2 *   fs/cifs/cifsproto.h
   3 *
   4 *   Copyright (c) International Business Machines  Corp., 2002,2008
   5 *   Author(s): Steve French (
   6 *
   7 *   This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   8 *   it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
   9 *   by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
  10 *   (at your option) any later version.
  11 *
  12 *   This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  13 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  15 *   the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
  16 *
  17 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
  18 *   along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
  19 *   Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
  20 */
  21#ifndef _CIFSPROTO_H
  22#define _CIFSPROTO_H
  23#include <linux/nls.h>
  25struct statfs;
  26struct smb_vol;
  29 *****************************************************************
  30 * All Prototypes
  31 *****************************************************************
  32 */
  34extern struct smb_hdr *cifs_buf_get(void);
  35extern void cifs_buf_release(void *);
  36extern struct smb_hdr *cifs_small_buf_get(void);
  37extern void cifs_small_buf_release(void *);
  38extern int smb_send(struct TCP_Server_Info *, struct smb_hdr *,
  39                        unsigned int /* length */);
  40extern unsigned int _get_xid(void);
  41extern void _free_xid(unsigned int);
  42#define get_xid()                                               \
  43({                                                              \
  44        unsigned int __xid = _get_xid();                                \
  45        cFYI(1, "CIFS VFS: in %s as Xid: %u with uid: %d",      \
  46             __func__, __xid, current_fsuid());                 \
  47        __xid;                                                  \
  50#define free_xid(curr_xid)                                      \
  51do {                                                            \
  52        _free_xid(curr_xid);                                    \
  53        cFYI(1, "CIFS VFS: leaving %s (xid = %u) rc = %d",      \
  54             __func__, curr_xid, (int)rc);                      \
  55} while (0)
  56extern int init_cifs_idmap(void);
  57extern void exit_cifs_idmap(void);
  58extern void cifs_destroy_idmaptrees(void);
  59extern char *build_path_from_dentry(struct dentry *);
  60extern char *build_wildcard_path_from_dentry(struct dentry *direntry);
  61extern char *cifs_compose_mount_options(const char *sb_mountdata,
  62                const char *fullpath, const struct dfs_info3_param *ref,
  63                char **devname);
  64/* extern void renew_parental_timestamps(struct dentry *direntry);*/
  65extern struct mid_q_entry *AllocMidQEntry(const struct smb_hdr *smb_buffer,
  66                                        struct TCP_Server_Info *server);
  67extern void DeleteMidQEntry(struct mid_q_entry *midEntry);
  68extern void cifs_wake_up_task(struct mid_q_entry *mid);
  69extern int cifs_call_async(struct TCP_Server_Info *server, struct kvec *iov,
  70                           unsigned int nvec, mid_receive_t *receive,
  71                           mid_callback_t *callback, void *cbdata,
  72                           const int flags);
  73extern int SendReceive(const unsigned int /* xid */ , struct cifs_ses *,
  74                        struct smb_hdr * /* input */ ,
  75                        struct smb_hdr * /* out */ ,
  76                        int * /* bytes returned */ , const int);
  77extern int SendReceiveNoRsp(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
  78                            char *in_buf, int flags);
  79extern int cifs_setup_request(struct cifs_ses *, struct kvec *, unsigned int,
  80                              struct mid_q_entry **);
  81extern int cifs_setup_async_request(struct TCP_Server_Info *, struct kvec *,
  82                                    unsigned int, struct mid_q_entry **);
  83extern int cifs_check_receive(struct mid_q_entry *mid,
  84                        struct TCP_Server_Info *server, bool log_error);
  85extern int SendReceive2(const unsigned int /* xid */ , struct cifs_ses *,
  86                        struct kvec *, int /* nvec to send */,
  87                        int * /* type of buf returned */ , const int flags);
  88extern int SendReceiveBlockingLock(const unsigned int xid,
  89                        struct cifs_tcon *ptcon,
  90                        struct smb_hdr *in_buf ,
  91                        struct smb_hdr *out_buf,
  92                        int *bytes_returned);
  93extern int cifs_reconnect(struct TCP_Server_Info *server);
  94extern int checkSMB(char *buf, unsigned int length);
  95extern bool is_valid_oplock_break(char *, struct TCP_Server_Info *);
  96extern bool backup_cred(struct cifs_sb_info *);
  97extern bool is_size_safe_to_change(struct cifsInodeInfo *, __u64 eof);
  98extern void cifs_update_eof(struct cifsInodeInfo *cifsi, loff_t offset,
