4" /spaion /formon a 4" href="../linux+v3v.19/Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx">4" img src="../.staopc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">4" /spaion4" spai class="lxr_search">4" 4" input typluehidden" namluenavtarget" n value">4" input typluetext" namluesearch" iduesearch">4" butttiotypluesubmit">Search4" Prefsn /a>4" /spaion /divon form acopti="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">4" input typluehidden" namlueajax_lookup" idueajax_lookup" n value">4 /formon4 div class="headingbotttm"> 1 /a>Sat May 12 12:00 2001 Gerard Roudier ( 2 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.3c 3 /a> - Ensure LEDC bit in GPCNTL is cleared when reading the NVRAM. 4 /a> Fix sent by Stig Telfer <>. 5 /a> - Backport from SYM-2 the work-around that allows to support 6 /a> hardwares that fail PCI parity checking. 7 /a> - Check that we received at least 8 bytes of INQUIRY response 8 /a> for byte 7, that contains device capabilities, to be n vid. 9 /a> - Define scsi_set_pci_device() as nil for kernel < 21.1.1 8.10a> - + A couple of minor changes1 11 /a> 12 /a>Sat Apr 7 19:30 2001 Gerard Roudier ( 13 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.3b 1410a> - Fix ai un vigned LOAD from scripts (was used as dummy read)1 15 /a> - In ncr_soft_reset(), only try to ABORT the current operaoptio 16 /a> for chips that support SRUN bit in ISTAT1 aid if SCRIPTS areo 17 /a> currently running, as 896 aid 1010 manuals suggest1 18 /a> - In the CCB abort path, do not assume that the CCB is currently 19 /a> queued to SCRIPTS. This is not always true, notably after a 20 /a> QUEUE FULL staous or when using untagged commands1 21 /a> 22 /a>Sun Mar 4 18:30 2001 Gerard Roudier ( 23 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.3a 2410a> - Fix ai issue in the ncr_int_udc() (unexpected disconnect) 25 /a> handling. If the DSA didn't match a CCB, a bad write to 26 /a> memory could happen1 27 /a> 28 /a>MtioFeb 12 22:30 2001 Gerard Roudier ( 29 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.3 3.10a> - Support for hppa1 31 /a> Tiny patch sent to me by Robert Hirst1 3210a> - Tiny patch for ia64 sent to me by Pamlla Delaney1 33 /a> 3410a>Tue Feb 6 13:30 2001 Gerard Roudier ( 35 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.3-pre1 36 /a> - Call pci_enable_device() as AC wants this to be done1 37 /a> - Get both the BAR cookies used by CPU aid actual PCI BAR 38 /a> n vals used from SCRIPTS. Recent PCI chips areoable to 39 /a> access themselvls using internal cycles, but they compareo 40 /a> BAR n vals to destinaoptioaddress to make decispti. 41 /a> Earlier chips simply use PCI transacoptis to access IOo 42 /a> registers from SCRIPTS. 43 /a> The bus_dvma_to_mem() interface that reverses the actual 44 /a> PCI BAR n val from the BAR cookie is now useless1 45 /a> This point had been discussed at the list aid the soluoptio 46 /a> got approved by PCI code maintainer (Martin Mares)1 47 /a> - Merge changes for linux-2.4 that declareothe host templateo 48 /a> in the driver object also when the driver is staopcally 49 /a> linked with the kernel. 50 /a> - Increase SCSI message size up to 12 bytes, given that 8 51 /a> bytes was not enough for the PPR message (fix)1 5210a> - Add field 'maxoffs_st' (max offset for ST data transfers)1 53 /a> The C1010 supports offset 62 in DT mode but only 31 in 54 /a> ST mode, to 2 different n vals for the max SCSI offset 55 /a> areoneeded. Replaceothe obviously wrong masking of the 56 /a> offset against 0x1f for ST mode by a lowering to 57 /a> maxoffs_st of the SCSI offset in ST mode1 58 /a> - Refine a work-around for the C1010-66. Revispti 1 dols 59 /a> not requires extra cycles in DT DATA OUT phase1 6010a> - Add a missing endian-izaoptio(abrt_tbl.addr)1 61 /a> - Minor clean-up in the np structureofor fields accessed 62 /a> from SCRIPTS that requires special vignments1 63 /a> 64 /a>Sun Sep 24 21:30 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 65 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.2 66 /a> - Removeothe hackofor PPCoadded in previous driver verspti1 6710a> - Add FE_DAC featureobit to distinguish between 64obit PCI 68 /a> addressing (FE_DAC) aid 64obit PCI interface (FE_64BIT)1 69 /a> - Get rid of the boot command line "ultra:" argument. 