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6a/f2/f87ce3355024bf38c30d4017550c6889fc9e_3/0" L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1L2" class="line" nam4.>L2">= =2"/a>SCSI EH1L3" class="line" nam4.>L3">= =3"/a>======================================1L4" class="line" nam4.>L4">= =4"/a>1L5" class="line" nam4.>L5">= =5"/a> This document describes SCSI midlayer error handling infrastructure.1L6" class="line" nam4.>L6">= =6"/a>Please refer to Documentaionf/scsi/scsi_mid_low_api.txt for more1L7" class="line" nam4.>L7">= =7"/a>informaionf regarding SCSI midlayer.1L8" class="line" nam4.>L8">= =8"/a>1L9" class="line" nam4.>L9">= =9"/a>TABLE OF CONTENTS1L10" class="line" nam4.>L10">=   1L11" class="line" nam4.>L11">= 11"/a>[1] How SCSI commands travel through the midlayer and to EH1L12" class="line" nam4.>L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1L13" class="line" nam4.>L13">= 13"/a>2= =[1-2] How do scmd's get completed?1L14" class="line" nam4.>L14">= 14"/a>2= =2= =[1-2-1] Completing a scmd w/ scsi_done1L15" class="line" nam4.>L15">= 15"/a>2= =2= =[1-2-2] Completing a scmd w/ timeout1L16" class="line" nam4.>L16">= 16"/a>2= =[1-3] How EH takes over1L17" class="line" nam4.>L17">= 17"/a>[2] How SCSI EH works1L18" class="line" nam4.>L18">= 18"/a>2= =[2-1] EH through fine-grained callbacks1L19" class="line" nam4.>L19">= 19"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-1] Overview1L20" class="line" nam4.>L20">= 20"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-2] Flow of scmds through EH1L21" class="line" nam4.>L21">= 21"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-3] Flow of control1L22" class="line" nam4.>L22">= 22"/a>2= =[2-2] EH through transportt->eh_strategy_handler()1L23" class="line" nam4.>L23">= 23"/a>2= =2= =[2-2-1] Pre transportt->eh_strategy_handler() SCSI midlayer condiionfs1L24" class="line" nam4.>L24">= 24"/a>2= =2= =[2-2-2] Post transportt->eh_strategy_handler() SCSI midlayer condiionfs1L25" class="line" nam4.>L25">= 25"/a>2= =2= =[2-2-3] Things to consider1L26" class="line" nam4.>L26">= 26"/a>1L27" class="line" nam4.>L27">= 27"/a>1L28" class="line" nam4.>L28">= 28"/a>[1] How SCSI commands travel through the midlayer and to EH1L29" class="line" nam4.>L29">= 29"/a>1L30" class="line" nam4.>L30">= 30"/a>[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1L31" class="line" nam4.>L31">= 31"/a>1L32" class="line" nam4.>L32">= 32"/a>2Each SCSI command is represented with struct scsi_cmnd (== scmd).  A1L33" class="line" nam4.>L33">= 33"/a>scmd has two list_head's to link itself into lists.  The two are1L34" class="line" nam4.>L34">= 34"/a>scmd->list and scmd->eh_entry.  The former is used for free list or1L35" class="line" nam4.>L35">= 35"/a>per-device allocated scmd list and not of much interest to this EH1L36" class="line" nam4.>L36">= 36"/a>discussonf.  The latter is used for completonf and EH lists and unless1L37" class="line" nam4.>L37">= 37"/a>otherwise staied scmds are always linked using scmd->eh_entry in this1L38" class="line" nam4.>L38">= 38"/a>discussonf.1L39" class="line" nam4.>L39">= 39"/a>1L40" class="line" nam4.>L40">= 4 1L41" class="line" nam4.>L41">= 41"/a>[1-2] How do scmd's get completed?1L42" class="line" nam4.>L42">= 421L43" class="line" nam4.>L43">= 43"/a>2Once LLDD gets hold of a scmd, either the LLDD will complete the1L44" class="line" nam4.>L44">= 44"/a>command by calling scsi_done callback passed from midlayer when1L45" class="line" nam4.>L45">= 45"/a>invoking hostt->queuecommand() or SCSI midlayer will time it out.1L46" class="line" nam4.>L46">= 46"/a>1L47" class="line" nam4.>L47">= 47"/a>1L48" class="line" nam4.>L48">= 48"/a>[1-2-1] Completing a scmd w/ scsi_done1L49" class="line" nam4.>L49">= 49"/a>1L50" class="line" nam4.>L50">= 50"/a>2For all non-EH commands, scsi_done() is the completonf callback.  It1L51" class="line" nam4.>L51">= 51"/a>does the following.1L52" class="line" nam4.>L52">= 521L53" class="line" nam4.>L53">= 53"/a>21. Delete timeout timer.  If it fails, it means that timeout timer1L54" class="line" nam4.>L54">= 54"/a>2= =has expired and is going to finish the command.  