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16/90/fbd50772bd624bd333e628b9c112d174fb67_3/0">L1" class="line" namon>L1">. .16/a>Debugging Modules after ="v23
L2" class="line" namon>L2">. .26/a>-----------------------------
L3" class="line" namon>L3">. .36/a>iL4" class="line" namon>L4">. .46/a>In almost all distribut	  s, the kernel asks for modules which don'tiL5" class="line" namon>L5">. .56/a>exist, such as "net-pf-10" or whatever.  Changing "modprobe -q" toiL6" class="line" namon>L6">. .66/a>"succeed" iL7" class="line" namon>L7">. .76/a>want to know if it failed for the fallback code for old aliases iL8" class="line" namon>L8">. .86/a>fs/char_dev.c, for example.iL9" class="line" namon>L9">. .96/a>iL10" class="line" namon>L10">. 11"
a>In the past a debugging message which would fill people's logs wasiL11" class="line" namon>L11">. 116/a>emitted.  This debugging message has been removed.  The correct wayiL12" class="line" namon>L12">. 126/a>of debugging module problems is something like/this:iL13" class="line" namon>L13">. 136/a>iL14" class="line" namon>L14">. 146/a>echo '#! /bin/sh' > /tmp/modprobeiL15" class="line" namon>L15">. 156/a>echo 'echo "$@" >> /tmp/modprobe.log' >> /tmp/modprobeiL16" class="line" namon>L16">. 166/a>echo 'exec /sbin/modprobe "$@"' >> /tmp/modprobeiL17" class="line" namon>L17">. 176/a>chmod a+x /tmp/modprobeiL18" class="line" namon>L18">. 186/a>echo /tmp/modprobe > /proc/sys/kernel/modprobeiL19" class="line" namon>L19">. 196/a>iL20" class="line" namon>L20">. 21"
a>Note/that the above applies only when the *kernel* is requestingiL21" class="line" namon>L21">. 216/a>that the module be loaded -- it won't have any effect if that moduleiL22" class="line" namon>L22">. 226/a>is being loaded explicitly using "modprobe" from userspace.iL23" class="line" namon>L23">. 236/a>
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