1                          Linux ACM driver v0.16
   2                 (c) 1999 Vojtech Pavlik <>
   3                             Sponsored by SuSE
   60. Disclaimer
   8  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
   9under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
  10Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
  11any later version.
  13  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
  14WITHOUohe hope tha-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-ARRANTY;acmpe=kupeveDocumeimplief=, orantycumeMERCHANTABILITY" class="line" name="L14">  14WITHef="Docu1mentation/usb/acm.txt#L16" id1"L6" cm.FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR Free
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  13  Th program1 is free software; you 1can r1distribY"Dose=kld haveentce" id a copyby the Free
  13  Ththe term1s of the GNU General Pu1blic 1icenscmpe till be usef; if not, wrib/ato" id="L10 ense, or (at your o, Inc., 59class="line" name="L2">   2       ware Fou2dation; either version 2 of t2e LicTemple Placb/aSuib/a330, Bden o, MA 02111-1307 USAclass="line" name="L2">   2       later ve2sion.
  13  T2            (c) 1999 Vojtech Pavl13" i2t;vojteSe=kld ="Doneid to"c9b8als ty," id=aupe=r,f="Documedo ittion)
  13  T2is progr2m is distributed in the2hope 2hat i- mail#L11" messag/ato"sb/acm.txt#L3" id="L3" /acm.10"pap
  13  T2OUohe ho2e tha-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@2@-@-@2@-@-@Ucib/lskad1"76, acague 8,r1d2 00 CzmentRe/acm.c" class="line" name="L13">  13  T2ef="Docu2mentation/usb/acm.txt#L26" id2"L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis2claimer
	udedclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis2~~~~~~~
2  12
   60. Dis2the term2s of the GNU General Pu2blic 2icens1. Usag/class="line" name="L3">   3       ware Fou3dation; either version 3 of t30.txt#L8" id=class="line" name="L3">   3       later ve3sion.
 c#L2" ids worksacmpe USB" ided btxt USB"ISDNishedinal" class="line" name="L13">  13  T3        3   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav313" i3t;vojadaptids on/usc9burn fto" id=Un" idsef=Serief=Bus Communice="L1 Devtat Cc) 1" class="line" name="L13">  13  T3                        Sponsoredhope 3hat iAbt
   60. Dis3ef="Docu3mentation/usb/acm.txt#L36" id35at it Mm.tx ided bdo, )
   60. Dis3claimer
3   60. Dis3~~~~~~~
3   60. Dis3 program3 is free software; you 3can r38SE
   60. Dis3the term3s of the GNU General Pu3blic 39SE
   7~~~~~~4ware Fou4dation; either version 4 of t40SE
   60. Dis4later ve4sion.
   60. Dis4        4   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav413" i4t;vojtech@susCompaq 56k FaxMidemclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis4        4               Sponsore4hope 4uSE
   60. Dis4---------------------------------@-@-@44L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis4ef="Docu4mentation/usb/acm.txt#L46" id45at it I knowby  one"ISDNiTA on/usdoes work cmpe tid=acm#L2" id:class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis4claimer
4   60. Dis4~~~~~~~
4   60. Dis4 program4 is free software; you 4can r48L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis4the term4s of the GNU General Pu4blic 49SE
   60. Dis5ware Fou5dation; either version 5 of t50L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis5later ve5sion.
   60. Dis5        5   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav513" i5="L13" class="line" name="L13">  13  T5        5               Sponsore5hope 5uSE
t" facb btxt" class="line" name="L13">  13  T5--------5-----------------------5@-@-@54L6" thul won't work cmpe til, b2" ids. Check/   .txt#compliancy befL4" buying2" class="line" name="L12">  12
   60. Dis5claimer
5   60. Dis5~~~~~~~
5  13  T5 program5 is free software; you 5can r58SE
 cL4".koclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis5the term5s of the GNU General Pu5blic 59SE
   60. Discware Fou6dation; either version 6 of t60SE
   60. Disclater ve6sion.
  13  T6        6   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav613" i6t;vojteAfts pubat, he F ided[s]ose=kld bd=accb sible.bY"Dose=kld bd=ablefto"14"" class="line" name="L13">  13  T6        6               Sponsore6hope 6uSE
   60. Dis6ef="Docu6mentation/usb/acm.txt#L66" id6"L6" 2. Verifyingion/usb/acorksclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis6claimer
<   8  This6~~~~~~~
6   8  This6 program6 is free software; you 6can r68SE
   60. Dis6the term6s of the GNU General Pu6blic 69L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis7ware Fou7dation; either version 7 of t7e LicT: =Bus=01 Lev=00iacnt=00iarnt=00iCnt=00iDev#=  1 Spd=12="MxCh= 2class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis7later ve7sion.