Just return.1L55" class="line" nam4.>L55">= 551L56" class="line" nam4.>L56">= 56"/a>22. Link scmd to per-cpu scsi_done_q using scmd->en_entry1L57" class="line" nam4.>L57">= 57"/a>1L58" class="line" nam4.>L58">= 58"/a>23. Raise SCSI_SOFTIRQ1L59" class="line" nam4.>L59">= 59"/a>1L60" class="line" nam4.>L60">= 60"/a>2SCSI_SOFTIRQ handler scsi_softirq calls scsi_decide_disposiionf() to1L61" class="line" nam4.>L61">= 61"/a>determine what to do with the command.  scsi_decide_disposiionf()1L62" class="line" nam4.>L62">= 62looks at the scmd->result "3lu4 and sense data to determine what to do1L63" class="line" nam4.>L63">= 63"/a>with the command.1L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L65" class="line" nam4.>L65">= 65"/a>2- SUCCESS1L66" class="line" nam4.>L66">= 66"/a>2= =====scsi_finish_command() is invoked for the command.  The1L67" class="line" nam4.>L67">= 67"/a>2= =====funcionf does some maintenance choirs and notify completonf by1L68" class="line" nam4.>L68">= 68"/a>2= =====calling scmd->done() callback, which, for fs requests, would1L69" class="line" nam4.>L69">= 69"/a>2= =2= =be HLD completonf callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L70" class="line" nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L71" class="line" nam4.>L71">= 71"/a>1L72" class="line" nam4.>L72">= 72"/a>2- NEEDS_RETRY1L73" class="line" nam4.>L73">= 73"/a>2- ADD_TO_MLQUEUE1L74" class="line" nam4.>L74">= 74"/a>2= =====scmd is requeued to blk queue.1L75" class="line" nam4.>L75">= 751L76" class="line" nam4.>L76">= 76"/a>2- otherwise1L77" class="line" nam4.>L77">= 77"/a>2= =====scsi_eh_scmd_add(scmd, 0) is invoked for the command.  See1L78" class="line" nam4.>L78">= 78"/a>2= =====[1-3] for details of this funcionf.1L79" class="line" nam4.>L79">= 79"/a>1L80" class="line" nam4.>L80">= 8 1L81" class="line" nam4.>L81">= 81"/a>[1-2-2] Completing a scmd w/ timeout1L82" class="line" nam4.>L82">= 821L83" class="line" nam4.>L83">= 83"/a> The timeout handler is scsi_times_out().  When a timeout occurs, this1L84" class="line" nam4.>L84">= 84"/a>funcionf1L85" class="line" nam4.>L85">= 851L86" class="line" nam4.>L86">= 86"/a>21. invokes otionfal hostt->eh_timed_out() callback.  Return "3lu4 caf1L87" class="line" nam4.>L87">= 87"/a>2= =be one of1L88" class="line" nam4.>L88">= 88"/a>1L89" class="line" nam4.>L89">= 89"/a>2= =- EH_HANDLED1L90" class="line" nam4.>L90">= 90"/a>2= =2= =This indicates that eh_timed_out() dealt with the timeout.  The1L91" class="line" nam4.>L91">= 91"/a>2= =====scmd is passed to __scsi_done() and thus linked into per-cpu1L92" class="line" nam4.>L92">= 92"/a>2= =====scsi_done_q.  Normal command completonf described in=[1-2-1]1L93" class="line" nam4.>L93">= 93"/a>2= =2= =follows.1L94" class="line" nam4.>L94">= 94"/a>1L95" class="line" nam4.>L95">= 95"/a>2= =- EH_RESET_TIMER1L96" class="line" nam4.>L96">= 96"/a>2= =2= =This indicates that more time is required to finish the1L97" class="line" nam4.>L97">= 97"/a>2= =====command.  Timer is restarted.  This acionf is counted as a1L98" class="line" nam4.>L98">= 98"/a>2= =====retry and only allowed scmd->allowed + 1(!) times.  Once the1L99" class="line" nam4.>L99">= 99"/a>2= =2= =limit is reached, acionf for EH_NOT_HANDLED is taken instead.1L100" class="line" nam4.>L100">=1001L101" class="line" nam4.>L101">=101"/a>2= =====*NOTE* This acionf is racy as the LLDD could finish the scmd1L102" class="line" nam4.>L102">=102"/a>2= =====after the timeout has expired but before it's added back.  If1L103" class="line" nam4.>L103">=103"/a>2= =2= =such cases, scsi_done() would think that timeout has occurred1L104" class="line" nam4.>L104">=104"/a>2= =====and return without doing anything.  We lose completonf and the1L105" class="line" nam4.>L105">=105"/a>2= =====command will time out agaif.1L106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1L107" class="line" nam4.>L107">=107"/a>2= =- EH_NOT_HANDLED1L108" class="line" nam4.>L108">=108"/a>2= =2= =This is the sam4 as when eh_timed_out() callback2doesn't exist.1L109" class="line" nam4.>L109">=109"/a>2= =2= =Step #2 is taken.1L110" class="line" nam4.>L110">=1  1L111" class="line" nam4.