2 *      DMA buffer calls
   3 */
   5int DMAbuf_open(int dev, int mode);
   6int DMAbuf_release(int dev, int mode);
   7int DMAbuf_getwrbuffer(int dev, char **buf, int *size, int dontblock);
   8int DMAbuf_getrdbuffer(int dev, char **buf, int *len, int dontblock);
   9int DMAbuf_rmchars(int dev, int buff_no, int c);
  10int DMAbuf_start_output(int dev, int buff_no, int l);
  11int DMAbuf_move_wrpointer(int dev, int l);
  12/* int DMAbuf_ioctl(int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg, int local); */
  13void DMAbuf_init(int dev, int dma1, int dma2);
  14void DMAbuf_deinit(int dev);
  15int DMAbuf_start_dma (int dev, unsigned long physaddr, int count, int dma_mode);
  16void DMAbuf_inputintr(int dev);
  17void DMAbuf_outputintr(int dev, int underflow_flag);
  18struct dma_buffparms;
  19int DMAbuf_space_in_queue (int dev);
  20int DMAbuf_activate_recording (int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap);
  21int DMAbuf_get_buffer_pointer (int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap, int direction);
  22void DMAbuf_launch_output(int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap);
  23unsigned int DMAbuf_poll(struct file *file, int dev, poll_table *wait);
  24void DMAbuf_start_devices(unsigned int devmask);
  25void DMAbuf_reset (int dev);
  26int DMAbuf_sync (int dev);
  29 *      System calls for /dev/dsp and /dev/audio (audio.c)
  30 */
  32int audio_read (int dev, struct file *file, char __user *buf, int count);
  33int audio_write (int dev, struct file *file, const char __user *buf, int count);
  34int audio_open (int dev, struct file *file);
  35void audio_release (int dev, struct file *file);
  36int audio_ioctl (int dev, struct file *file,
  37           unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg);
  38void audio_init_devices (void);
  39void reorganize_buffers (int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap, int recording);
  42 *      System calls for the /dev/sequencer
  43 */
  45int sequencer_read (int dev, struct file *file, char __user *buf, int count);
  46int sequencer_write (int dev, struct file *file, const char __user *buf, int count);
  47int sequencer_open (int dev, struct file *file);
  48void sequencer_release (int dev, struct file *file);
  49int sequencer_ioctl (int dev, struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg);
  50unsigned int sequencer_poll(int dev, struct file *file, poll_table * wait);
  52void sequencer_init (void);
  53void sequencer_unload (void);
  54void sequencer_timer(unsigned long dummy);
  55int note_to_freq(int note_num);
  56unsigned long compute_finetune(unsigned long base_freq, int bend, int range,
  57                               int vibrato_bend);
  58void seq_input_event(unsigned char *event, int len);
  59void seq_copy_to_input (unsigned char *event, int len);
  62 *      System calls for the /dev/midi
  63 */
  65int MIDIbuf_read (int dev, struct file *file, char __user *buf, int count);
  66int MIDIbuf_write (int dev, struct file *file, const char __user *buf, int count);
  67int MIDIbuf_open (int dev, struct file *file);
  68void MIDIbuf_release (int dev, struct file *file);
  69int MIDIbuf_ioctl (int dev, struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg);
  70unsigned int MIDIbuf_poll(int dev, struct file *file, poll_table * wait);
  71int MIDIbuf_avail(int dev);
  73void MIDIbuf_bytes_received(int dev, unsigned char *buf, int count);
  76/*      From soundcard.c        */
  77void request_sound_timer (int count);
  78void sound_stop_timer(void);
  79void conf_printf(char *name, struct address_info *hw_config);
  80void conf_printf2(char *name, int base, int irq, int dma, int dma2);
  82/*      From sound_timer.c */
  83void sound_timer_interrupt(void);
  84void sound_timer_syncinterval(unsigned int new_usecs);
  86/*      From midi_synth.c       */
  87void do_midi_msg (int synthno, unsigned char *msg, int mlen);
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