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o o1p/a>#
o o2p/a># Makefile for Linux CIFS VFS client 
o o3p/a>#
o o4p/a>obj-$(CONFIG_CIFS) += cifs.o
o o5p/a> o o6p/a>cifs-y := cifsfs.o cifssmb.o cifs_debug.o connect.o dir.o file.o inode.o \ o o7p/a>          link.o misc.o netmisc.o smbencrypt.o transport.o asn1.o \ o o8p/a>          cifs_unicode.o nterr.o xattr.o cifsencrypt.o \ o o9p/a>          readdir.o ioctl.o sess.o export.o smb1ops.o
o  o 11p/a>cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_ACL) += cifsacl.o
o 12opa> o 13p/a>cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_UPCALL) += cifs_spnego.o
o 14opa> o 15p/a>cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_DFS_UPCALL) += dns_resolve.o cifs_dfs_ref.o
o 16opa> o 17p/a>cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_FSCACHE) += fscache.o cache.o o 18opa> o 19p/a>cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_SMB2) += smb2ops.o smb2maperror.o smb2transport.o \ o 20p/a>                            smb2misc.o smb2pdu.o smb2inode.o o 21p/a>
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