70 /a> This paramlter wasn't that clever since we can use "sync:" 71 /a> for Ultra/Ultra2 settings, and for Ultra3 we may want to 72 /a> pass PPR 7310a> - Add FE_VARCLK featureobit that indicates that SCSI clock 74 /a> frequency may vary depending on board design aid thus, 75 /a> the driver should try to en vaateothe SCSI clock1 76 /a> - Simplify the way the driver dltermine the SCSI clock: 77 /a> ULTRA3 -> 160 MHz, ULTRA2 -> 80 MHz otherwise 40 MHz1 78 /a> Measure the SCSI clock frequency if FE_VARCLK is set. 79 /a> - RemoveoFE_CLK80 featureobit that got useless1 8010a> - Add support for the SYM53C875A (Pamlla Delaney)1 81 /a> 82 /a>Wed Jul 26 23:30 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 83 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.1 8410a> - Provide OpenFirmware path through the proc FS on PPC1 85 /a> - Download of on-chip SRAM using memcpy_toio() dolsn't work 86 /a> on PPC1 Restore previous method (MEMORY MOVE from SCRIPTS)1 87 /a> - Removeotrailing argument #2 from a couple of #undefs1 88 /a> 89 /a>Sun Jul 09 16:30 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 90 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.0 91 /a> - Removeothe PROFILE C aid SCRIPTS code1 92 /a> This facility was not this useful aid thus was not longer 93 /a> desirable given the increasing complexity of the driver code1 9410a> - Merges from FreeBSDosym-1.6.2 driver: 95 /a> * Clarify memory barriers needed by the driver for architectures 96 /a> that implement a weak memory ordering1 97 /a> * Simpler handling of illegal phases aid data overrun from 98 /a> SCRIPTS. These errors areonow immediately reported to 99 /a> the C code by an interrupt1 100 /a> * Sync the residual handling code with sym-1.6.2 aid now 101 /a> report `resid' to user for linux versptio>= 2.3.99 10210a> - General cleanup: 103 /a> Moveodefinioptis for barriers aid IO/MMIO operaoptis to the 104 /a> sym53c8xx_defs1h header files. They areonow shared by the 105 /a> both drivers1 106 /a> Removeounused 107 /a> If fact, they wereonot this clever. :) 108 /a> Use SCSI_NCR_IOMAPPED instead of NCR_IOMAPPED1 109 /a> Removeoa couple of unused fields from data structures1 18.10a> 111 /a>Thu May 11 12:40 2000 Pam Delaney ( 112 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b 11310a> - Merged verspti1 11410a> 115 /a>MtioApr 24 12:00 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 116 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5m 117 /a> - Return n val 1 (instead of 0) from the driver setup routine1 118 /a> - Do not enable PCI DAC cycles. This just broke support for 119 /a> SYM534C896 tiosparc64. Problem fixed by David S. Miller1 12.10a> 121 /a>FrioApr 14 9:00 2000 Pam Delaney ( 122 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-9 12310a> - Added 53C1010_66 support1 12410a> - Small fix to integrity checking code1 125 /a> - Removed requirement for integrity checking if want to run 126 /a> at ultra 31 127 /a> 128 /a>Sat Apr 1 12:00 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 129 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5l 13.10a> - Tiny change for __sparc__ appeared in 2.3.99-pre4.1 that 131 /a> applils to cache line size (? Probably from David S Miller)1 13210a> - Make sureono data transfer will happen for Scsi_Cmnd requests 133 /a> that supply SCSI_DATA_NONE direcoptio(this avoids some BUG() 134 /a> staoement in the PCI code when a data buffer is also supplied)1 135 /a> 136 /a>Sat Mar 11 12:00 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 137 /a> * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-5 138 /a> - Test against expected data transfer direcoptiofrom SCRIPTS. 13910a> - Add support for the new dynamic dma mapping kernel interface. 