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   1 /a>#
   2 /a>#  Makefile for the Linux Controller Area Network core.
   3 /a>#
   4 /a>t   5 /a>obj-$(CONFIG_CAN)on
    += can.ot   6 /a>can-y                   := af_can.o proc.ot   7 /a>t   8 /a>obj-$(CONFIG_CAN_RAW)   += can-raw.ot   9 /a>can-raw-y               := raw.ot  ="v4a>t  11 /a>obj-$(CONFIG_CAN_BCM)   += can-bcm.ot  12 /a>can-bcm-y               := bcm.ot  13v4a>t  14 /a>obj-$(CONFIG_CAN_GW)    += can-gw.ot  15 /a>can-gw-y                := gw.ot  16 /a>
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