  99                            unsigned int bytes_written);
 100extern struct cifsFileInfo *find_writable_file(struct cifsInodeInfo *, bool);
 101extern struct cifsFileInfo *find_readable_file(struct cifsInodeInfo *, bool);
 102extern unsigned int smbCalcSize(struct smb_hdr *ptr);
 103extern int decode_negTokenInit(unsigned char *security_blob, int length,
 104                        struct TCP_Server_Info *server);
 105extern int cifs_convert_address(struct sockaddr *dst, const char *src, int len);
 106extern int cifs_set_port(struct sockaddr *addr, const unsigned short int port);
 107extern int cifs_fill_sockaddr(struct sockaddr *dst, const char *src, int len,
 108                                const unsigned short int port);
 109extern int map_smb_to_linux_error(char *buf, bool logErr);
 110extern void header_assemble(struct smb_hdr *, char /* command */ ,
 111                            const struct cifs_tcon *, int /* length of
 112                            fixed section (word count) in two byte units */);
 113extern int small_smb_init_no_tc(const int smb_cmd, const int wct,
 114                                struct cifs_ses *ses,
 115                                void **request_buf);
 116extern int CIFS_SessSetup(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
 117                          const struct nls_table *nls_cp);
 118extern struct timespec cifs_NTtimeToUnix(__le64 utc_nanoseconds_since_1601);
 119extern u64 cifs_UnixTimeToNT(struct timespec);
 120extern struct timespec cnvrtDosUnixTm(__le16 le_date, __le16 le_time,
 121                                      int offset);
 122extern void cifs_set_oplock_level(struct cifsInodeInfo *cinode, __u32 oplock);
 124extern struct cifsFileInfo *cifs_new_fileinfo(__u16 fileHandle,
 125                                struct file *file, struct tcon_link *tlink,
 126                                __u32 oplock);
 127extern int cifs_posix_open(char *full_path, struct inode **inode,
 128                           struct super_block *sb, int mode,
 129                           unsigned int f_flags, __u32 *oplock, __u16 *netfid,
 130                           unsigned int xid);
 131void cifs_fill_uniqueid(struct super_block *sb, struct cifs_fattr *fattr);
 132extern void cifs_unix_basic_to_fattr(struct cifs_fattr *fattr,
 133                                     FILE_UNIX_BASIC_INFO *info,
 134                                     struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb);
 135extern void cifs_fattr_to_inode(struct inode *inode, struct cifs_fattr *fattr);
 136extern struct inode *cifs_iget(struct super_block *sb,
 137                               struct cifs_fattr *fattr);
 139extern int cifs_get_file_info(struct file *filp);
 140extern int cifs_get_inode_info(struct inode **inode, const char *full_path,
 141                               FILE_ALL_INFO *data, struct super_block *sb,
 142                               int xid, const __u16 *fid);
 143extern int cifs_get_file_info_unix(struct file *filp);
 144extern int cifs_get_inode_info_unix(struct inode **pinode,
 145                        const unsigned char *search_path,
 146                        struct super_block *sb, unsigned int xid);
 147extern int cifs_acl_to_fattr(struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb,
 148                              struct cifs_fattr *fattr, struct inode *inode,
 149                              const char *path, const __u16 *pfid);
 150extern int id_mode_to_cifs_acl(struct inode *inode, const char *path, __u64,
 151                                        uid_t, gid_t);
 152extern struct cifs_ntsd *get_cifs_acl(struct cifs_sb_info *, struct inode *,
 153                                        const char *, u32 *);
 154extern int set_cifs_acl(struct cifs_ntsd *, __u32, struct inode *,
 155                                const char *, int);
 157extern void dequeue_mid(struct mid_q_entry *mid, bool malformed);
 158extern int cifs_read_from_socket(struct TCP_Server_Info *server, char *buf,
 159                     unsigned int to_read);
 160extern int cifs_readv_from_socket(struct TCP_Server_Info *server,
 161                struct kvec *iov_orig, unsigned int nr_segs,
 162                unsigned int to_read);
 163extern void cifs_setup_cifs_sb(struct smb_vol *pvolume_info,
 164                               struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb);
 165extern int cifs_match_super(struct super_block *, void *);
 166extern void cifs_cleanup_volume_info(struct smb_vol *pvolume_info);
 167extern struct smb_vol *cifs_get_volume_info(char *mount_data,
 168                                            const char *devname);
 169extern int cifs_mount(struct cifs_sb_info *, struct smb_vol *);
 170extern void cifs_umount(struct cifs_sb_info *);
 171extern void cifs_mark_open_files_invalid(struct cifs_tcon *tcon);
 174extern void cifs_dfs_release_automount_timer(void);
 176#define cifs_dfs_release_automount_timer()      do { } while (0)
 179void cifs_proc_init(void);
 180void cifs_proc_clean(void);
 182extern int cifs_negotiate_protocol(const unsigned int xid,
