31./a><4 32./a>obj-$(CONFIG_PNFS_OBJLAYOUT) += objlayout/<4 33./a>obj-$(CONFIG_PNFS_BLOCK) += blocklayout/<4 348.a>
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