1The 3Com Etherlink Plus (3c505) driver.
   3This driver now uses DMA.  There is currently no support for PIO operation.
   4The default DMA channel is 6; this is _not_ autoprobed, so you must
   5make sure you configure it correctly.  If loading the driver as a
   6module, you can do this with "modprobe 3c505 dma=n".  If the driver is
   7linked statically into the kernel, you must either use an "ether="
   8statement on the command line, or change the definition of ELP_DMA in 3c505.h.
  10The driver will warn you if it has to fall back on the compiled in
  11default DMA channel. 
  13If no base address is given at boot time, the driver will autoprobe
  14ports 0x300, 0x280 and 0x310 (in that order).  If no IRQ is given, the driver
  15will try to probe for it.
  17The driver can be used as a loadable module.
  19Theoretically, one instance of the driver can now run multiple cards,
  20in the standard way (when loading a module, say "modprobe 3c505
  21io=0x300,0x340 irq=10,11 dma=6,7" or whatever).  I have not tested
  22this, though.
  24The driver may now support revision 2 hardware; the dependency on
  25being able to read the host control register has been re(oved="linBa>
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