ue="" /spa.6. " /form6. " a ue="" href="../linux+v32.17/Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000">ue="" img src="../.sta vc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">ue /spa.6.ue spa. class="lxr_search">ue="ue="" input typ32.hidden" nam32.navtarget" 2.6.32.">ue="" input typ32.text""">ue="" butt vtyp32.submit">Searchue="" Prefs. " /a>ue /spa.6.="" /div6.="" form ac v2.="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">ue input typ32.hidden" nam32.ajax_lookup" id2.ajax_lookup" 2.6.32.">u="" /form6.u="" div class="headingbott m"> a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L1" id2.L1" class="line" nam32.L1"> 1 /a>Kernel driver ucd9000 a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L2" id2.L2" class="line" nam32.L2"> 2 /a>===================== a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L3" id2.L3" class="line" nam32.L3"> 3 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L4" id2.L4" class="line" nam32.L4"> 4 /a>Supported chips:u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L5" id2.L5" class="line" nam32.L5"> 5 /a> * TI UCD90120, UCD90124, UCD9090, and UCD90910 a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L6" id2.L6" class="line" nam32.L6"> 6 /a> " Prefixes: 'ucd90120', 'ucd90124', 'ucd9090', 'ucd90910' a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L7" id2.L7" class="line" nam32.L7"> 7 /a> " Addresses scanned: - a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L8" id2.L8" class="line" nam32.L8"> 8 /a> " Datasheets:u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L9" id2.L9" class="line" nam32.L9"> 9 /a> " " a href=""> /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L10" id2.L10" class="line" nam32.L10"> >a> " " a href=""> /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L11" id2.L11" class="line" nam32.L11"> 11 >a> " " a href=""> /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L12" id2.L12" class="line" nam32.L12"> 12 >a> " " a href=""> /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L13" id2.L13" class="line" nam32.L13"> 13 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L14" id2.L14" class="line" nam32.L14"> 14 /a>Author: Guenter Roeck <>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L15" id2.L15" class="line" nam32.L15"> 15 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L16" id2.L16" class="line" nam32.L16"> 16 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L17" id2.L17" class="line" nam32.L17"> 17 /a>Descri v2.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L18" id2.L18" class="line" nam32.L18"> 18 /a>-----------u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L19" id2.L19" class="line" nam32.L19"> 19 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L20" id2.L20" class="line" nam32.L20"> 2 >a>From datasheets:u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L21" id2.L21" class="line" nam32.L21"> 21 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L22" id2.L22" class="line" nam32.L22"> 22 >a>The UCD90120 Power Supply Sequencer and System Health Monitor monitors andu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L23" id2.L23" class="line" nam32.L23"> 23 /a>sequences up to 12 independent voltage rails. The device integrates a 12-bitu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L24" id2.L24" class="line" nam32.L24"> 24 /a>ADC with a 2.5V internal reference for monitoring up to 13 power supply voltage,u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L25" id2.L25" class="line" nam32.L25"> 25 /a>current, or temperature inputs.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L26" id2.L26" class="line" nam32.L26"> 26 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L27" id2.L27" class="line" nam32.L27"> 27 >a>The UCD90124 is a 12-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer andu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L28" id2.L28" class="line" nam32.L28"> 28 /a>system-health monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up tou a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L29" id2.L29" class="line" nam32.L29"> 29 /a>13 power-supply voltage, current, or temperature inputs. Twenty-six GPIO pins a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L30" id2.L30" class="line" nam32.L30"> 3 >a>can be used for power supply enables, power-on reset signals, external a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L31" id2.L31" class="line" nam32.L31"> 31 /a>interrupts, cascading, or other system func v2.s. Twelve of these pins offer PWM a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L32" id2.L32" class="line" nam32.L32"> 32 >a>func v2.ality. Using these pins, the UCD90124 offers support for fa. control,u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L33" id2.L33" class="line" nam32.L33"> 33 /a>margining, and general-purpose PWM func v2.s.