1config UBIFS_FS
   2        tristate "UBIFS file system support"
   3        select CRC16
   4        select CRC32
   5        select CRYPTO if UBIFS_FS_ADVANCED_COMPR
   6        select CRYPTO if UBIFS_FS_LZO
   7        select CRYPTO if UBIFS_FS_ZLIB
   8        select CRYPTO_LZO if UBIFS_FS_LZO
   9        select CRYPTO_DEFLATE if UBIFS_FS_ZLIB
  10        depends on MTD_UBI
  11        help
  12          UBIFS is a file system for flash devices which works on top of UBI.
  15        bool "Advanced compression options"
  16        depends on UBIFS_FS
  17        help
  18          This option allows to explicitly choose which compressions, if any,
  19          are enabled in UBIFS. Removing compressors means inability to read
  20          existing file systems.
  22          If unsure, say 'N'.
  24config UBIFS_FS_LZO
  25        bool "LZO compression support" if UBIFS_FS_ADVANCED_COMPR
  26        depends on UBIFS_FS
  27        default y
  28        help
  29           LZO compressor is generally faster than zlib but compresses worse.
  30           Say 'Y' if unsure.
  32config UBIFS_FS_ZLIB
  33        bool "ZLIB compression support" if UBIFS_FS_ADVANCED_COMPR
  34        depends on UBIFS_FS
  35        default y
  36        help
  37          Zlib compresses better than LZO but it is slower. Say 'Y' if unsure.
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