"v3.i3 /spa2.8 i3 /form.8 i3 a "v3.i3 href="../linux+v3 2/net/sunrpc/bc_svc.c">"v3.i3 img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">"v /spa2.8"v spa2 class="lxr_search">"v3."v3.i3 input typ8<2hidden" nam8<2navtarget" 3.2.8<2">"v3.i3 input typ8<2text" nam8<2search" id<2search">"v3.i3 butt vtyp8<2submit">Search"v3.i3Prefs8 i3 /a>"v /spa2.83.i3 3 /div.83.i3 3 form ac12.2="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">"v input typ8<2hidden" nam8<2ajax_lookup" id<2ajax_lookup" 3.2.8<2">"3.i3 3 /form.8"3.i3 3 div class="headingbott m">8 div id<2file_contents".
3 31	/a>	spa2 class="comment">/******************************************************************************	/spa2.83 32	/a>"3 33	/a>	spa2 class="comment">(c) 2007 Network Appliance, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.	/spa2.83 34	/a>	spa2 class="comment">(c) 2009 NetApp.  All Rights Reserved.	/spa2.83 35	/a>"3 36	/a>	spa2 class="comment">NetApp provides this source code under the GPL17" License.	/spa2.83 37	/a>	spa2 class="comment">The GPL17" license is available at	/spa2.83 38	/a>	spa2 class="comment">http:/	/spa2.83 39	/a>"3 3.14a>	spa2 class="comment">THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS	/spa2.83 11	/a>	spa2 class="comment">"AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT	/spa2.83 12	/a>	spa2 class="comment">LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR	/spa2.83 13	/a>	spa2 class="comment">A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR	/spa2.83 14	/a>	spa2 class="comment">CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL,	/spa2.83 15	/a>	spa2 class="comment">EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO,	/spa2.83 16	/a>	spa2 class="comment">PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR	/spa2.83 17	/a>	spa2 class="comment">PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF	/spa2.83 18	/a>	spa2 class="comment">LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING	/spa2.83 19	/a>	spa2 class="comment">NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS	/spa2.83 2.14a>	spa2 class="comment">SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.	/spa2.83 21	/a>"3 22	/a>	spa2 class="comment">******************************************************************************/	/spa2.83 23	/a>"3 24	/a>	spa2 class="comment">/*	/spa2.83 25	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> * The NFSv4.1 callback service helper routines.	/spa2.83 26	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> * They implement the transport level processing required to send the	/spa2.83 27	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> * reply over a2 existing 3.en connec12.2 previously established by the client.	/spa2.83 28	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> */	/spa2.83 29	/a>"3 3.14a>#include <linux/module.h14a>>"3 31	/a>"3 3214a>#include <linux/sunrpc/xprt.h14a>>"3 3314a>#include <linux/sunrpc/sched.h14a>>"3 3414a>#include <linux/sunrpc/bc_xprt.h14a>>"3 35	/a>"3 36	/a>#define3	a href="+code=RPCDBG_FACILITY" class="sref">RPCDBG_FACILITY	/a>3	a href="+code=RPCDBG_SVCDSP" class="sref">RPCDBG_SVCDSP	/a>"3 37	/a>"3 38	/a>	spa2 class="comment">/* Empty callback ops */	/spa2.83 39	/a>static const struct3	a href="+code=rpc_call_ops" class="sref">rpc_call_ops	/a>3	a href="+code=nfs41_callback_ops" class="sref">nfs41_callback_ops	/a>3= {83 4.14a>};"3 41	/a>"3 42	/a>"3 43	/a>	spa2 class="comment">/*	/spa2.83 44	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> * Send the callback reply	/spa2.83 45	/a>	spa2 class="comment"> */	/spa2.83 46	/a>int3	a href="+code=bc_send" class="sref">bc_send	/a>(struct3	a href="+code=rpc_rqst" class="sref">rpc_rqst	/a>3*	a href="+code=req" class="sref">req	/a>)83 47	/a>{83 48	/a>        struct3	a href="+code=rpc_task" class="sref">rpc_task	/a>3*	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>;"3 49	/a>        int3	a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret	/a>;"3 50	/a>"3 51	/a>        	a href="+code=dprintk" class="sref">dprintk	/a>(	spa2 class="string">"RPC:       bc_send req= %p\n"	/spa2.,3	a href="+code=req" class="sref">req	/a>);"3 52	/a>        	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>3= 	a href="+code=rpc_run_bc_task" class="sref">rpc_run_bc_task	/a>(	a href="+code=req" class="sref">req	/a>, &	a href="+code=nfs41_callback_ops" class="sref">nfs41_callback_ops	/a>);"3 53	/a>        if (	a href="+code=IS_ERR" class="sref">IS_ERR	/a>(	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>))83 54	/a>                	a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret	/a>3= 	a href="+code=PTR_ERR" class="sref">PTR_ERR	/a>(	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>);"3 55	/a>        else {83 56	/a>                	a href="+code=BUG_ON" class="sref">BUG_ON	/a>(	a href="+code=atomic_read" class="sref">atomic_read	/a>(&	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>->	a href="+code=tk_count" class="sref">tk_count	/a>) != 1);"3 57	/a>                	a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret	/a>3= 	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>->	a href="+code=tk_status" class="sref">tk_status	/a>;"3 58	/a>                	a href="+code=rpc_put_task" class="sref">rpc_put_task	/a>(	a href="+code=task" class="sref">task	/a>);"3 59	/a>        }"3 60	/a>        	a href="+code=dprintk" class="sref">dprintk	/a>(	spa2 class="string">"RPC:       bc_send ret= %d\n"	/spa2.,3	a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret	/a>);"3 61	/a>        return 	a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret	/a>;"3 62	/a>}"3 63	/a>"3 64	/a>	/pre>
The original LXR software by the LXR community	/a>, this experimental vers2.2 by	/a>.
	/div.8	div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS	/a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera12.2s services since 1995.
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