 183                                   struct cifs_ses *ses);
 184extern int cifs_setup_session(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
 185                              struct nls_table *nls_info);
 186extern int CIFSSMBNegotiate(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses);
 188extern int CIFSTCon(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
 189                    const char *tree, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 190                    const struct nls_table *);
 192extern int CIFSFindFirst(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 193                const char *searchName, const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 194                __u16 *searchHandle, __u16 search_flags,
 195                struct cifs_search_info *psrch_inf,
 196                int map, const char dirsep);
 198extern int CIFSFindNext(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 199                __u16 searchHandle, __u16 search_flags,
 200                struct cifs_search_info *psrch_inf);
 202extern int CIFSFindClose(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 203                        const __u16 search_handle);
 205extern int CIFSSMBQFileInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 206                        u16 netfid, FILE_ALL_INFO *pFindData);
 207extern int CIFSSMBQPathInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 208                            const char *search_Name, FILE_ALL_INFO *data,
 209                            int legacy /* whether to use old info level */,
 210                            const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 211extern int SMBQueryInformation(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 212                               const char *search_name, FILE_ALL_INFO *data,
 213                               const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 215extern int CIFSSMBUnixQFileInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 216                        u16 netfid, FILE_UNIX_BASIC_INFO *pFindData);
 217extern int CIFSSMBUnixQPathInfo(const unsigned int xid,
 218                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 219                        const unsigned char *searchName,
 220                        FILE_UNIX_BASIC_INFO *pFindData,
 221                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 223extern int CIFSGetDFSRefer(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
 224                           const char *search_name,
 225                           struct dfs_info3_param **target_nodes,
 226                           unsigned int *num_of_nodes,
 227                           const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 229extern int get_dfs_path(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses,
 230                        const char *old_path,
 231                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 232                        unsigned int *num_referrals,
 233                        struct dfs_info3_param **referrals, int remap);
 234extern void reset_cifs_unix_caps(unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 235                                 struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb,
 236                                 struct smb_vol *vol);
 237extern int CIFSSMBQFSInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 238                        struct kstatfs *FSData);
 239extern int SMBOldQFSInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 240                        struct kstatfs *FSData);
 241extern int CIFSSMBSetFSUnixInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 242                        __u64 cap);
 244extern int CIFSSMBQFSAttributeInfo(const unsigned int xid,
 245                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon);
 246extern int CIFSSMBQFSDeviceInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon);
 247extern int CIFSSMBQFSUnixInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon);
 248extern int CIFSSMBQFSPosixInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 249                        struct kstatfs *FSData);
 251extern int CIFSSMBSetPathInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 252                        const char *fileName, const FILE_BASIC_INFO *data,
 253                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 254                        int remap_special_chars);
 255extern int CIFSSMBSetFileInfo(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 256                        const FILE_BASIC_INFO *data, __u16 fid,
 257                        __u32 pid_of_opener);
 258extern int CIFSSMBSetFileDisposition(const unsigned int xid,
 259                                     struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 260                                     bool delete_file, __u16 fid,
 261                                     __u32 pid_of_opener);
 262#if 0
