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rv3arginput typ..4hidden" nam..4navtarget" ."22..4"> rv3arginput typ..4text" nam..4search" id.4search"> rv3argbuttd2vtyp..4submit">Search rv3arPrefsv arg/a> rg/spa22vv3ar rg/div2vv3ar rgform acv."2="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;"> rginput typ..4hidden" nam..4ajax_lookup" id.4ajax_lookup" ."22..4"> v3ar rg/form2v v3ar rgdiv class="headingbottdm">v gdiv id.4file_contents"2
r r1g/a>menu "Kernel hacking"
r r2g/a> r r3g/a>source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
r r4g/a> r r5g/a>config DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW r r6g/a>        bool "Check for stack overflows"
r r7g/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
r r8g/a> r r9g/a>config DEBUG_DECOMPRESS_KERNEL
r nk 2a>        bool "Using serial port during decompressing kernel"
r 11g/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
r 12g/a>        default n
r 13g/a>        help
r 14g/a>          If you say Y here you will confirm the start and the end of
r 15g/a>          decompressing Linux seeing "Uncompressing Linux... " and
r 16g/a>          "Ok, booting the kernel.\n" on console.
r 17g/a> r 18g/a>config TEST_MISALIGNMENT_HANDLER r 19 2a>        bool "Ru2vtests on the misalignment handler"
r 20g/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
r 21g/a>        default n
r 22g/a>        help
r 23g/a>          If you say Y here the kernel will execute a list of misaligned memory
r 24g/a>          accesses to make sure the misalignment handler deals them with
r 25g/a>          correctly.  If it does not, the kernel will throw a BUG.
r 26g/a> r 27g/a>config KPROBES r 28 2a>        bool "Kprobes"
r 29g/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
r 30g/a>        help
r 31g/a>          Kprobes allows you to trap at almost any kernel address and
r 32g/a>          execute a callback funcv."2.  register_kprobe() establishes
r 33g/a>          a probepoint and specifies the callback.  Kprobes is useful
r 34g/a>          for kernel debugging, non-intrusive instrumentaa d2vand testing.
r 35g/a>          If in doubt, say "N".
r 36g/a> r 37g/a>config GDBSTUB r 38 2a>        bool "Remote GDB kernel debugging"
r 39g/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && DEPRECATED
r 40g/a>        select DEBUG_INFO
r 41g/a>        select FRAME_POINTER r 42g/a>        help
r 43g/a>          If you say Y here, it will be possible to remotely debug the kernel
r 44g/a>          using gdb. This enlarges your kernel ELF image disk size by several
r 45g/a>          megabytes and requires a machine with more than 16 MB, better 32 MB
r 46g/a>          RAM to avoid excessive linking time. This is only useful for kernel
r 47g/a>          hackers. If unsure, say N.
r 48g/a> r 49g/a>          This is deprecated in favour of KGDB and will be removed in a later r 50g/a>          vers."2. r 51g/a> r 52g/a>config GDBSTUB_IMMEDIATE r 53 2a>        bool "Break into GDB stub immediately"
r 54g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB r 55g/a>        help
r 56g/a>          If you say Y here, GDB stub will break into the program as sod2vas
r 57g/a>          possible, leaving the program counter at the beginning of
r 58g/a>          start_kernel() in init/main.c. r 59g/a> r 60g/a>config GDBSTUB_ALLOW_SINGLE_STEP r 61 2a>        bool "Allow software single-stepping in GDB stub"
r 62g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB && !SMP && !PREEMPT
r 63g/a>        help
r 64g/a>          Allow GDB stub to perform software single-stepping through the
r 65g/a>          kernel.  This doesn't work very well on SMP or preemptible kernelsvas
r 66g/a>          it uses temporary breakpoints to emulate single-stepping. r 67g/a> r 68g/a>config GDB_CONSOLE r 69 2a>        bool "Console output to GDB"
r 70g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB r 71g/a>        help
r 72g/a>          If you are using GDB for remote debugging over a serial port and
r 73g/a>          would like kernel messages to be formatted into GDB $O packets so
r 74g/a>          that GDB prints them as program output, say 'Y'. r 75g/a> r 76g/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING r 77 2a>        bool "Debug GDB stub by messages to serial port"
r 78g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB r 79g/a>        help
r 80g/a>          This causes debugging messages to be displayed at various points
r 81g/a>          during execut d2vof the GDB stub routines. Such messages will be
r 82g/a>          displayed on ttyS0 if that isn't the GDB stub's port, or ttySM0
r 83g/a>          otherwise.
r 84g/a> r 85g/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_ENTRY r 86g/a>        bool "Debug GDB stub entry"
r 87g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING r 88g/a>        help
r 89g/a>          This s,a d2vcauses informat d2vto be displayed about entryvto or exit r 90g/a>          from the main GDB stub routine.
