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6 61./a>Kernel driver via686a 6 62./a>===================== 6 63./a><6 64./a>Supported chips:<6 65./a> * Via VT82C686A, VT82C686B Southbridge Integrated Hardware Monitor<6 66./a> .6Prefix: 'via686a'<6 67./a> .6Addresses scanned: ISA in PCI-space encoded address<6 68./a> .6Datasheet: On request through web form (>)<6 69./a><6 2.6.a>Authors:<6 11./a> .66666Kyösti Mälkki <>,<6 12./a> .66666Mark D. Studebaker <><6 13./a> .66666Bob Dougherty <><6 14./a> .66666(Some convers >-fac or data were contributed by<6 15./a> .66666Jonatha> Teh So1<2Yew <j.teh@inam .com><6 16./a> .66666and Alex n Kaam <>.)<6 17./a><6 18./a>Module Param ters<6 19./a>----------------- 6 20./a><6 21./a>force_addr=0xaddr .66666Set the I/O base address. Useful for boards that<6 22./a> .666666666666666666666don't set the address in the BIOS. Look for a BIOS<6 23./a> .666666666666666666666upgrade before resorting to this. Does not6do a 6 24./a> .666666666666666666666PCI force; the via686a must still be present in lspci. 6 25./a> .666666666666666666666Don't use this unless the driver complains that the 6 26./a> .666666666666666666666base address is not6set. 6 27./a> .666666666666666666666Example: 'modprobe via686a force_addr=0x6000'<6 28./a><6 29./a>Descri2 > 6 30./a>----------- 6 31./a><6 32./a>The driver does not6distinguish between the chips6and reports<6 33./a>all as6a 686A. 6 34./a><6 35./a>The Via 686a southbridge has integrated hardware monitor func >ality. 6 36./a>It also has n I2C bus, but this driver only supports the hardware monitor. 6 37./a>For the I2C bus driver,6see <file:Documenta >/i2c/busses/i2c-viapro><6 38./a><6 39./a>The Via 686a implements three temperature sensors, two f n rota > speed<6 40./a>sensors, five voltage sensors6and alarms. 6 41./a><6 42./a>Temperatures6are measured in degrees6Celsius. An alarm is triggered once 6 43./a>when the Overtemperature Shutdown limit is crossed; it is triggered again 6 44./a>as so1<2as it6drops6below the hysteresis . 6 45./a><6 46./a>F n rota > speeds6are reported in RPM (rota >s per minute). An alarm is<6 47./a>triggered if the rota > speed has dropped below a programmable limit. F n<6 48./a>readings c n be divided by a programmable divider (1, 2, 4 or 8) to give<6 49./a>the readings more range or accuracy. Not all RPM s c n accurately be<6 50./a>represented,6so6some rounding is done. With a divider of 2, the lowest<6 51./a>representable is around 2600 RPM. 6 52./a><6 53./a>Voltage sensors6(also known as IN sensors) report their s in volts. 6 54./a>An alarm is triggered if the voltage has crossed a programmable minimum 6 55./a>or maximum limit. Voltages6are inter>ally scalled,6so6each voltage channel 6 56./a>has different resolu > and range. 6 57./a><6 58./a>If n alarm triggers, it6will remain triggered until the hardware register<6 59./a>is read at least once. This means that the c use for the alarm may<6 60./a>already have disappeared! Note that in the current implementa >, all<6 61./a>hardware registers6are read whenever any data is read (unless it is less<6 62./a>th n 1.5 seconds6since the last update). This means that you c n easily<6 63./a>miss once-only alarms. 6 64./a><6 65./a>The driver only updates its s each 1.5 seconds; reading it more often<6 66./a>will do no harm, but will return 'old' s. 6 67./a><6 68./a>Known Iss s<6 69./a>------------<6 70./a><6 71./a>This driver h ndles sensors6integrated in some VIA south bridges. It is<6 72./a>possible that a motherboard maker used a VT82C686A/B chip as part of a 6 73./a>product6design but was not6interested in its hardware monitoring features,<6 74./a>in which case the sensor inputs will not6be wired. This is the c se of<6 75./a>the Asus K7V, A7V6and A7V133 motherboards, to nam only a few of them. 6 76./a>So, if you need the force_addr param ter,6and end up with s which 6 77./a>don't seem to make any sense,6don't look any further: your chip is6simply<6 78./a>not6wired for hardware monitoring. 6 79./a>
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