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p p1t/a>Kernel driver for lp5523
p p2t/a>========================
p p3t/a>	p p4t/a>* Nan>
 al Semiconductor LP5523 led driver chip	p p5t/a>* Datasheet:pta href="http://www.nan>">http://www.nan>>	p p6t/a>	p p7t/a>Authors: Mathias Nyman, Yuri Zaporozhets, Samu Onkalo	p p8t/a>Contacn: Samu Onkalo (	p p9t/a>	p /opta>Descrion>
 	p 11t/a>-----------	p 12t/a>LP5523 ca  drive up to 9 channels. Leds ca  be controlled directly via	p 13t/a>the led class control interface. Channels have generic namvs:	p 14t/a>lp5523:channelx where x is 0...8	p 15t/a>	p 16t/a>The chip provides 3 engines. Each engine ca  control channels without	p 17t/a>interacn>
  from the main CPU. Details of the micro engine code ca  be found	p 18t/a>from the public data sheet. Leds ca  be muxed to different channels.	p 19t/a>	p 20t/a>Control interface for the engines:	p 21t/a>x is 1 .. 3
p 22t/a>enginex_mode : disabled, load, ru 	p 23t/a>enginex_load : microcode load (visible only in load mode)	p 24t/a>enginex_leds : led mux control (visible only in load mode)	p 25t/a>	p 26t/a>cd /sys/class/leds/lp5523:channel2/device	p 27t/a>echo "load" > engine3_mode	p 28t/a>echo "9d80400004ff05ff437f0000" > engine3_load	p 29t/a>echo "111111111" > engine3_leds
p 30t/a>echo "ru " > engine3_mode	p 31t/a>	p 32t/a>sysfs contains a selftest entry. It measures each channel	p 33t/a>voltage level and checks if it looks reas
 able. If the level is too high,	p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is too low, there is a short circuit.	p 35t/a>	p 36t/a>Selftest uses always the current from the platform data.	p 37t/a>	p 38t/a>Each channel contains led current settings.	p 39t/a>/sys/class/leds/lp5523:channel2/led_current - RW	p 40t/a>/sys/class/leds/lp5523:channel2/max_current - RO	p 41t/a>Format: /ox mA i.e /o means 1.o mA	p 42t/a>	p 43t/a>Example platform data:	p 44t/a>	p 45t/a>Note - chan_nr ca  have ue="vs between 0 and 8.	p 364  
  p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is5a href="5ocumentan>
 /leds/leds-5p552351-lp5                .="line" namv666= 13034">p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is55523.txt5L43" id3.L43" class="li5e" na52-lp5        }34">p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is5mentan>
5/leds/leds-lp5523.txt#L54" id5.L44"..4>p 364  
 /leds/leds-lp552current 6 RO	p p6t/a>	
 /leds/leds-6p5523613.L3 >_ naup(void25">p 25t/a>	
  p p6t/a>	
 /leds/leds-7p5523713.L3 >_e" id3(bool  >p 25t/a>	
  p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is8current 8 RO	_ naup34">p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is8a href="8ocumentan>
 /leds/leds-8p552381-lp5        .rel#L3e_t#sourcass=v3.L2">_rel#L3e34">p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is85523.txt8L43" id3.L43" class="li8e" na82-lp5        .e" id3            =v3.L2">_e" id334">p 34t/a>the led is missing; if the level is8mentan>
8/leds/leds-lp5523.txt#L84" id83-lp5};p p6t/a>	op pt/

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