 263extern int CIFSSMBSetAttrLegacy(unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 264                        char *fileName, __u16 dos_attributes,
 265                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage);
 266#endif /* possibly unneeded function */
 267extern int CIFSSMBSetEOF(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 268                        const char *fileName, __u64 size,
 269                        bool setAllocationSizeFlag,
 270                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 271                        int remap_special_chars);
 272extern int CIFSSMBSetFileSize(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 273                         __u64 size, __u16 fileHandle, __u32 opener_pid,
 274                        bool AllocSizeFlag);
 276struct cifs_unix_set_info_args {
 277        __u64   ctime;
 278        __u64   atime;
 279        __u64   mtime;
 280        __u64   mode;
 281        __u64   uid;
 282        __u64   gid;
 283        dev_t   device;
 286extern int CIFSSMBUnixSetFileInfo(const unsigned int xid,
 287                                  struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 288                                  const struct cifs_unix_set_info_args *args,
 289                                  u16 fid, u32 pid_of_opener);
 291extern int CIFSSMBUnixSetPathInfo(const unsigned int xid,
 292                                  struct cifs_tcon *tcon, const char *file_name,
 293                                  const struct cifs_unix_set_info_args *args,
 294                                  const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 295                                  int remap);
 297extern int CIFSSMBMkDir(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 298                        const char *name, struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb);
 299extern int CIFSSMBRmDir(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 300                        const char *name, struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb);
 301extern int CIFSPOSIXDelFile(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 302                        const char *name, __u16 type,
 303                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 304                        int remap_special_chars);
 305extern int CIFSSMBDelFile(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 306                        const char *name,
 307                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 308                        int remap_special_chars);
 309extern int CIFSSMBRename(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 310                        const char *fromName, const char *toName,
 311                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 312                        int remap_special_chars);
 313extern int CIFSSMBRenameOpenFile(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 314                                 int netfid, const char *target_name,
 315                                 const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 316                                 int remap_special_chars);
 317extern int CIFSCreateHardLink(const unsigned int xid,
 318                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 319                        const char *fromName, const char *toName,
 320                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 321                        int remap_special_chars);
 322extern int CIFSUnixCreateHardLink(const unsigned int xid,
 323                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 324                        const char *fromName, const char *toName,
 325                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 326                        int remap_special_chars);
 327extern int CIFSUnixCreateSymLink(const unsigned int xid,
 328                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 329                        const char *fromName, const char *toName,
 330                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage);
 331extern int CIFSSMBUnixQuerySymLink(const unsigned int xid,
 332                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 333                        const unsigned char *searchName, char **syminfo,
 334                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage);
 336extern int CIFSSMBQueryReparseLinkInfo(const unsigned int xid,
 337                        struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 338                        const unsigned char *searchName,
 339                        char *symlinkinfo, const int buflen, __u16 fid,
 340                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage);
 341#endif /* temporarily unused until cifs_symlink fixed */
 342extern int CIFSSMBOpen(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 343                        const char *fileName, const int disposition,
 344                        const int access_flags, const int omode,
