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. .11/a>#
. .21/a># Makefile for ALSA
. .31/a># Copyright (c) 2001 by Jaroslav Kysela <>
. .41/a>#
. .51/a>v. .61/a>snd-dummy-objs := dummy.ov. .71/a>snd-aloop-objs := aloop.ov. .81/a>snd-mtpav-objs := mtpav.ov. .91/a>snd-mts64-objs := mts64.ov. .10"a>snd-portman2x4-objs := portman2x4.ov. 110"a>snd-serial-u16550-objs := serial-u16550.ov. 120"a>snd-virmidi-objs := virmidi.ov. 131/a>snd-ml403-ac97cr-objs := ml403-ac97cr.o pcm-indirect2.ov. 141/a>v. 14 
L4">Toplevel Module Dependencyv. 161/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_DUMMY) += snd-dummy.ov. 171/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_ALOOP) += snd-aloop.ov. 181/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_VIRMIDI) += snd-virmidi.ov. 191/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SERIAL_U16550) += snd-serial-u16550.ov. 201/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_MTPAV) += snd-mtpav.ov. 211/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_MTS64) += snd-mts64.ov. 221/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_PORTMAN2X4) += snd-portman2x4.ov. 231/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_ML403_AC97CR) += snd-ml403-ac97cr.ov. 241/a>v. 251/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SND) += opl3/ opl4/ mpu401/ vx/ pcsp/v. 261/a>
The original LXR software by the LXR community1/a>, this experimental versoptiby lxr@linux.no1/a>. 1/div 1div class="subfooter"> kindly hostediby Redpill Linpro AS1/a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera > s services since 1995. 1/div 1/body 1/html