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L34" id2.L34" class="line" nam32.L34"> 34 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L35" id2.L35" class="line" nam32.L35"> 35 >a>The UCD9090 is a 10-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer andu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L36" id2.L36" class="line" nam32.L36"> 36 /a>monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up to 10 power-supplyu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L37" id2.L37" class="line" nam32.L37"> 37 >a>voltage inputs. Twenty-three GPIO pins can be used for power supply enables,u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L38" id2.L38" class="line" nam32.L38"> 38 /a>power-on reset signals, external interrupts, cascading, or other systemu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L39" id2.L39" class="line" nam32.L39"> 39 >a>func v2.s. Ten of these pins offer PWM func v2.ality. Using these pins, theu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L40" id2.L40" class="line" nam32.L40"> 4 >a>UCD9090 offers support for margining, and general-purpose PWM func v2.s.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L41" id2.L41" class="line" nam32.L41"> 41 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L42" id2.L42" class="line" nam32.L42"> 42 >a>The UCD90910 is a ten-rail I2C / PMBus addressable power-supply sequencer andu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L43" id2.L43" class="line" nam32.L43"> 43 /a>system-health monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up tou a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L44" id2.L44" class="line" nam32.L44"> 44 /a>13 power-supply voltage, current, or temperature inputs.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L45" id2.L45" class="line" nam32.L45"> 45 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L46" id2.L46" class="line" nam32.L46"> 46 >a>This driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please seeu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L47" id2.L47" class="line" nam32.L47"> 47 /a>Documenta v2./hwm2./pmbus for details on PMBus client drivers.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L48" id2.L48" class="line" nam32.L48"> 48 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L49" id2.L49" class="line" nam32.L49"> 49 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L50" id2.L50" class="line" nam32.L50"> 5 >a>Usage Notesu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L51" id2.L51" class="line" nam32.L51"> 51 /a>-----------u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L52" id2.L52" class="line" nam32.L52"> 52 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L53" id2.L53" class="line" nam32.L53"> 53 >a>This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate theu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L54" id2.L54" class="line" nam32.L54"> 54 /a>devices explicitly. Please see Documenta v2./i2c/instantiating-devices foru a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L55" id2.L55" class="line" nam32.L55"> 55 /a>details.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L56" id2.L56" class="line" nam32.L56"> 56 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L57" id2.L57" class="line" nam32.L57"> 57 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L58" id2.L58" class="line" nam32.L58"> 58 /a>Platform data supportu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L59" id2.L59" class="line" nam32.L59"> 59 /a>---------------------u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L60" id2.L60" class="line" nam32.L60"> 60 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L61" id2.L61" class="line" nam32.L61"> 61 >a>The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data. Please seeu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L62" id2.L62" class="line" nam32.L62"> 62 /a>Documenta v2./hwm2./pmbus for details.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L63" id2.L63" class="line" nam32.L63"> 63 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L64" id2.L64" class="line" nam32.L64"> 64 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L65" id2.L65" class="line" nam32.L65"> 65 /a>Sysfs entriesu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L66" id2.L66" class="line" nam32.L66"> 66 /a>-------------u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L67" id2.L67" class="line" nam32.L67"> 67 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L68" id2.L68" class="line" nam32.L68"> 68 >a>The following attributes are supported. Limits are read-write; all otheru a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L69" id2.L69" class="line" nam32.L69"> 69 /a>attributes are read-only. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L70" id2.L70" class="line" nam32.L70"> 70 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L71" id2.L71" class="line" nam32.L71"> 71 /a>in[1-12]_label "vout[1-12]". a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L72" id2.L72" class="line" nam32.L72"> 72 /a>in[1-12]_input Measured voltage. From READ_VOUT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L73" id2.L73" class="line" nam32.L73"> 73 /a>in[1-12]_min Minimum Voltage. From VOUT_UV_WARN_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L74" id2.L74" class="line" nam32.L74"> 74 /a>in[1-12]_max Maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_WARN_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L75" id2.L75" class="line" nam32.L75"> 75 /a>in[1-12]_lcrit Critical minimum Voltage. VOUT_UV_FAULT_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L76" id2.L76" class="line" nam32.L76"> 76 /a>in[1-12]_crit Critical maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_FAULT_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L77" id2.L77" class="line" nam32.L77"> 