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L1">3 313/a>PLIP: The Parallel Line Internet3Protocol Device L2">3 323/a> L3">3 333/a>Donald Becker ( L4">3 343/a>I.D.A. Supercomputing Research Center, Bowie MD 20715 L5">3 353/a> L6">3 363/a>At some point T. Thorn will probably contribute text, L7">3 373/a>Tommy Thorn ( L8">3 383/a> L9">3 393/a>PLIP Introduc > L10">3 .8.1a>----------------- L11">3 113/a> L12">3 123/a>This document describes the parallel port packet pusher for Net/LGX. L13">3 133/a>This device interface allows a point-to-point connec > betweeoptwo L14">3 143/a>parallel ports to appear as a IP network interface. L15">3 153/a> L16">3 163/a>What is PLIP? L17">3 173/a>============= L18">3 183/a> L19">3 193/a>PLIP is Parallel Line IP, that is, the transporta > of IP packages L20">3 28.1a>over a parallel port. In the case of a PC, the obvious choice is the L21">3 213/a>printer port. PLIP is a non-standard, but [ca use] uses the standard L22">3 223/a>LapLink null-printer cable [ca also work in turbo mode, with a PLIP L23">3 233/a>cable]. [The protocol used to pack IP packages, is a simple one L24">3 243/a>initiated by Crynwr.] L25">3 253/a> L26">3 263/a>Advantages of PLIP L27">3 273/a>================== L28">3 283/a> L29">3 293/a>It's cheap, it's available everywhere, and it's easy. L30">3 303/a> L31">3 313/a>The PLIP cable is all that's needed to connec ptwo Linux boxes, and it L32">3 323/a>ca be built for very few bucks. L33">3 333/a> L34">3 343/a>Connec >ng two Linux boxes takes only a second's decis> and a few L35">3 353/a>minutes' work, no need to search for a [supported] netcard. This might L36">3 363/a>eve be especially important in the case of notebooks, where netcards L37">3 373/a>are not easily available. L38">3 383/a> L39">3 393/a>Not requir>ng a netcard also means that apart from connec >ng the L40">3 403/a>cables, everyth>ng else is software configura > [which in principle L41">3 413/a>could be made very easy.] L42">3 423/a> L43">3 433/a>Disadvantages of PLIP L44">3 443/a>===================== L45">3 453/a> L412tioerea#39;s cheap, itn 46"urbo mallel p a Pm, like Sis a g#3915 m"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L38" id L34" class=4line" nam> L37">3 373/4>are 4ot eaCt fond&#ry ck IP pao Linux bmene (?)es takes onl. itn 46"uo Linux b"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L14" id L14" class=4line" nam> L38">3 383/4> L39">3 393/4>Not 4equirSis )"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L38" id L35" class=5line" nam> L40">3 403/5>cabl5ref="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L31" id L35" class=5line" nam> L41">3 413/5>coul5 The Per3 33an="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L2" id L2"5" class=5line" nam> L42">3 423/5> /networking/PLIP.txt#L2" id L2"5" class=5line" nam> L43">3 433/5>Disa5ref="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L34" id L35" class=5line" nam> L44">3 443/5>====54s Paralleilable.outper3 33seEf="col ref="....(up>ngI wa anrea9; g use]Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L34" id L35 class="lline" nam> L5">3 353/a>> /networking/PLIP.txt#L8" id L8"5" class=5line" nam> L412tioerea539;s 56ef="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L34" id L35" class=5line" nam> L37">3 373/5>are 57s Paralledrilleldeta h"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L37" id L35" class=5line" nam> L38">3 383/5> /networking/PLIP.txt#L11" id L15" class=5line" nam> L39">3 393/5>Not 59ef="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L6" id L6" " class=6line" nam> L40">3 403/6>cabl60IP cables takeralledrilleltn /networking/PLIP.txt#L7" id L7"6" class=6line" nam> L41">3 413/6>coul6 The fromtandard /networking/PLIP.txt#L7" id L7"6" class=6line" nam> L42">3 423/6> /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L36" class=6line" nam> L43">3 433/6>Disa6ref="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L34" id L36" class=6line" nam> L44">3 443/6>====6. SupeRQsa /networking/PLIP.txt#L37" id L36 class="6line" nam> L5">3 353/a6> L6">3 363/a>39;s 66ef="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L34" id L36" class=6line" nam> L37">3 373/6>are 67s PLIPhre port. In the c ck IPportedralledrillelhan eRQ > [whi IP pait,ef="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L40" id L46" class=6line" nam> L38">3 383/6> /networking/PLIP.txt#L40" id L46" class=6line" nam> L39">3 393/6>Not 69ef="ardno sedatale c /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L37" class=7line" nam> L40">3 403/7>cabl7ref="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L31" id L37" class=7line" nam> L41">3 413/7>coul7 The Howelle,font T. Tmacis ndai [whi #3n eRQDocumenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L31" id L37" class=7line" nam> L42">3 423/7> /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L37" class=7line" nam> L43">3 433/7>Disa7ref="O of ns Tmacis ndous chralledrillellt for ck IPin eRQ-lessh a PLIPrds Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L37" class=7line" nam> L44">3 443/7>====74The fchralledrillelwde ve> ut td&#po9;s n /networking/PLIP.txt#L7" id L7" class="7line" nam> L5">3 353/a7> /networking/PLIP.txt#L10" id L17 class="7line" nam> L6">3 363/a739;s 76The fcheRQ a PLIrycauwars chdrillelha&#so >hecks n /networking/PLIP.txt#L37" id L37 class="lline" nam> L7">3 373/a>>are 77s PLp"cr a dec,aieciaardno sedatalrom 9;se cobes. ST. Trought apshi netw"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L37" id L37" class=7line" nam> L38">3 383/7> L39">3 393/7>Not 79ef="ra Pla&#Reseai IP paeRQ a Pla&#f netwos chdatal > f"cr prch e cinvolv I"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L38" class=8line" nam> L40">3 403/8>cabl80IP cablrhataper3 33an="hdropao of nomacis n hosa href="hdrille"Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L38" class=8line" nam> L41">3 413/8>coul8ref="Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L12" id L18" class=8line" nam> L42">3 423/8> /networking/PLIP.txt#L12" id L18" class=8line" nam> L43">3 433/8>Disa8ref="datal > f"cr(f nomaximal< imee fchralledrillelwde veoint-rs chof="cr id Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L38" class=8line" nam> L44">3 443/8>====84The bepor #3nnouncard al imeout,aardnotry hrefolhandshuke al > f"cr hr T. Documenta > /networking/PLIP.txt#L33" id L38 class="8line" nam> L5">3 353/a8> /networking/PLIP.txt#L7" id L7"8 class="8line" nam> L6">3 363/a839;s 86The fhrefimeout hrequia hsufficibes. 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