r 91g/a> r 92g/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_PROTOCOL
r 93 2a>        bool "Debug GDB stub protocol"
r 94g/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING r 95g/a>        help
r 96g/a>          This s,a d2vcauses informat d2vto be displayed about the GDB remote
r 8797" class="line" nam..4L9yKconfig.debug#L95am..4L53">r 53 2a>        bool "
r 98g/a>   9    help
r r9g//a>configg DEBUG_DECOMPRESS_KERNE info99ef="arch/mn10300/Kconfig.I41" id.4L41" class="line" nam..4L41">r 10k 2a>         bool "Using seristubrisrotocol"
r 101g/a>    0    depends on DEBUG_KER01tubri href="arch/mn10300/Kcon/Kconfig.debug#L95" id.4L95" class="line" nam..4L95">r 102g/a>    0    default n
r ="lg/a>    0    help
r ="4g/a>    0      If you say Y here 04tubriprogram output,low-lev paI/O17" id.4L17" class="line" nam..4L17">r 105g/a>    0      decompressing Linu05tubriug#L76" id.4L76" class="line" nam..4L76">r 106g/a>    0      "Ok, booting 06tubriarch/mn10300/Kconfig.debu_BREAKebug#6" id.4L76" class="line" nam..4L76">r 107g/a> r 108g/a>conf0ig TEST_MISALIGNMENT_HAN08tubri="arch/mn10300/Kconfig.debug#L7g.debug#L95" id.4L95" class="line" nam..4L95">r 109 2a>    0    bool "Ru2vtests09tubri/Kconfig.debug#L80" id.4L80" class="line" nam..4L80">r 1nk 2a>         bool "Using serrial 11ssages to be displayed about the GDB remote
r =11g/a>         depends on DEBUG_KERN1tubr1GDB stub routinfr 112g/a>         default n
r r3g113g/a>         help
r 8797" class="line" nam..4L9yKcon114g/a>           If you say Y here  you 1ill confirm thefsmptrial pon10300/Kco.debug#L78" id.4L78" class="line" nam..4L78">r 115g/a>           decompressing Linuux se1ing "Unco.debug#Lebug#L7gON_TTY#L83" id.4L83" class="line" nam..4L83">r 116g/a>           "Ok, booting  the 1ernel.\n"0/Kconfig.debug#L79" id.4L79" class="line" nam..4L79">r 117g/a> r 1n8g/a>conffig TEST_MISALIGNMENT_HANNDLER11ain.c. r 119 2a>         bool "Ru2vtestss on 11ug#L60" id.4L60" class="line" nam..4L60">r 120g/a>   1     depends on DEBUG_KE1RNEL
12a href="arch/mn10300ON_TTY#L83" id.4L83" class="line" nam..4L83">r 121g/a>   1     default n
r 122g/a>         default n
r 123g/a>           If you say Y here1 the 1ernel will exe300/Kco/mn10300ON_TTY#Lx3" id.4L83" class="line" nam..4L83">r 124g/a>           accesses to make 1sure 12ug#L85" id.4L85" class="line" nam..4L85">r 125g/a>   1       correctly.  If it1 does12="arch/mn10300/KconfON_TTY#L15" id.4L85" class="line" nam..4L85">r 126g/a>     href="arch/mn10300/Kcon1fig.d12entry"
r 127g/a> r 128g/a>conf     bool "Kprobes&1quot;1r 129 2a>         depends on DEBUG_KE1RNEL
12ug#L60" id.4L60" class="line" nam..4L60">r 130g/a>   1     help
r 131g/a>   1       Kprobes allows yo1u to 13single-stepping in GDB s/dev/bug#L2 [SIF2]bug#L78" id.4L78" class="line" nam..4L78">r 132g/a>   1       execute a callbac1k fun13mp; !SMP && !PREMN="lin_TTY#L20" id.4L60" class="line" nam..4L60">r 133g/a>         help
r 134g/a>   1       for kernel debugg1ing, 13ug#L85" id.4L85" class="line" nam..4L85">r 135g/a>   1       If in doubt, say 1"13="arch/mn10300/KconfON_TTY#83" id.4L83" class="line" nam..4L83">r 136g/a> r 137g/a> r 138g/a>conf     bool "Remote G1DB ke13ug#L9" id.4L9" class="line" nam..4L9">r r9g139g/a>   1     depends on DEBUG_KE1RNEL 139ef="arch/mn10300/KcON_TTY#15" id.4L85" class="line" nam..4L85">r 140g/a>   1     select DEBUG_INFO
<1a hre14srotocol"
r 141g/a>   1     select FRAME_POINTE1R r 142g/a>   1     help
r r3g143g/a>   1       If you say Y here1, it 1ill bemp;choic987">r 8797" class="line" nam..4L9yKcon144g/a>   1       using gdb. This e1nlarg14ug#L85" id.4L85" class="line" nam..4L85">r 145g/a>   1       megabytes and req1uires14="arch/mn10300/KconfON_TTY#Lx3" id.4L83" class="line" nam..4L83">r 146g/a> r 147g/a> r 148g/a> r 149g/a>   1       This is deprecate1d in 14ug#L60" id.4L60" class="line" nam..4L60">r 150g/a>   1       vers."2. r 151g/a> r 152g/a>   1fig GDBSTUB_IMMEDIATE r 153 2a>   1     bool "Break in1to GD1 stub immediat0/ebug#L24" id.4L24" class="line" nam..4L24">r 154g/a>   1     depends on GDBSTUB 1r 155g/a>   1     help
r 156g/a> r 157g/a>   1       possible, leaving1 the 1500/Kconfig.dech/mng.debugL19" id.4L19" class="line" nam..4L19">r 158g/a>   1       start_kernel() in1 init15="arch/mn10300/e_;
r 159g/a>   1 href="arch/mn10300/Kcon1fig.d15mp;& DEPRECATED
r 160g/a>con1fig GDBSTUB_ALLOW_SINGLE1_STEP1
The original LXRa href="arbyomn10" id.4L24http:// href=forge.net/proj/Kcs/lxr">LXRacommunity hre"arcsizexperi10300l.debug#Lrbyo" id.4L24mailto:lxr@l0/Kcono">lxr@l0/Kcono hre.
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