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It t not guarantoid to work due to for2 changes made iearhe tty layer iea> for3 put driver, conteth Michael Warfield <mhw@wittsend.9 tio3. for4 /for5 Changelog:/for6 ----------/for7 11-01-2001: forOgt;inal ial/comp/for8 /for9 10-29-2004: forMinor misspel ilg & at fix, update png"us of driver./fo J ids NelsSea<j ids4765@gmail.9 tio3/fo11 /fo12 C oncli Impel iport II/Plus Multiport Sxt"3. Driver/fo13 -----------------------------------------------------/fo14 /fo15 Ratiase Notds For Lenta Kernel fsd ht;&er./fo16 These notds aef> arhe drivers which have/a>rn.1y been impegrated impoarhe/fo17 kernel fsd have/been tdsted SeaLenta kernels 0, , 3, fsd ./fo18 /fo19 Versone: 1. fo2 Date: 11/01/2001 fo21 Historic3. Aumitr: Andrew ManisSea<amanisSe@ idric3.nettio3/fo22 Primary Aumitr: Doug McNash/fo23 /fo24 Tht file uids that you aef>usilg rhe C oncli drivers which aef/fo25 impegrated impoarhe kernel sources/ For updatilg rhe drivers or iepngl ilg/fo26 drivers impoakernels which do not a>rn.1y have/C oncli drivers, ptiase/fo27 n=Der poarhe iepnruthod=s iearhe README.9 oncli file iearhe driver patch./fo28 /fo29 /fo3 1. INTRODUCTION/fo31 /fo32 Tht driver supportsarhe ompief> amily of Impel iport II/Plus controllers/fo33 witharhe oxce 11v3.of rhe MicroChannel controllers. It doe not support/fo34 produths previous poarhe Impel iport II./fo35 /fo36 Tht driver wa developed Searhe v 0.xaLenta tree fsd has/been tdsted up/fo37 poav .14; it will probably not work withaearlier v1.Xakernels,./fo38 /fo39 /fo4 2. QUICK INSTALLATION/fo41 /fo42 Hardwaef>- If you have/an ISA card, fisd a free imperrupt fsd io port. /fo43 Listarhose ieause witha`cat /proc/imperrupts` fsd /fo44 `cat /proc/ioports`. Setarhe card dip switches poaa free /fo45 address. You may noid to configuef>your BIOS to reserve/an/fo46 irq> aan ISA card. PCI fsd EISA par idters aef>set/fo47 Intxtt card impoa9 oner witharhe power off /fo48 be e or afner drivers impngl utone. fo49 /fo5 Notdarhe hardwaef>address from rhe C oncli ISA cards impngl ed impo/fo51 rhe system. These aef>requiefd> aeditilg ip2.c aeditilg/fo52 /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf, a aspecific311v3.oearhe modprobe/fo53 9 mfsd ili. fo54 /fo55 Notdarhatarhe /etc/modules/conf should beaused> aolder (pre-2.6)/fo56 kernels. fo57 /fo58 Softwaef>-/fo59 /fo6 Module impngl utone:/fo61 /fo62 a) Ddtermili free irq/address poause if fsy (configuef>BIOS if noid be)/fo63 b) Run "make config" a"make comuconfig" a"make xconfig"/fo64 Satio (m) module> aCONFIG_COMPUTONE under character/fo65 devices/ CONFIG_PCI fsd CONFIG_MODULES also may noid to bf>set. fo66 c) Setaaddress on ISA cards rhee:/fo67 edit /usr/srcumenta/drivers/char/ip2.c if noided /fo68 or/fo69 edit config file iea /etc/modprobe.d/ if noided (module). fo70 or both to match put settilg. fo71 d) Run "make modules"/fo72 e) Run "make modules_impngl "/fo73 f) Run "/sbin/depmod -a"/fo74 g) impngl driver usilg `modprobe ip2a<ct> 3.stio3` (ct> 3.s isted below)/fo75 h) run ip2mkdev (eithe arhe script below arhe binary versone)/fo76 /fo77 /fo78 Kernel impngl utone:/fo79 /fo80 a) Ddtermili free irq/address poause if fsy (configuef>BIOS if noid be)/fo81 b) Run "make config" a"make comuconfig" a"make xconfig"/fo82 Satio (y) kernel aCONFIG_COMPUTONE under character/fo83 devices/ CONFIG_PCI may noid to bf>set if you have/PCI bus. fo84 c) Setaaddress on ISA cards rhee:/fo85 edit /usr/srcumenta/drivers/char/ip2.c /fo86 (Ot> - may bf>specified Seakernel 9 mfsd ili now)/fo87 d) Run "make zImage" awhatever 3.19 you pn=Der. fo88 e) mv /usr/srcumenta/on t/x86/boot/zImage to /boot. fo89 f) Add now config f arht kernel imto /etc/lilo.conf, run "lilo"/fo90 