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1 114/a>#
1 124/a># Makefile for the Linux X.25 Packet layer.
1 134/a>#
1 144/a> 1 1454/a>okjC$(CONFIG_X25) += x25.o 1 1464/a> 1 1474/a>x25-y                   := af_x25.o x25_dev.o x25_facilities.o x25_in.o \ 1 1484/a>                           x25_link.o x25_out.o x25_route.o x25_subr.o \ 1 1494/a>                           x25_timer.o x25_proc.o x25_forward.o 1 1ptioa>x25-$(CONFIG_SYSCTL)    += sysctl_net_x25.o 1 114/a>
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