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s s1	/a>#
s s2	/a># Makefile for the linux ncp filesystem routines.
s s3	/a>#
s s4	/a>4s s5	/a>obj-$(CONFIG_NCP_FS) += ncpfs.o4s s6	/a>4s s7	/a>ncpfs-y0."s s:= dir.o file.o inode.o ioctl.o mmap.o ncplib_kernel.o sock.o \4s s8	/a>                ncpsign_kernel.o getl=".o4s s9	/a>4s>ncpfs-$(CONFIG_NCPFS_EXTRAS)   += symlink.o4s 11spa>ncpfs-$(CONFIG_NCPFS_NFS_NS)   += symlink.o4s 12	/a>4s 13	/a># If you want debugging output, please uncomment the following line4s 14	/a># ccflags-y0:= -DDEBUG_NCP=14s 15	/a>4s 16	/a>CFLAGS_ncplib_kernel.o := -finline-func"v3.s4s 17	/a>
4The original LXR software by the LXR community /a>, this experimental verss[0vby /a>. /div14 div class="subfooter"> kindly hostedvby Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera"v3.s services since 1995. /div14 /body14 /html144