1config OCFS2_FS
   2        tristate "OCFS2 file system support"
   3        depends on NET && SYSFS && CONFIGFS_FS
   4        select JBD2
   5        select CRC32
   6        select QUOTA
   7        select QUOTA_TREE
   8        select FS_POSIX_ACL
   9        help
  10          OCFS2 is a general purpose extent based shared disk cluster file
  11          system with many similarities to ext3. It supports 64 bit inode
  12          numbers, and has automatically extending metadata groups which may
  13          also make it attractive for non-clustered use.
  15          You'll want to install the ocfs2-tools package in order to at least
  16          get "mount.ocfs2".
  18          Project web page:
  19          Tools web page:
  20          OCFS2 mailing lists:
  22          For more information on OCFS2, see the file
  23          <file:Documentation/filesystems/ocfs2.txt>.
  25config OCFS2_FS_O2CB
  26        tristate "O2CB Kernelspace Clustering"
  27        depends on OCFS2_FS
  28        default y
  29        help
  30          OCFS2 includes a simple kernelspace clustering package, the OCFS2
  31          Cluster Base.  It only requires a very small userspace component
  32          to configure it. This comes with the standard ocfs2-tools package.
  33          O2CB is limited to maintaining a cluster for OCFS2 file systems.
  34          It cannot manage any other cluster applications.
  36          It is always safe to say Y here, as the clustering method is
  37          run-time selectable.
  40        tristate "OCFS2 Userspace Clustering"
  41        depends on OCFS2_FS && DLM
  42        default y
  43        help
  44          This option will allow OCFS2 to use userspace clustering services
  45          in conjunction with the DLM in fs/dlm.  If you are using a
  46          userspace cluster manager, say Y here.
  48          It is safe to say Y, as the clustering method is run-time
  49          selectable.
  51config OCFS2_FS_STATS
  52        bool "OCFS2 statistics"
  53        depends on OCFS2_FS && DEBUG_FS
  54        default y
  55        help
  56          This option allows some fs statistics to be captured. Enabling
  57          this option may increase the memory consumption.
  60        bool "OCFS2 logging support"
  61        depends on OCFS2_FS
  62        default y
  63        help
  64          The ocfs2 filesystem has an extensive logging system.  The system
  65          allows selection of events to log via files in /sys/o2cb/logmask/.
  66          This option will enlarge your kernel, but it allows debugging of
  67          ocfs2 filesystem issues.
  69config OCFS2_DEBUG_FS
  70        bool "OCFS2 expensive checks"
  71        depends on OCFS2_FS
  72        default n
  73        help
  74          This option will enable expensive consistency checks. Enable
  75          this option for debugging only as it is likely to decrease
  76          performance of the filesystem.
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