1Kernel driver abituguru3
   4Supported chips:
   5  * Abit uGuru revision 3 (Hardware Monitor part, reading only)
   6    Prefix: 'abituguru3'
   7    Addresses scanned: ISA 0x0E0
   8    Datasheet: Not available, this driver is based on reverse engineering.
   9    Note:
  10        The uGuru is a microcontroller with onboard firmware which programs
  11        it to behave as a hwmon IC. There are many different revisions of the
  12        firmware and thus effectivly many different revisions of the uGuru.
  13        Below is an incomplete list with which revisions are used for which
  14        Motherboards:
  15        uGuru 1.00    ~ 1.24    (AI7, KV8-MAX3, AN7)
  16        uGuru ~ (KV8-PRO)
  17        uGuru ~ (AS8, AV8, AA8, AG8, AA8XE, AX8)
  18        uGuru ~ (AN8)
  19        uGuru ~ 3.0.x.x (AW8, AL8, AT8, NI8 SLI, AT8 32X, AN8 32X,
  20                                 AW9D-MAX)
  21        The abituguru3 driver is only for revison 3.0.x.x motherboards,
  22        this driver will not work on older motherboards. For older
  23        motherboards use the abituguru (without the 3 !) driver.
  26        Hans de Goede <>,
  27        (Initial reverse engineering done by Louis Kruger)
  30Module Parameters
  33* force: bool           Force detection. Note this parameter only causes the
  34                        detection to be skipped, and thus the insmod to
  35                        succeed. If the uGuru can't be read the actual hwmon
  36                        driver will not load and thus no hwmon device will get
  37                        registered.
  38* verbose: bool         Should the driver be verbose?
  39                        0/off/false  normal output
  40                        1/on/true    + verbose error reporting (default)
  41                        Default: 1 (the driver is still in the testing phase)
  46This driver supports the hardware monitoring features of the third revision of
  47the Abit uGuru chip, found on recent Abit uGuru featuring motherboards.
  49The 3rd revision of the uGuru chip in reality is a Winbond W83L951G.
  50Unfortunately this doesn't help since the W83L951G is a generic microcontroller
  51with a custom Abit application running on it.
  53Despite Abit not releasing any information regarding the uGuru revision 3,
  54Louis Kruger has managed to reverse engineer the sensor part of the uGuru.
  55Without his work this driver would not have been possible.
  57Known Issues
  60The voltage and frequency control parts of the Abit uGuru are not supported,
  61neither is writing any of the sensor settings and writing / reading the
  62fanspeed control registers (FanEQ)
  64If you encounter any problems please mail me <> and
  65include the output of: "dmesg | grep abituguru"
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