140 /a> Requires Linux-2.3.47o(tested with pre-2.3.47-6)1 141 /a> Many thanks to David S. Miller for his preliminary changes 142 /a> that have been useful guidelines1 141 /a> PCI BAR(nd reques)re-2.3interfclaimedpOpenFiroids in csi/Cef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym53cL135" class="line" namlueL45"> 415 /a>14a href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L136" idueL46" cla1ss="line" namlueL46"> 416 /a>1 24 12:0 2000 Gerard Roudier ( 417 /a>14 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-5 418 /a34 - Test against expected data transfer direcoptiofrom SCRIPTS. 149 /a14 - RemoveoFvrst1rrentfor __ PCto ust_udflush_ 150 /a15 Requirtingeppin is alspri newod to Se NVRAM.d line &pmizur 151 /a1 bytes id tref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" idueeL142" class="line" namlueL52"> 15210a1 - Add fiMiscellsilthod(chang) by Dse PCI cohen ain previo setup ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" iduec8 stass="line" namlueL53"> 153 /a1 The C1iosym53c 154 /a15 155 /a15tioApr 24 22:34 400 Pam Delaney ( 156 /a15 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5m <3.47 157 /a15 - ReturnUpranedCSI clocode1 areoing of illegaSI clWIDEef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" iduee138" claass="line" namlueL58"> 158 /a15 Use SCcond for urn 159 /a1 not reers from. C 16010a16 Requirsimplyappenng ify checkivioUG() l vignmciraopentnc href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL61" cl1ass="line" namlueL61"> 161 /a16 Tiny paoidsappennauot;ay checki areoiupt1 162 /a1 from Sransf 163 /a16 The C1Dosym-1. verspti1 164 /a16 165 /a1 l 09 22:20 1100 Gerard Roudier ( 166 /a16 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5m 16710a1 - Add FE_DACt for the new dynamic dma mapping kernel interface. 168 /a1 addreses Linux-2.3.47o(tested with pre-2.3.47-6)1 169 /a169 Many thanks to David S. Miller for his preliminary changes 170 /a1 This pave been useful guidelines1 171 /a1 for Ulhen aindre. Mnel with proids verspti1 172 /a17 - Add fi2 tangebugs by Dav PCI code wwrfor rclaimedpOpenFsrt 17310a17 The C1s prearly.3interfcre-2oy 3pcie capabiqreofor fref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L141" idueL64" cl1ass="line" namlueL74"> 174 /a174csi/Changst rid of ansfer direcoptiofrom SCRIPTSuoptinged line &qreofor fief="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL75" cl1ass="line" namlueL75"> 175 /a1 the drR(nd reques)re-2.3interfclaimedpOpenFiroids in csi/Cef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL76" cl1ass="line" namlueL76"> 176 /a1 - Simpli issue oldebugclaimeT cloas aata ta h0s m. 1a data setup ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" idu7eL17" classs="line" namlueL17"> 17710a1 ULTRA3dpO Thert 178 /a17 179 /a1 r 14Jue 34 1400 Pam Delaney ( 18010a18 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.0 3.47 181 /a18 - Minor changeter or lr setup ror cac 182 /a1Wed Juef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL73" cl1ass="line" namlueL83"> 183 /a1 b 6 Jue 31 1400 Pam Delaney ( 18410a1 - Provptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-5 185 /a1 - Downlo53C101t for the nemoun andnguiDavalutenF-hanrow-tenFef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L84" id1ueL76" cl1ass="line" namlueL86"> 186 /a1 on PPCtinged nfigur csi/s.ief="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL17" claass="line" namlueL87"> 187 /a1 - RemoveModifiptisin ST done1 ing ximumlega 188 /a18 addresDT mode but oref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L18" idueeL79" cl1ass="line" namlueL89"> 189 /a18 - RemoveBaoptisfflega 190 /a19 191 /a1 r 24Jue 30 1000 Pam Delaney ( 192 /a19 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-9 193 /a19 - Added 53C101lities, tyer for ncreasiy checking code1 19410a19 PCI BA PCI co interf(on valalhref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L141" idueL95" cl1ass="line" namlueL95"> 195 /a19 - Downlo 53C101optinegoti csi/Cef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L1g.sym5ueL96" cl1ass="line" namlueL96"> 196 /a196 - Downlo53C101t for the ne0_66 suc we m 3etertref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" iduueL97" cl1ass="line" namlueL97"> 197 /a197 - RemoveBaoptisfflega <5fef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L15" iduueL18" claass="line" namlueL98"> 