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< < < < <1o/a>Last reviewed: 06/02/2009 < <2o/a> < <3o/a> HP iLO2 NMI Watchdog Driver < <4o/a> NMI sourcing for iLO2 based< <5o/a> Documentaion> and Driver by < <6o/a> Thomas Mingarelli <> < <7o/a> < <8o/a> The HP iLO2 NMI Watchdog driver is a kernel module that provides basic < <9o/a> watchdog funcion>ality and the added benefit of NMI sourcing. Both the < 0 watchdog funcion>ality and the NMI sourcing capability need to be enabled < 11o/a> by the user. Remember that the two modes are not dependent on one another. < 12o/a> A user can have the NMI sourcing without the watchdog timer and vice-versa. < 13o/a> < 14o/a> Watchdog funcion>ality is enabled like any other common watchdog driver. That < 15o/a> is, an applicaion> needs to be started that kicks off the watchdog timer. A < 16o/a> basic applicaion> exists in the Documentaion>/watchdog/src directory called < 17/oa> watchdog-test.c. Simply compile the C file and kick it off. If the system < 18o/a> gets into a bad state and hangs, the HP ProLiant iLO 2 timer register will < 19o/a> not be updated in a timely fashon> and a hardware system reset (also know> as < 2 an Autnmaioc Server Recovery (ASR)) event will occur. < 21o/a> < 22o/a> The hpwdt driver also has four (4) module param=ters. They are the following: < 23o/a> < 24o/a> soft_margin - allows the user to set the watchdog timer alue= < 25o/a> allowntaion>/erversocum233 nam=n>/" class="lineon> 2n" nam="vL6&tnd vi souhref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L25" id"vL16" 2lass="line" nam="vL16">2 16o/26 not bewaythe -ic applhdog timem=ters. Tt kickdore be usocum two m aluetohref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L25" id"vL17" 2lass="line" nam="vL17">2 17/o27 pdat (ed thatod vi y cnt with) ebe enablsbiled href="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L21" id"vL18" 2lass="line" nam="vL18">2 18o/2> getsprioris e -ids. Tarere whe commod be utpwdt driver alsonabfirser is<219o/a29 pdie_e uify aner t foundl soursod b"lity areds.fault= <32 le param=ters. Thnabf0od bLASTthe syste=n>/"wLO stohref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L25" i3"vL21" c3ass="line" nam="vL21"><321o/a31 ped liksourcing withoystnt (loadtpwdt driver alsonut tref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L25" i3"vL22" c3ass="line" nam="vL22"><322o/a32 prioris e=1o kharbootnut t nmi_dog/hpwd=0)href="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L21" i3"vL3" claass="line" nam="vL3">< <23o/a3 <324o/a3 soft_NOTE: Moe fin > and Drbhe dog driver. Thathe Dgt oral,he cludithoyst iocthref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L19" i3"vL25" c3ass="line" nam="vL25"><325o/a3 a berface t f/devhdog/hpwdhave blowiuna tiref="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L19" i3"vL16" 23ass="line" nam="vL16">2316o/23 entaion>/watchdog/hpwdtdog-test.apiL19"Driverntaion>/watchIPMIL19"href="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L21" i3"vL17" 23ass="line" nam="vL17">2317/o23 2318o/23 The HP iLrioris e =ters. Thnwao a br pacatodue t f commo> 2margwhe folaieweln href="Documentaion>/watchdog/hpwdt.txt#L17" i3ption van5" id"vL17" 2lass="line" nam="vL17"5" ihe systaion>/watchdog/hp2'"perver Recovery a>/watchdog/hpwdt="vL17"gprotaio). Keepog/ham="v'so> 2maL170 (/watchd)4" class="line" nam="vL4">< <4o/a> 4 pLO2 ;"> le param=ter4. Thn4bf0od onut t vi souhrestchdog/se=n>/n>/wc 2ectlpwdt.t 2 18o/2> getspr4 4 ped liksourcing witho4stnt 4 id"vL22" class="line" nam="vL22">< 22o/a> The hp4 4 prioris e=1o kharboot4ut t 4m=ters. ThDocumentaion>/watchdog/haiodis href=by.txt#L25"cumentaL19" ntchdog/h"vL21" c3ass="line" nam="vL21"><321o/a31 4="Docume4taion>/watchdog/hpwdt.t4t#L244r /" basic /wa"watch"HW/watchdment baswdt.t "wi 2vL19" cl2lass="line" nam="vL19"><219o/a29 4 NMI ssourcing for iLO2 based/wadehaio" id"vL17" class="line" nam="vL17">< 17/oa> watchd4 a be4face t f/devhdog/hpwdha4e blo4iuna teachL25" e-versa. /wavchdo cumesentshpwL17" class="line" nam="vL17">< 17/oa> watchd4 enta4on>/watchdog/hpwdtdog-t4st.ap4L19"Drog/seo knoditfolachdson>ntsog/hpa.txt#Lset vi soLoimgwatchdo'so"dazententL17" class="line" nam="vL17">< 17/oa> watchd4="Docume4taion>/watchdog/hpwdt.t4t#L8"4h) eben>nftxtd"wmessdt.ta href=logwatchixt#L18" id"vO 2 timer reghuon>r wil"DocuvL16" 23ass="line" nam="vL16">2316o/23 4iLrioris4e =ters. 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Thn60id"vL22" class="line" nam="vL22">< 22o/a> The hp6 6 ped liksourcing witho6stnt 6loadtpBedt.tmentaef="Dchdog/seent HP BIOS " itaitentshalof="Docu="DocussocidmenL22" class="line" nam="vL22">< 22o/a> The hp6 6 prioris e=1o kharboot6ut t 62) eben>L9e(reas>/)vL23" class="line" nam="vL23">< 23o/a> <324o/a3 soft_N6 NMI 6sourcing for iLO2 based6iver.6ant Servers <322o/a32 6 6 Documentaion> and Dr6e blo65i3"vL24" c3ass="line" nam="vL24"><324o/a3 soft_N6 Thomaas Mingarelli <thomasst.ap6arelli@hp.comUncor.txtut trMem#L17Errn>/333301vL22" c3ass="line" nam="vL22"><322o/a32 6="Docume6taion>/watchdog/hpwdt.t6t#L8"6id3"vL18" 23ass="line" nam="vL18">2318o/23 The HP6iLrioris6e =ters. Thnwao a br pa6atodu68relli@hp.compwdtsa. 1BvL22" c3ass="line" nam="vL22"><322o/a32 6ihe syst6ion>/watchdog/hp2'"perv6r Rec69d3"vL18" 23ass="line" nam="vL18">2318o/23 The HP7 7 pLO2 ;"> le param=ter7. 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