77 /a>in[1-12]_min_alarm Voltage low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_WARNING status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L78" id2.L78" class="line" nam32.L78"> 78 /a>in[1-12]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_WARNING status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L79" id2.L79" class="line" nam32.L79"> 79 /a>in[1-12]_lcrit_alarm Voltage critical low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_FAULT status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L80" id2.L80" class="line" nam32.L80"> 80 /a>in[1-12]_crit_alarm Voltage critical high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_FAULT status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L81" id2.L81" class="line" nam32.L81"> 81 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L82" id2.L82" class="line" nam32.L82"> 82 /a>curr[1-12]_label "iout[1-12]". a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L83" id2.L83" class="line" nam32.L83"> 83 /a>curr[1-12]_input Measured current. From READ_IOUT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L84" id2.L84" class="line" nam32.L84"> 84 /a>curr[1-12]_max Maximum current. From IOUT_OC_WARN_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L85" id2.L85" class="line" nam32.L85"> 85 /a>curr[1-12]_lcrit Critical minimum output current. From IOUT_UC_FAULT_LIMIT a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L86" id2.L86" class="line" nam32.L86"> 86 /a> " register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L87" id2.L87" class="line" nam32.L87"> 87 /a>curr[1-12]_crit Critical maximum current. From IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L88" id2.L88" class="line" nam32.L88"> 88 /a>curr[1-12]_max_alarm Current high alarm. From IOUT_OC_WARNING status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L89" id2.L89" class="line" nam32.L89"> 89 /a>curr[1-12]_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm. From IOUT_OC_FAULT status.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L90" id2.L90" class="line" nam32.L90"> 90 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L91" id2.L91" class="line" nam32.L91"> 91 /a> " For each attribute index, either voltage or current isu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L92" id2.L92" class="line" nam32.L92"> 92 /a> " reported, but not both. If voltage or current isu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L93" id2.L93" class="line" nam32.L93"> 93 /a> " reported depends on the chip configura v2..u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L94" id2.L94" class="line" nam32.L94"> 94 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L95" id2.L95" class="line" nam32.L95"> 95 /a>temp[1-2]_input Measured temperatures. From READ_TEMPERATURE_1 andu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L96" id2.L96" class="line" nam32.L96"> 96 /a> " READ_TEMPERATURE_2 registers.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L97" id2.L97" class="line" nam32.L97"> 97 /a>temp[1-2]_max Maximum temperature. From OT_WARN_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L98" id2.L98" class="line" nam32.L98"> 98 /a>temp[1-2]_crit Critical high temperature. From OT_FAULT_LIMIT register. a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L99" id2.L99" class="line" nam32.L99"> 99 /a>temp[1-2]_max_alarm Temperature high alarm.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L100" id2.L100" class="line" nam32.L100"> 100 /a>temp[1-2]_crit_alarm Temperature critical high alarm.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L101" id2.L101" class="line" nam32.L101"> 101 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L102" id2.L102" class="line" nam32.L102"> 102 >a>fan[1-4]_input Fan RPM.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L103" id2.L103" class="line" nam32.L103"> 103 >a>fan[1-4]_alarm Fan alarm.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L104" id2.L104" class="line" nam32.L104"> 104 >a>fan[1-4]_fault Fan fault.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L105" id2.L105" class="line" nam32.L105"> 105 /a>u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L106" id2.L106" class="line" nam32.L106"> 106 /a> " Fan attributes are only available on chips supportingu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L107" id2.L107" class="line" nam32.L107"> 107 /a> " fa. control (UCD90124, UCD90910). Attribute files areu a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L108" id2.L108" class="line" nam32.L108"> 108 /a> " created only for enabled fa.s.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L109" id2.L109" class="line" nam32.L109"> 109 /a> " Note that even though UCD90910 supports up to 10 fa.s,u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L110" id2.L110" class="line" nam32.L110"> 1 >a> " " only up to four fa.s are currently supported.u a href="Documenta v2./hwm2./ucd9000#L111" id2.L111" class="line" nam32.L111"> 111 >a> The original LXR software by the a href="">LXR community >a>, this experimental vers vby a href=""> >a>. /div6. div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by a href="">Redpill Linpro AS >a>, provider of Linux consulting and operatv2.s services since 1995. /div6. /body6. /html6.