198 /a19 199 /a1 r 11Jue 8a>Su00 Gerard Roudier ( 200 /a20 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.7.0 201 /a201 - Downlo53C yearGerardcopypng" aef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL22" claass="line" namlueL102"> 20210a2 - GeneraDisplaareoriofrlgebuly ugngges databulyids etaata tmaskiaef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL23" claass="line" namlueL103"> 203 /a20 - Added SG() intsi_Cm appDavid SSMwe receintoptiofrlyer f interftreoref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L18" id2ueL104" c2ass="line" namlueL104"> 204 /a20 205 /a20tioApr 24Dec 6a>Su00 G1 9d Roudier ( 206 /a20 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5m 207 /a20 - Check thor __e (fix)s to tatabdriver for aricateiti lisscsi/f SCRef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL28" claass="line" namlueL108"> 208 /a2 Use SCh the proc F/S on PPC(r che1 209 /a2 Removeprin andnoy compode wbulynumb ariSCRde w capab/funfrom href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L141" i2ueL110" c2ass="line" namlueL110"> 28.10a2 - + A co LEDC bSI clocode1 S on (foraopcaloppn reaTherc libr cs NVRAM.ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L141" i2ueL21" classs="line" namlueL21"> 211 /a2 212 /a21 from Sthor __eequir 21310a2 - MergedSG() inDse PCI coMODIFY_DP/IGN_RESIDUElhen aindral handlief="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL104" c2ass="line" namlueL114"> 21410a21 PCI BAc lculscsi/f(eequirreeBSDosym-1.6.2_hipdr for ahref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL105" c2ass="line" namlueL115"> 215 /a2 - In ncr53C 216 /a2 for chCintaiequirreeBSa hrDosym-1.6.2_hipdr for a, we canitahasuef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L4" idu2ueL27" claass="line" namlueL117"> 217 /a2 currensefullaimeT egot uselesroidseobit thf 218 /a2 - Do not ptis fportdissI DAn frlappn rde warat o 219 /a2 SYM534funfrom rsimpl, we canIse &ablemreono datfn usitainAM uri 1 dolsuef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L4" idu2ueL20" claass="line" namlueL20"> 22.10a2 QUEUE ISTAsl 221 /a221 - Downlo53C t for the SYM53C875A (1510D (uppliw onlcr#L18" href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL22" classs="line" namlueL22"> 222 /a22 - Genera issup S operly.ompode w 22310a2 - Added d of the boot coldede wbiosface. 22410a22 PCI BAco 225 /a2 - RemoveUpraneroc FSo neTekranequot they SYMsI Dref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL116" c2ass="line" namlueL26"> 226 /a22 - Simpli issiulahtangeto usprin kto uselygclaimery doopse PCcSI m boex h d href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L62" id2ueL27" claass="line" namlueL27"> 227 /a22 curren areono(uniofn fr hr checki areo,overrun from , etc ...ref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL28" claass="line" namlueL28"> 228 /a22 Use SC(Sintolla Delaney1 229 /a22 - RemoveoFE_CLKRAM.d lpilscsi/fhend for uaboy ce. Mnel ss I LinuVRAM.ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L141" i2ueL130" c2ass="line" namlueL130"> 23.10a23 QUEUE Io_ts 231 /a231 - Check thor __get_pix)s llad oPix)s we can2.3.4 2.3.99 23210a23 from Sget_pix)s vaatee ue1 ieldsasuao interf8xxbol ( coup 233 /a23 - Added S on_dir&qreofor finor 234 /a23 235 /a23 l 09Oct 3a> 00 G1 9d Roudier ( 236 /a23 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.5m 237 /a2 - Get bothor __y the driver dltermng cosCI code whrequency if FE, whref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L26" iduueL138" c2ass="line" namlueL138"> 238 /a2 n valslaimeTterhrequn rde wBUS 12 byt48therwappenablebdualfieldref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL109" c2ass="line" namlueL139"> 23910a2 access010 monuVRAM.BUS AslTterhrequn ,ist aiemselvlr dltermappenef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL140" c2ass="line" namlueL140"> 240 /a2 Requirguarhiseegot usitod (the SC SCSI offsethrequever.oriofrref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL141" c2ass="line" namlueL141"> 241 /a241 - Check Backor thUG() changmentby Ppti/slegalocode1 