 345                        __u16 *netfid, int *pOplock, FILE_ALL_INFO *,
 346                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 347extern int SMBLegacyOpen(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 348                        const char *fileName, const int disposition,
 349                        const int access_flags, const int omode,
 350                        __u16 *netfid, int *pOplock, FILE_ALL_INFO *,
 351                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 352extern int CIFSPOSIXCreate(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 353                        u32 posix_flags, __u64 mode, __u16 *netfid,
 354                        FILE_UNIX_BASIC_INFO *pRetData,
 355                        __u32 *pOplock, const char *name,
 356                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap);
 357extern int CIFSSMBClose(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 358                        const int smb_file_id);
 360extern int CIFSSMBFlush(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 361                        const int smb_file_id);
 363extern int CIFSSMBRead(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_io_parms *io_parms,
 364                        unsigned int *nbytes, char **buf,
 365                        int *return_buf_type);
 366extern int CIFSSMBWrite(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_io_parms *io_parms,
 367                        unsigned int *nbytes, const char *buf,
 368                        const char __user *ubuf, const int long_op);
 369extern int CIFSSMBWrite2(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_io_parms *io_parms,
 370                        unsigned int *nbytes, struct kvec *iov, const int nvec,
 371                        const int long_op);
 372extern int CIFSGetSrvInodeNumber(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 373                                 const char *search_name, __u64 *inode_number,
 374                                 const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 375                                 int remap);
 377extern int cifs_lockv(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 378                      const __u16 netfid, const __u8 lock_type,
 379                      const __u32 num_unlock, const __u32 num_lock,
 380                      LOCKING_ANDX_RANGE *buf);
 381extern int CIFSSMBLock(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 382                        const __u16 netfid, const __u32 netpid, const __u64 len,
 383                        const __u64 offset, const __u32 numUnlock,
 384                        const __u32 numLock, const __u8 lockType,
 385                        const bool waitFlag, const __u8 oplock_level);
 386extern int CIFSSMBPosixLock(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 387                        const __u16 smb_file_id, const __u32 netpid,
 388                        const loff_t start_offset, const __u64 len,
 389                        struct file_lock *, const __u16 lock_type,
 390                        const bool waitFlag);
 391extern int CIFSSMBTDis(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon);
 392extern int CIFSSMBEcho(struct TCP_Server_Info *server);
 393extern int CIFSSMBLogoff(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_ses *ses);
 395extern struct cifs_ses *sesInfoAlloc(void);
 396extern void sesInfoFree(struct cifs_ses *);
 397extern struct cifs_tcon *tconInfoAlloc(void);
 398extern void tconInfoFree(struct cifs_tcon *);
 400extern int cifs_sign_smb(struct smb_hdr *, struct TCP_Server_Info *, __u32 *);
 401extern int cifs_sign_smbv(struct kvec *iov, int n_vec, struct TCP_Server_Info *,
 402                          __u32 *);
 403extern int cifs_verify_signature(struct kvec *iov, unsigned int nr_iov,
 404                                 struct TCP_Server_Info *server,
 405                                __u32 expected_sequence_number);
 406extern int SMBNTencrypt(unsigned char *, unsigned char *, unsigned char *,
 407                        const struct nls_table *);
 408extern int setup_ntlm_response(struct cifs_ses *, const struct nls_table *);
 409extern int setup_ntlmv2_rsp(struct cifs_ses *, const struct nls_table *);
 410extern int cifs_crypto_shash_allocate(struct TCP_Server_Info *);
 411extern void cifs_crypto_shash_release(struct TCP_Server_Info *);
 412extern int calc_seckey(struct cifs_ses *);
 415extern int calc_lanman_hash(const char *password, const char *cryptkey,
 416                                bool encrypt, char *lnm_session_key);
 417#endif /* CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH */
 418#ifdef CONFIG_CIFS_DNOTIFY_EXPERIMENTAL /* unused temporarily */
 419extern int CIFSSMBNotify(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 420                        const int notify_subdirs, const __u16 netfid,
 421                        __u32 filter, struct file *file, int multishot,
 422                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage);
