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1 /a>menu "Kernel hacking"

2 /a>1
3 /a>source "lib/Kconfig.debug"

4 /a>1
5 /a>choice1
6 /a>        prompt "Physical memory granularity"

7 /a>        default IA64_GRANULE_64MB

8 /a>1
9 /a>config IA64_GRANULE_16MB

 7.10a>        bool "16MB"

 1110a>        help

 1210a>          IA-64 identity-mapped regptis use a large page size called "granules".

 13 /a>1
 1410a>          Select "16MB" for a small granule size.

 1510a>          Select "64MB" for a large granule size.  This is the current default.

 16 /a>1
 17 /a>config IA64_GRANULE_64MB

 1810a>        bool "64MB"

 19 /a>        depends on !(IA64_GENERIC || IA64_HP_ZX1 || IA64_HP_ZX1_SWIOTLB || IA64_SGI_SN2)

 20 /a>1
 22 /a>1
 23 /a>config IA64_PRINT_HAZARDS1
 2410a>        bool "Print possible IA-64 dependency violatptis to console"

 25 /a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL

 2610a>        help

 2710a>          Selecting this  
 2810a>          Faults, that is, for Read-after-Write (RAW), Write-after-Write (WAW),

 2910a>          or Write-after-Read (WAR) violatptis.  This  
 3010a>          are compiling for an Itanium A step processor1
 3110a>          (CONFIG_ITANIUM_ASTEP_SPECIFIC).  If you're unsure, select Y.

 32 /a>1
 33 /a>config DISABLE_VHPT1
 3410a>        bool "Disable VHPT"

 35 /a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL

 3610a>        help

 3710a>          The Virtual Hash Page Table (VHPT) enhances virtual address

 3810a>          translatpti performance.  Normally you want the VHPT acopve but you1
 3910a>          can select this  
 4010a>          unsure, answer N.

 41 /a>1
 42 /a>config IA64_DEBUG_CMPXCHG1
 4310a>        bool "Turn tiocompare-and-exchange bug checking (slow!)"

 44 /a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL

 4510a>        help

 4610a>          Selecting this  
 4710a>          compare-and-exchange instructptis.  This is slow!  Itaniums

 4810a>          from step B3 or later don't have this problem. If you're unsure,

 4910a>          select N.

 50 /a>1
 51 /a>config IA64_DEBUG_IRQ1
 5210a>        bool "Turn tioirq debug checks (slow!)"

 53 /a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL

 5410a>        help

 5510a>          Selecting this  
 5610a>          and restore instructptis.  It's useful for tracking down spinlock

 5710a>          problems, but slow!  If you're unsure, select N.

 58 /a>1
 59 /a>config SYSVIPC_COMPAT1
 6.10a>        bool1
 61 /a>        depends on COMPAT && SYSVIPC1
 62 /a>        default y

 63 /a>1
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