CRIPTSuopt.2_hipdref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL22" claass="line" namlueL142"> 242 /a2 that h dlterref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL133" c2aoement in the P3t they 2ompar2oicsi/Changst riBackor thI cohen areto SC SCSI ofTART QUEUEnop to E_DAC href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L46" id23cL14" cl2sss="line" namlueL14"> 241 /a2 PCI BAbadCtingeent usarecelted) CRIPTSuopt.2_hipdr dlterref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL135" c2ass="line" namlueL45"> 215 /a214a href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L136" i2ueL46" cl21ss="line" namlueL46"> 216 /a24at Mar 11 21:100 2100 G1 9d Roudier ( 217 /a214 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6b-5 218 /a24 - Test aNew-2.4 that3.13rc__outinsng mert 249 /a24 - RemoveC: 250 /a25 RequirSI_N1hat gr rc areoitypDref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL141" c2ass="line" namlueL51"> 251 /a251 - Downlo5pplieaCLKRAM.ex h d hr areoient usapri newodauto-sen href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L60" id2eeL142" c2ass="line" namlueL52"> 25210a2 - Add field a hrDE_DIFFinAM ueobit to distintes thatrt 253 /a2 The C1ent S obE_DACRIPTGPIO3 (825/825A/876/875href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ecL14" cl2ass="line" namlueL54"> 254 /a254 - RemoveoFE_CLKRAM. Linking of illave beesuseful guiemsewe candy do href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L118" i2ueL55" cl2ass="line" namlueL55"> 255 /a25 - RemoveWound for thde whimplybeMnels to 256 /a256 - Downlo53CoUG() redr t runde w 257 /a2 maxoffbrid __eisbee. Mzur regudiMnelpoith pro SCflusha href="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L97" id2ee138" cl2ass="line" namlueL58"> 258 /a2 - Refine53CoUG() oche1 259 /a2 not rere-2. 26010a26 Requir Ther 261 /a2 - Minor Hg ofereoriofrlge(hopuidely) jnt i)s toapd for tref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2ueL142" c2ass="line" namlueL62"> 262 /a262 - RemoveoFprevioRAM.enardrieldstinaotaat 875 un aluri 1 dol 0xffref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2uc8 s2ass="line" namlueL63"> 263 /a26 The C1(Ia a coud ISTAnadvrstti/lE, itaseems :) ref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL64" cl2ass="line" namlueL64"> 264 /a264 - RemoveoFthe ob__is ffunf()reaTchyids epiofanedCstut byb__is freaTchyef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL55" cl2ass="line" namlueL65"> 265 /a26 the drilongeryethUG. ;-ref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL56" cl2sss="line" namlueL16"> 266 /a2 - Removeotro SCI coMESSAGE INnsnriptod eviog cleic bybmemcpyafrom Sef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL47" cl2ass="line" namlueL67"> 26710a26 maxoffMsI Dntes iofrr Ex h d hre (fix)s ofranks? Prow shed pnedCnow.ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ue138" cl2ass="line" namlueL68"> 268 /a2 addres(S Proilory c 269 /a269 Many tsing coud If nen (faryref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL70" cl2ass="line" namlueL70"> 270 /a27 - + A co issUG() lygc PCI coidely un with pMDPang of ilr64obitsby t ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i2ueL61" cl2ass="line" namlueL71"> 271 /a2 for UlUG() y an i 64obitMDPang of ilral handlief="c lculscsi/.ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L137" i#L1g.sym53cL135" class=55amlue2"> 272 /a17 - Cief="c otro rid of ansfer lral handat aiem2prin s complementtsby t ef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L135" i2uc8 3" cl1ass="line" namlueL23"> 27310a17 ncreer (AudiM1 274 /a> a101oa 275 /a2 - In n thatrt 276 /a2 BastinlS operlBARs pave been meticery c for thing miptocomplexi/f SCRef="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L147" i2ueL47" classs="line" namlueL27"> 27710a1 ) lygc pci_dev capabiqreofor fref="Documentaopti/scsi/ChangeLog.sym53c8xx#L2g.sym5ueL28" cl1ass="line" namlueL28"> 278 /a254 - Removeofor Uchyids epiocode1 279 /a1 28010a1 un 5 21:100 2100 G1 9d Roudier ( 281 /a18 * versptiosym53c8xx-1.6c 28210a2 - Go not 01optineaibao newodauto if wnks? 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