 423#endif /* was needed for dnotify, and will be needed for inotify when VFS fix */
 424extern int CIFSSMBCopy(unsigned int xid,
 425                        struct cifs_tcon *source_tcon,
 426                        const char *fromName,
 427                        const __u16 target_tid,
 428                        const char *toName, const int flags,
 429                        const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 430                        int remap_special_chars);
 431extern ssize_t CIFSSMBQAllEAs(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 432                        const unsigned char *searchName,
 433                        const unsigned char *ea_name, char *EAData,
 434                        size_t bufsize, const struct nls_table *nls_codepage,
 435                        int remap_special_chars);
 436extern int CIFSSMBSetEA(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 437                const char *fileName, const char *ea_name,
 438                const void *ea_value, const __u16 ea_value_len,
 439                const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap_special_chars);
 440extern int CIFSSMBGetCIFSACL(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 441                        __u16 fid, struct cifs_ntsd **acl_inf, __u32 *buflen);
 442extern int CIFSSMBSetCIFSACL(const unsigned int, struct cifs_tcon *, __u16,
 443                        struct cifs_ntsd *, __u32, int);
 444extern int CIFSSMBGetPosixACL(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 445                const unsigned char *searchName,
 446                char *acl_inf, const int buflen, const int acl_type,
 447                const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap_special_chars);
 448extern int CIFSSMBSetPosixACL(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 449                const unsigned char *fileName,
 450                const char *local_acl, const int buflen, const int acl_type,
 451                const struct nls_table *nls_codepage, int remap_special_chars);
 452extern int CIFSGetExtAttr(const unsigned int xid, struct cifs_tcon *tcon,
 453                        const int netfid, __u64 *pExtAttrBits, __u64 *pMask);
 454extern void cifs_autodisable_serverino(struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb);
 455extern bool CIFSCouldBeMFSymlink(const struct cifs_fattr *fattr);
 456extern int CIFSCheckMFSymlink(struct cifs_fattr *fattr,
 457                const unsigned char *path,
 458                struct cifs_sb_info *cifs_sb, unsigned int xid);
 459extern int mdfour(unsigned char *, unsigned char *, int);
 460extern int E_md4hash(const unsigned char *passwd, unsigned char *p16,
 461                        const struct nls_table *codepage);
 462extern int SMBencrypt(unsigned char *passwd, const unsigned char *c8,
 463                        unsigned char *p24);
 465/* asynchronous read support */
 466struct cifs_readdata {
 467        struct kref                     refcount;
 468        struct list_head                list;
 469        struct completion               done;
 470        struct cifsFileInfo             *cfile;
 471        struct address_space            *mapping;
 472        __u64                           offset;
 473        unsigned int                    bytes;
 474        pid_t                           pid;
 475        int                             result;
 476        struct list_head                pages;
 477        struct work_struct              work;
 478        int (*marshal_iov) (struct cifs_readdata *rdata,
 479                            unsigned int remaining);
 480        unsigned int                    nr_iov;
 481        struct kvec                     iov[1];
 484void cifs_readdata_release(struct kref *refcount);
 485int cifs_async_readv(struct cifs_readdata *rdata);
 487/* asynchronous write support */
 488struct cifs_writedata {
 489        struct kref                     refcount;
 490        struct list_head                list;
 491        struct completion               done;
 492        enum writeback_sync_modes       sync_mode;
 493        struct work_struct              work;
 494        struct cifsFileInfo             *cfile;
 495        __u64                           offset;
 496        pid_t                           pid;
 497        unsigned int                    bytes;
 498        int                             result;
 499        void (*marshal_iov) (struct kvec *iov,
 500                             struct cifs_writedata *wdata);
 501        unsigned int                    nr_pages;
 502        struct page                     *pages[1];
 505int cifs_async_writev(struct cifs_writedata *wdata);
 506void cifs_writev_complete(struct work_struct *work);
 507struct cifs_writedata *cifs_writedata_alloc(unsigned int nr_pages,
 508                                                work_func_t complete);
 509void cifs_writedata_release(struct kref *refcount);
 511#endif                  /* _CIFSPROTO_H */
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