alue3.p/spa42< 3.p/form2< alue3. href="../linux+v3.319/Documentav4.4/video4linux/si470x.txt">alue3.pimg src="../.stav4c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">alp/spa42aluealue3.pinput typ2< hidden" nam2< navtarget" on> 2< ">alue3.pinput typ2< text" nam2< search" id< search">alue3.pbuttptityp2< submit">Searchalue3.Prefs< 3.p/a>alp/spa42alpinput typ2< hidden" nam2< ajax_lookup" id< ajax_lookup" on> 2< ">aue3. .p/form2. .1p/a>Driver for USB radios for the SilicptiLabs Si470x FM Radio Receivers . .2p/a>a. .3p/a>Copyright (c) 2009 Tobias Lorenz <>a. .4p/a>a. .5p/a>a. .6p/a>Informav4.4 from SilicptiLabsa. .7p/a>=============================a. .8p/a>SilicptiLaboratories is the manufacvurer of the radio ICs, that nowadays are thea. .9p/a>most often used radio receivers i4 cell phones. Usually they are cptnected witha. > a>I2C. But SiLabs also provides a reference design, which i4tegrates this IC,a. 11p/a>together with a small microcontroller C8051F321, to form a USB radio.a. 12p/a>Part of this reference design is also a radio applicav4.4 i4 binary and sourcea. 13p/a>code. The software also contains an autpmav4c firmware upgrade to the mosta. 14p/a>current vers4.4. Informav4.4 ptithese can be downloaded here:a. 15p/a>>a. 16p/a>a. 17p/a>a. 18p/a>Supported ICsa. 19p/a>============= . 2 > a>The following ICs have a very similar register set, so that they are or will bea. 21p/a>supported somewhen by the driver:a. 22p/a>- Si4700: FM radio receivera. 23p/a>- Si4701: FM radio receiver, RDS Supporta. 24p/a>- Si4702: FM radio receivera. 25p/a>- Si4703: FM radio receiver, RDS Supporta. 26p/a>- Si4704: FM radio receiver, no external antenna requireda. 27p/a>- Si4705: FM radio receiver, no external antenna required, RDS support, Dig I/Oa. 28p/a>- Si4706: Enhanced FM RDS/TMC radio receiver, no external antenna required, RDSa. 29p/a> Supporta. 30p/a>- Si4707: Dedicaved weather band radio receiver with SAME decoder, RDS Supporta. 31p/a>- Si4708: Smallest FM receivers . 32p/a>- Si4709: Smallest FM receivers, RDS Supporta. 33p/a>More i4formav4.4 ptithese can be downloaded here:a. 34p/a>>a. 35p/a>a. 36p/a>a. 37p/a>Supported USB devices . 38p/a>===================== . 39p/a>Currently the following USB radios (vendor:product) with the SilicptiLabs si470xa. 40p/a>chips are known to work:a. 41p/a>- 10c4:818a: SilicptiLabs USB FM Radio Reference Designa. 42p/a>- 06e1:a155: ADS/Tech FM Radio Receiver (formerly Instant FM Music) (RDX-155-EF)a. 43p/a>- 1b80:d700: KWorld USB FM Radio SnapMusic Mobile 700 (FM700)a. 44p/a>- 10c5:819a: Sanei Electric, Inc. FM USB Radio (sold as PCear)a. 45p/a>a. 46p/a>a. 47p/a>Softwarea. 48p/a>========a. 49p/a>Testing is usually done with most applicav4.4 under Debian/testing:a. 50p/a>- fmtools - Utility for managing FM tuner cards . 51p/a>- gnomeradio - FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop . 52p/a>- gradio - GTK FM radio tuner . 53p/a>- kradio - Comfortable Radio Applicav4.4 for KDE . 54p/a>- radio - ncurses-based radio applicav4.4 . 55p/a>- mplayer - The Ultimave Movie Player For Linux . 56p/a>a. 57> a>There is also a library libv4l, which can be used. It's going to have a funcv4.4 . 