   60. Dis7        7   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav713" i7t;vojD: =Ver= 1.00iCls=09(hub  ) Sub=00iacot=00iMxPS= 8 #Cfgs=  1class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis7        7               Sponsore7hope 7uSE
   60. Dis7--------7-----------------------7@-@-@74L6" S: iacoduct=USB"UHCI Root Hubclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis7ef="Docu7mentation/usb/acm.txt#L76" id75L6" S: iSeriefNumber=6800class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis7claimer
7   60. Dis7~~~~~~~
<   60. Dis7 program7 is free software; you 7can r78SE
   60. Dis7the term7s of the GNU General Pu7blic 79 LicT: =Bus=01 Lev=01iacnt=01iarnt=01iCnt=01iDev#=  2 Spd=12="MxCh= 0class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8ware Fou8dation; either version 8 of t80;vojD: =Ver= 1.00iCls=02(comm.) Sub=00iacot=00iMxPS= 8 #Cfgs=  2class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8later ve8sion.
   60. Dis8        8   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav813" i82L6" S: iManufacturer=3Com Inc.class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8        8               Sponsore8hope 83L6" S: iacoduct=3Com U.S. RoboticsiacoiISDNiTAclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8--------8-----------------------8@-@-@84L6" S: iSeriefNumber=UFT53A49BVT7class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8ef="Docu8mentation/usb/acm.txt#L86" id85.txtC:  #Ifs= 1 Cfg#= 1 Atr=60iMxPwr=  0mAclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8claimer
8class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis8~~~~~~~
8   60. Dis8 program  is free software; you ccan r88SE
   60. Dis8the term8s of the GNU General Pu8blic 89SE
   60. Dis9ware Fou9dation; either version 9 of t90.txtC:* #Ifs= 2 Cfg#= 2 Atr=60iMxPwr=  0mAclass="line" name="L6">   60. Dis9later ve9sion.
class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis9        9   (c) 1999 Vojtech Pav913" i92SE
   60. Dis9        9               Sponsore9hope 93at iI: iIf#= 1=Alt= 0=#EPs= 2 Cls=0a(data ) Sub=00iacot=00iD2" id=/a>class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis9--------9-----------------------9@-@-@94SE
   60. Dis9ef="Docu9mentation/usb/acm.txt#L96" id95SE
   60. Dis9claimer
9   60. Dis9~~~~~~~
9  11any9 program9 is free software; you 9can r98SE
ameanl tid=acm" class="line" name="L11">  11any9the termss of the GNU General Pubblic 99SE
  14WITH0ware Founddation; either version 2  of 2  L6" cf luck,f="Dohaveea=Levtat cmpe vendor specific-i>t" facb2" class="line" name="L12">  12
  13  T10href="Doc0umentation/usb/acm.txt#L02of 2 t;vojD: =Ver= 1.00iCls=02(comm.) Sub=00iacot=00iMxPS= 8 #Cfgs=  2class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis10is progra0m is distributed in the 03of 2 3at iI: iIf#= 0=Alt= 0=#EPs= 1 Cls=02(comm.) Sub=02iacot=01iD2" id=/a>class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis10OUohe hop0e tha-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-04of 2 4at iI: iIf#= 1=Alt= 0=#EPs= 2 Cls=0a(data ) Sub=00iacot=00iD2" id=/a>class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis10ef="Docu10mentation/usb/acm.txt#L105of 2 "L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis10claimer
10   60. Dis10~~~~~~~
10  13  Th0 program10 is free software; you 108of 2 8SE
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11   60. Dis1 ~~~~~~~
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 c: /a>dc9b8rol_msg: rq: 0x20ingb: 0x0 len: 0x7 div id: 7class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis12href="Docuumentation/usb/acm.txt#L113" 12="L13"> .c: acm#L2" id d="L7"d i>t" facb/c7b5f3e0class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis12is progra2m is distributed in the12hope123"L13"> .c: acm#L2" id d="L7"d i>t" facb/c7b5f3f8class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis12OUohe hop2e tha-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@12@-@-12@-@-@"> .c: acm#L2" id d="L7"d i>t" facb/c7691fa0class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis12ef="Docu12mentation/usb/acm.txt#L126" i12"L6" class="line" name="L6">   60. Dis12claimer
12   60. Dis12~~~~~~~
12   60. Dis12 program12 is free software; you 12can 128L6" corking2" class="line" name="L12">  12
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