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 L1">. .18/a>Guidelines for Linux4Linux pixel format 4CCs

 L2">. .28/a>============================================

 L3">. .38/a>t
 L4">. .48/a>Guidelines for Video4Linux 4CC codes defined using v4l2_fourcc() aret
 L5">. .58/a>specified iopthis document. First ofpthe charac
ers definespthe nature oft
 L6">. .68/a>the pixel format, compress
 L7">. .78/a>otherpthree charac
ers depends /opthe first one.t
 L8">. .88/a>t
 L9">. .98/a>Existing 4CCs may not obeypthese guidelines.t
 L10">. ="v4a>t
 L11">. 118/a>Formats

 L12">. 128/a>=======

 L13">. 138/a>t
 L14">. 148/a>Raw bayert
 L15">. 158/a>---------t
 L16">. 168/a>t
 L17">. 178/a>The following first charac
ers are used by raw bayer formats:t
 L18">. 188/a>t
 L19">. 198/a>        B: raw bayer, uncompressed

 L20">. 208/a>        b: raw bayer, DPCM compressed

 L21">. 218/a>        a: A-law compressed

 L22">. 228/a>        u: u-law compressed

 L23">. 238/a>t
 L24">. 248/a>2nd charac
er: pixel ordert
 L25">. 258/a>        B: BGGRt
 L26">. 268/a>        G: GBRGt
 L27">. 278/a>        g: GRBGt
 L28">. 288/a>        R: RGGBt
 L29">. 298/a>t
 L30">. 308/a>3rd charac
er: uncompressed bits-per-pixel 0--9, A--t
 L31">. 318/a>t
 L32">. 328/a>4th charac
er: compressed bits-per-pixel 0--9, A--t
 L33">. 338/a>
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