1           BusLogic MultiMaster and FlashPoint SCSI Driver for Linux
   3                         Version 2.0.15 for Linux 2.0
   4                         Version 2.1.15 for Linux 2.1
   6                              PRODUCTION RELEASE
   8                                17 August 1998
  10                               Leonard N. Zubkoff
  11                               Dandelion Digital
  14         Copyright 1995-1998 by Leonard N. Zubkoff <>
  17                                 INTRODUCTION
  19BusLogic, Inc. designed and manufactured a variety of high performance SCSI
  20host adapters which share a common programming interface across a diverse
  21collection of bus architectures by virtue of their MultiMaster ASIC technology.
  22BusLogic was acquired by Mylex Corporation in February 1996, but the products
  23supported by this driver originated under the BusLogic name and so that name is
  24retained in the source code and documentation.
  26This driver supports all present BusLogic MultiMaster Host Adapters, and should
  27support any future MultiMaster designs with little or no modification.  More
  28recently, BusLogic introduced the FlashPoint Host Adapters, which are less
  29costly and rely on the host CPU, rather than including an onboard processor.
  30Despite not having an onboard CPU, the FlashPoint Host Adapters perform very
  31well and have very low command latency.  BusLogic has recently provided me with
  32the FlashPoint Driver Developer's Kit, which comprises documentation and freely
  33redistributable source code for the FlashPoint SCCB Manager.  The SCCB Manager
  34is the library of code that runs on the host CPU and performs functions
  35analogous to the firmware on the MultiMaster Host Adapters.  Thanks to their
  36having provided the SCCB Manager, this driver now supports the FlashPoint Host
  37Adapters as well.
  39My primary goals in writing this completely new BusLogic driver for Linux are
  40to achieve the full performance that BusLogic SCSI Host Adapters and modern
  41SCSI peripherals are capable of, and to provide a highly robust driver that can
  42be depended upon for high performance mission critical applications.  All of
  43the major performance features can be configured from the Linux kernel command
  44line or at module initialization time, allowing individual installations to
  45tune driver performance and error recovery to their particular needs.
  47The latest information on Linux support for BusLogic SCSI Host Adapters, as
  48well as the most recent release of this driver and the latest firmware for the
  49BT-948/958/958D, will always be available from my Linux Home Page at URL
  50"sLogic.txt#Lption>2aet/t cjects/tation/sc/ntatiocumeogic.txt#L46" id="L46" class="line" name="L45">  41SCSI peripherals are c5pable51usLogic.txt#L47" id="L47" class="line" name="L45">  42be depended upon for h5gh pe5x Corpogtes"Docum/BusLoage ptersvia    43the major performance 5eatur5s can href=/BusLoef="Dbogtes"Docef="D Linux acommand
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  37Adapters as well.
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   8                                17ogic.txt8#L8" id="L8" class="lin8e" na8e="L8">   8                                177 August  1998
  39My primary goals in writing th8 avsi/Bu8Lor Host Acumenti/Buuid8 me I89si/BusLogic.txt#L18" id="L18" class=DRIVER FEATURES">   9
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9nard N. ZZubkoff
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