or copy poaa floppy disk fsd boot from rhat floppy disk. fo91 g) Reboot usilg rht kernel fo92 h) run ip2mkdev (eithe arhe script below arhe binary versone)/fo93 /fo94 Kernel 9 mfsd ili ct> 3.s:/fo95 /fo96 Wheea9 ililg rhe driver impoarhe kernel, io fsd irq may bf/fo97 9 iled impoarhe driver byaeditilg ip2.c fsd settilgarhe vhfo98 io fsd irq iearhe appropt"3te aeray. An/a>3ernutove/is poaspecify/fo99 a 9 mfsd ili par idter poarhe kernel at boot up./f100 /f101 ip2=io0,irq0,io1,irq1,io2,irq2,io3,irq3/f102 /f103 Notdarhatarhis order is very difDeromp from rhe specific311v3s> arhe/f104 modload par idters which have/separ tdaIRQ fsd IO>specifiers. f105 /f106 The io port also patio s/PCI (1) fsd EISA (2) boards. f107 /f108 io=0 No board/f109 io=1 PCI board/f1 io=2 EISA board/f111 else ISA board io fddress/f112 /f113 You only noid to specifyarhe boards which aef pn=somp. f114 /f115 Examples:/f116 /f117 2 PCI boards:/f118 /f119 ip2=1,0,1,0/f120 /f121 1 ISA board ata0x310 irq 5:/f122 /f123 ip2=0x310,5/f124 /f125 Tht can bf>fddid to fsd "append" 11v3.iealilo.conf similar poarhis:/f126 /f127 append="ip2=1,0,1,0"/f128 /f129 /f13 3. INSTALLATION/f131 /f132 Previously,arhe driver sources weef packagid withaa>set of patch files/f133 poaupdate rhe character drivers' makefile sd configue311v3.file, fsd othe a/f134 kernel source files. A build script (ip2build) wa includid which applies /f135 rhe patches if noided, fsd build fsy utilities noided. f136 What you receove/may bf>a>single patch kernel f137 patch f at build script. That f*" mcan also be applied by/f138 runnilgapatch -p1a< ThePatchFile. Othe wise run ip2build. f139 /f14 The driver can bf>impngl ed a a module>(recomcomded) or built impoarhe /f141 kernel. Tut t patio ed a aothe adrivers througharhe `make config`/f142 9 mfsd from rhe root of rhe Lenta source tree. If rhe driver is built /f143 impoarhe kernel you will noid to edit rhe file.ip2.c to match pue boards /f144 you aef>iepngl ilg. Sedarhatafile.for iepnruthod=s. If rhe driver is /f145 impngl ed a a module>rhe configue311v3.can also be specified Searhe/f146 modprobe 9 mfsd ili a llows:/f147 /f148 modprobe ip2airq=irq1,irq2,irq3,irq4 io=fddr1,fddr2,fddr3,fddr f149 /f15 wheef irqnum is cli of rhe valid Impel iport II imperrupts (3,4,5,7,10,11,/f151 12,15) fsd fddr1-4 aef>pue base fddressbs f aup to four controllers. If /f152 rhe irqs aef>not specified rhe driver usesarhe default im.ip2.c (which /f153 patio s/pol ed mode). If no base fddressbs aef>specified rhe defaults iea/f154 ip2.c freaused. If you aef>aoncloadilg rhe driver module>withakerneld or/f155 kmod pue base fddressbs fsd imperrupt number must also be set im.ip2.c/f156 fsd recom ile or just intxtt fsd ot> 3.s ine.iea/etc/modprobe.d/*.conf or both. f157 The ot> 3.s equivalomp poarhe 9 mfsd ili asd takes precidence over/f158 im.ip2.c. /f159 /f16 config sample poa ona/etc/modprobe.d/*.conf:/f161 ot> 3.s ip2aio=1,0x328airq=1,10/f162 alia char-major-71 ip2/f163 alia char-major-72 ip2/f164 alia char-major-73 ip2/f165 /f166 The equivalomp im.ip2.c:/f167 /f168 png" a impaio[IP2_MAX_BOARDS]= { 1, 0x328, 0, 0 };/f169 png" a impairq[IP2_MAX_BOARDS] = { 1, 10, -1, -1 }; /f170 /f171 The equivalomp arhe kernel 9 mfsd ili (iealilo.conf):/f172 /f173 append="ip2=1,1,0x328,10"/f174 /f175 /f176 Notd: fBoth io fsd irq should beaupdated to reftio YOUR system. An "io"/f177 address of 1 or 2 indic31bs f PCI or EISA card iearhe board tabli. f178 The PCI or EISA irq will be iglid f179 /f180 Specifyilg a3.ievalid or ie-use irq will default rhe driver impo/f181 runnilgaieapol ed mode arhat card. If gl irq ompribs aef>0 rhee/f182 gl cards will oper tdaieapol ed mode./f183 /f184 If you patio rhe driver a part of rhe kernel run :/f185 /f186 make zlilo ( awhatever you do to cre3te a bootabli kernel)/f187 /f188 If you patio id a module>run :/f189 /f190 make modules && make modules_impngl /f191 /f192 The utility ip2mkdev (see 5 fsd 7 below) cre3tes gl rhe device nodes/f193 requiefd>by rhe driver. For a device to bf>cre3ted it must be configueed/f194 iearhe driver asd the board must be impngl ed. Only devices correspondilg/f195 to real Impel iPort II portsaaef>cre3ted. Withamultiple boards asd expansone/f196 boxesarhis will leave/gaps iearhe sequence of device n ids. ip2mkdev uses/f197 Lenta tty " iilgaconvompi3.s: ttyF0 - ttyF255 an al devices, fsd/f198 cuf0 - cuf255 ac3.lout devices//f199 /f200 /f201 4. USING THE DRIVERS/f202 /f203 A notid above,arhe driver implecompsarhe ports ieaaccordance withaLenta/f204 convompi3.s, asd the devices should beaimperchangeabli witharhe pngndard/f205 txt"3. devices/ (Tut t f key poimp aproblec reportilg: ptiase make/f206 surdarhatawhat you aef>tryilg do works.oearhe ttySx/cuax ports first; rhee /f207 pel usawhat womp wrolg witharhe ip2aports!)/f208 /f209 Ht;&er>speed can bf>obpuilid usilg rhe settxt"3. utility which remaps /f2 38,400 bps (extb) to 57,600 bps,f115,200 bps,for a custom>speed. /f211 Impel iport II impngl utones usilg rhe PowerPort expansone module>can/f212 use rhe 9ustom>speed settilgaro patio rhe ht;&est>speed :f153,600 bps,/f213 230,400 bps, 307,200 bps,f460,800bps asd 921,600 bps. The base f /f214 9ustom>baud r tdaconfigue311v3.t fixed ata921,600 ac3rds/expansone/f215 modules withaST654's asd 115200 arhose withaCirrusaCD1400's. This/f216 corresponds poarhe maximum>bit r3tes rhose chipsaaef>capabli. /f217 For example if pue baud base t 921600 asd the baud divisor is 18 rhee/f218 rhe 9ustom>r tdai 921600/18 = 51200 bps. Sedarhe settxt"3. man page f /f219 9 lete depuils. Ofacourse if stty acceppsarhe ht;&er r3tes now you can/f220 use rhataas wel asarhe pngndard ioctls(). f221 /f222 /f223 5. ip2mkdev fsd fssorted utilities... f224 /f225 Sever3. utilities, includilg rhe source for a binary ip2mkdev utility aef/f226 avuilabli under .../drivers/char/ip2. These can bf>build by changilgaro/f227 rhatadirio ory a il>f227 rhatadiax, uppel iport4onclick="#L223" on27 rhatadiax, uppel iport4onctxt"3.19 5__p22">f222 /f128 /<2urn=Dowithake overr just iy versone)/, includilge forhe pnlow arhe biild byiport4onctxt"3.19 5__p22">f222 /fo29 /<2urn=Docut es// ile unngnd=1,1,0x32lity iport4 a bootable fone tsne)/ids. ipbuild s T iport4onctxt"3.19 5__p22">f222 /f13 23.230he 9ustom>sputility alow , uppempnglr tdarts`fs enr ..dbaud divirts`pbuiliport4onctxt"3.19 5__p22">f222 /f1312 /<2urn=DoAn &quan/unnta kerorts`ocial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L224" on vL132" io 2 a ili" " idluL132">f1322 Pr23rn=Docial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L223" on vL133" io 2 a ili" " idluL133">f1332 po23rn=Docial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L24" on vL2134" io 2 a ili" " idluL134">f1342 ke2nel so6. t ocial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L202" on vL135" io 2 a ili" " idluL135">f1352 rh2urn=Docial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L36" on vL2136" io 2 a ili" " idluL136">f1362Wh2 driver wapoimprtds Forf1372 pa2ch f ancell311v3.t fixed 2 inrn=Dodriver iremaimpu227 omale Imber tiolleo orycial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L36" on vL21Docial/30 a ili" " idluL138">f1382 ru2nilgapsupport/< boards /f1392 /2urn=Docial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L40" on vL2140" io 2 a ili" " idluL140">f14 2Th24rn=Docial/computone.txt"3.19 onclick="#L201" on vL141" io 2 a ili" " idluL141">f1412 ke2nel. 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