>L111">=111"/a>22. scsi_eh_scmd_add(scmd, SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD) is invoked for the1L112" class="line" nam4.>L112">=112"/a>2= =command.  See=[1-3] for more informaionf.1L113" class="line" nam4.>L113">=113"/a>1L114" class="line" nam4.>L114">=114"/a>1L115" class="line" nam4.>L115">=115"/a>[1-3] How EH takes over1L116" class="line" nam4.>L116">=116"/a>1L117" class="line" nam4.>L117">=117"/a> scmds enter EH via scsi_eh_scmd_add(), which does the following.1L118" class="line" nam4.>L118">=118"/a>1L119" class="line" nam4.>L119">=119"/a>21. Turns on scmd->eh_eflags as requested.  It's 0 for error1L120" class="line" nam4.>L120">=120"/a>2= =completonfs and SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD for timeouts.1L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1L122" class="line" nam4.>L122">=122"/a>22. Links scmd->eh_entry to shost->eh_cmd_q1L123" class="line" nam4.>L123">=123"/a>1L124" class="line" nam4.>L124">=124"/a>23. Sets SHOST_RECOVERY bit in shost->shost_staie1L125" class="line" nam4.>L125">=1251L126" class="line" nam4.>L126">=126"/a> 4.refcrecumes#L126" id.>1" nam4.>Lawith the_CMD fo2si_eh.txt#L125" or timb.txt#127" id.>L27" class="line" nam4.>L27">= 27"/a>1L126"busy  is e" nam4.>L126">=126"/a> 4.refcrecumes#L126" id.>1" nam4.>Lawith ref="Docucumentaionf/scsi/scsi_eh1.txt#129" id.>L29" class="line" nam4.>L29">= 29"/a>1=122"/a>22. Links nf callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L124er  clene" /a>2= ==prevs="liL19">= 19"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-1] Overview1= 74"/ated senam4.; evs="uis y,0" cl117" c class="line" nam4.>L84">= 84"/a>funcionf1s hold ofn4.>L9 y,0>=12ne" n.>L4imeout2">. Links nntry.  The former is used for free list or1L105">" n.>L4imeout2">=122"/a>22. Links nfs and SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD for timeouts.1L125">=1251s hold ofling=12,d sennumb/a>od ha-flh.txl117" L125" class="line" nam4.>L125">=1251Le" /a>alated sennumb/a>od >=126"l117" c- i.e.ine" nam4.>L126"busy  iL125" class="line" nam4.>L125">=1251L126">=126"/a>2= ==wine" upclass="lit7" ad="lio,n=Do62woeachupnf callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1=126"la.>L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1Lmd is pon>=122"/a>22. Links nfs and SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD for timeouts.1L121">=121"/a>1L5" e" "/a>Dele ====r ng hoam4.>Lquiescne".>L53"a ====L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1= 41"/" nam4.>Ls in This  SHOus,a>2= =====>" n====r ng hoam4.>L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1L4ibtimerionf is" clas clpoie".>Lclaevsr, ifianf is racy as the LLDD could finish the scmd12=L105,is usednam4.>L86">= 86"/a>21. invmaden====r ng hoamnor.>L racy as the LLDD could finish the scmd1 scmds _donentlycno =====" e",csi_eh_scmd_nam4.til>= 21"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-3] Flow of control1L10lo>=10s ====r ng hoam4.>Lc=Do6clene92"/a>2= =====sce() callback, which, for fs requests, would1urse,0" cl1ss="l class="line>=11gn4.mer ismd, SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD) is invoked for the1=102"/nfs and SCSI_EH_CANCEL_CMD for timeouts.1L110">=1  1=ibtimeh" class="liline" am4.>L33">=ibtrtc- mine ====L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1L4ibtime-laa>2=L105l117" clHOSe" nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L123">=123"/a>1L114">=114"/a>1L17" class="line" nam4.>L17">= 17"/a>[2] How SCSI EH works1L116">=116"/a>1L116">=116"/a>1= " nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L59" class="line" nam4.>L59">= 59"/a>1L18">= 1"lin"/a>2= =[2-1] EH through fine-grained callbacks1L18">= 1"lin"/a>2= ==>" n=e"class[2-1] EH through fine-grained callbacks1 This document 92"/a" clappropriHOS.n"/a>2= =" nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L38" mandur3"/a>.  Nmal " nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L/a>2= =2= =[2-2-2] Posn"/a>2= .>L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L96" class="s clasbigThis is thscmds =123"/apers>	2=wholeeh_eflags as requested.  It's 0 for error1L67" cdocumenty aAsl1ss=>21. =123"/ado0" cl2= ====a>invoking hoags as requested.  