2# Open vSwitch
   5config OPENVSWITCH
   6        tristate "Open vSwitch"
   7        ---help---
   8          Open vSwitch is a multilayer Ethernet switch targeted at virtualized
   9          environments.  In addition to supporting a variety of features
  10          expected in a traditional hardware switch, it enables fine-grained
  11          programmatic extension and flow-based control of the network.  This
  12          control is useful in a wide variety of applications but is
  13          particularly important in multi-server virtualization deployments,
  14          which are often characterized by highly dynamic endpoints and the
  15          need to maintain logical abstractions for multiple tenants.
  17          The Open vSwitch datapath provides an in-kernel fast path for packet
  18          forwarding.  It is complemented by a userspace daemon, ovs-vswitchd,
  19          which is able to accept configuration from a variety of sources and
  20          translate it into packet processing rules.
  22          See for more information and userspace
  23          utilities.
  25          To compile this code as a module, choose M here: the module will be
  26          called openvswitch.
  28          If unsure, say N.
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