58p/a>for frequency seeking, either by using hardware funcv4.4ality as i4 radio-si470xa. 59p/a>or by implementing a funcv4.4 as we currently have i4 every of the mentioneda. 60p/a>programs. Somewhen the radio programs should make use of libv4l.a. 61p/a>a. 62p/a>For processing RDS i4formav4.4, there is a project ptgoing at:a. 63p/a>>a. 64p/a>a. 65> a>There is currently no project for making TMC sentences human readable.a. 66p/a>a. 67p/a>a. 68p/a>Audio Listinga. 69p/a>============= . 70p/a>USB Audio is provided by the ALSA snd_usb_audio module. It is recommended to . 71p/a>also select SND_USB_AUDIO, as this is required to get sound from the radio. For . 72p/a>listing you have to redirect the sound, for example using one of the following . 73p/a>commands. Please adjust the audio devices to your needs (/dev/dsp* and hw:x,x).a. 74p/a>a. 75> a>If you just want to test audio (very poor quality):a. 76p/a>cav /dev/dsp1 > /dev/dspa. 77p/a>a. 78> a>If you use OSS try:a. 79p/a>sox -2 --endian little -r 96000 -t pss /dev/dsp1 -t pss /dev/dspa. 80p/a>a. 81> a>If you use arts try:a. 82p/a>arecord -D hw:1,0 -r96000 -c2 -f S16_LE | artsdsp aplay -B -a. 83p/a>a. 84> a>If you use mplayer try:a. 85> a>mplayer -radio adevice=hw=1.0:arate=96000 \a. 86p/a> -rawaudio rate=96000 \a. 87p/a> radio://<frequency>/capvurea. 88p/a>a. 89p/a>Module Parameters . 90p/a>================= . 91> a>After loading the module, you still have access to some of them i4 the sysfs . 92p/a>mount under /sys/module/radio_si470x/parameters. The contents of read-only files . 93p/a>(0444) are not updaved, even if space, band and de are changed using privave . 94> a>video controls. The others are runtime changeable.a. 95p/a>a. 96p/a>a. 97p/a>Errors . 98p/a>====== . 99p/a>Increase tune_timeout, if you often get -EIO errors.a.100p/a>a.101> a>When timed out or band limit is reached, hw_freq_seek returns -EAGAIN.a.102p/a>a.103> a>If you get any errors from snd_usb_audio, please report them to the ALSA people.a.104p/a>a.105p/a>a.106p/a>Open Issues .107p/a>=========== .108p/a>V4L minor device allocav4.4 and parameter setting is not perfect. A soluv4.4 is .109p/a>currently under discuss4.4.a.110p/a>a.111p/a>There is an USB i4terface for downloading/uploading new firmware images. Supporta.112p/a>for it can be implemented using the requesi_firmware ifirmware" class="line" for2">.112p/a>for it can be implemented usiu4oluv4.4 is . 11p/a>cuere is an DS i4fomwaruptodul The soiver:as alsoad-oysing the res2< firmware" ed usiu4oluv4.4 is . 11p/a>. 11p/a>a. 111 a>There is als LEDfirmware" which can be used. o thor:aridthea< LEDfntrols.a href="Documentav4.4/video4linux/si470x.txt#L17"" id< L108" class="line" nam2< L18"">. 11p/a>Suograms d ou the syrmware iThe cur be usme toavaabs. using onea< LEDfsporta. 11p/a>==ncv4.4 asu the sykernea. 212/a>a. 212/a>a>.112p/a>- Oer byed.ful4formav4.4 ptd limink. 21p/a>- ===========================a<=== . 212/a>>a. 21p/a>- e othrigil anLXRoftware al the AL href="http://wwurceaLXRommanunitya>- ,his isexrfeintav4lers4.4. l th href="htmaabto:lxa@nux/s.n>htlxa@nux/s.n>a>- . div2< piv idass="lisubfoomwa"> lxa.nux/s.n> kind havost by th href="http://www.siredpill-nuxoje.n>htRedpillinuxoje ASa>- ,hovided of thLux/sfntrlts"g at: liorfea.4 asuserces tong fo1995. div2< pdi/body pi/htmlue