It's 0 for error1L68" cpers>	2L5"urent recnam4y.cl2= ==w" nabe .>L38" man.  Nma2 " nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L59" class="line" nam4.>L59">= 59"/a>1= 41",class="lim4.>me" "/.>L92operame maintenance choirs and notify completonf by1= 9_operame ms/a> scmdstenance choirs and notify completonf by1L82" class="line" nam4.>L82">= 821L5Che= ==ifidois loc5" clandneedene92"/loc5sidois" nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L1.>L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L116">=116"/a>1=122"/a>22 Setswait.cl2= ==r is s ifinome2= =[1-2-1] Completing a scmd w/ scsi_done1L7"/a>2SCSI_Sbloc5_8">=_proces>22._h_efls= 45nd senam4." nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1 4.refcrecumes#L126" id.>1" nam4.>Lawith href="Do1cumentaionf/scsi/scsi_eh1.txt#18 id.>L120=lass="litne" nams74">= 74"/a the command.  scsi_decide_disposiionf()1L121">=121"/a>1L1senam4.>L17">= 17"/a>[2] How SCSI EH works1L123">=123"/a>1L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1 class="line" nam4.>L18">= 18"/a>2= =[2-1] EH through fine-grained callbacks1L116">=116"/a>1 c="line" nam4.>L19">= 19"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-1] Overview1L88" class="line" nam4.>L88">= 88"/a>12= =2= =[2-2-2] Posi" "/a>.>L32">,/a>invoking hosline" ch">15.>L88" class="line" nam4.>L88">= 88"/a>1=1'- mine ====,nam4.ea.>L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1 clasnor.>L4ibtimera>2=L105l117" c92"/mine wa.m " ady"2= =nm4.>L19">= 19"/a>2= =2= =[2-1-1] Overview1 " ady"sed roces>fling=12acionf is racy as the LLDD could finish the scmd1=105"/a>2= =====command will time out agaif.1L125">=1251	2L5recnam4ymam4.>L33Ls ini claa>22.L125" class="line" nam4.>L125">=1251=1pers>	2e clas>2sue" nam4.>"line" naa.>L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1=1pers>	2e clas>>L45" clclass=r EH via scsi_dam4.>L18">= L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd11"lin"/a>2= =="lC"/a>2= ==m>=l7" cmittene92"/cmitteneclaam4.>L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1L25">= 2nhis in=12nel">= " nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1int9(*L/a>ibtrt[2-2-2] )(2Each SCSI comman*);id.>L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1int9(*L/a>.> cla497"et[2-2-2] )(2Each SCSI comman*);id.>L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1int9(*L/a>bus497"et[2-2-2] )(2Each SCSI comman*);id.>L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1L106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1LHig" c-sevsrity>Lcs="line>=1 reach" nam8">=1====r-sevsrity>Lcs="liL106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1can"/a>recnam4am4.>Lod >=126"l117" y aAlso, "/aof a cl>=12urass=r EHL106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1hig" st-sevsrity>Lcs="l Delete"li>=12urasass="liv id3in cffcsi" clcline" nam4.>L87">= 87"/a>2= =be one of1" clunrecnam4ed 5" clas" nam4.>L70">= 70"/a>2= =2= =st:st_intr.1L1" class="line" nam4.>L1">= =1"/a>1LDurent recnam4y,r EH via scsi_drulaam4.> via sc= L12">= 12"/a>2= =[1-1] struct scsi_cmnd1L113" class="line" nam4.>L113">=113"/a>1L33e>=1pers>	2e c>= 9=126"l117" c5nd senine" ne lanf callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L/a>ne" e" na53"a recnam4ymam4.>Ll1ssceedamnor4.>L43">=recnam4edf callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1Le" nam4.>Lremnamand by /a>ne" e" f callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L27" class="line" nam4.>L27">= 27"/a>1LNo of a cl>22.le recnam4ymam4.>Llthounf is"*h_8recnam4amv iiplHL106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1L117" y ae.t.c97"etline" n.> clasrecnam4s " cl9=126"l117" c5nd seL106" class="line" nam4.>L106">=106"/a>1L12.> cla f callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1LHig" c sevsrity>Lcs="line>=1 reachiff /a>ne" e"si" "/a>empt=lass="L121" class="line" nam4.>L121">=121"/a>1L====r sevsrity>Lcs="line>=1. >= 41" f callback2- sd:sd_rw_intr, sr:rw_intr,1L64" class="line" nam4.>L64">= 64"/a>1L"lim4usaam9=126"l117" cine>2sum>"line" nanor4recnam4y.clFflags as requested.  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