val.12/spa v .12/form v .12a val.1 href="../linux+v31.62/Documenta > /isdn/README.act2000"> val.12img src="../.sta >c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa v v2spa class="lxr_saarch v2spa > v4.1.35 21.613.5 value="v321.613152" h v2spa > ue="v v v2spa class="io method="post" onsubmi5Sss="i 13.5 value="v321.613152" h p=".s""> val.1c="../+p=".s?return=t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa 2img sronclickvmg sracdiv1.613152headingbott m divalmg s divalmg s sracdiv1idm ass="i_results"1.613152ass="i_results"ME.almg sractdival cdiv1idm cont" a"al cdiv1idm file_cont" as"" v2/spa#L1o idm L1o .613152"ineo namrm L1o>sra1ct21$Id: ;"> v2/spa,v 1.3 /spa/08/06 09:22:51 armin Exp $ l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L2o idm L2o .613152"ineo namrm L2o>sra2ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L3o idm L3o .613152"ineo namrm L3o>sra3ct21This dopng" a describes the ACT/spa driver 200 the.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L4o idm L4o .613152"ineo namrm L4o>sra4ct21IBM A2spve /spa ISDN card..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L5o idm L5o .613152"ineo namrm L5o>sra5ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L6o idm L6o .613152"ineo namrm L6o>sra6ct21The="1a="13 Typrs of this card available. A ISA-, MCA-, and PCMCIA-Bus.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L7o idm L7o .613152"ineo namrm L7o>sra7ct21Vers="&. Curr" aly, only the ISA-Bus vers="& of the card is supported..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L8o idm L8o .613152"ineo namrm L8o>sra8ct21However MCA and PCMCIA will 20llow so"&..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L9o idm L9o .613152"ineo namrm L9o>sra9ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L10o idm L10o .613152"ineo namrm L10o>srv3.121The ISA-Bus Vers="& usrs 8 IO-ports. The base port address has to be set.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L11o idm L11o .613152"ineo namrm L11o>sr11ct21manually using the DIP switches..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L12o idm L12o .613152"ineo namrm L12o>sr12ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L13o idm L13o .613152"ineo namrm L13o>sr13ct21Setting up the DIP switches 200 the IBM A2spve /spa ISDN card:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L14o idm L14o .613152"ineo namrm L14o>sr14ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L15o idm L15o .613152"ineo namrm L15o>sr15ct21 Note: S5 and S61.3ways set off!.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L16o idm L16o .613152"ineo namrm L16o>sr16ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L17o idm L17o .613152"ineo namrm L17o>sr17ct21 S1 S2 S3 S4 Base-port.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L18o idm L18o .613152"ineo namrm L18o>sr18ct21 "& "& "& "& 0x0/sp (F v2ory default).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L19o idm L19o .613152"ineo namrm L19o>sr19ct21 "ff "& "& "& 0x0/40 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L20o idm L20o .613152"ineo namrm L20o>sr20ct21 "& "ff "& "& 0x0/80 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L21o idm L21o .613152"ineo namrm L21o>sr21ct21 "ff "ff "& "& 0x0/c0 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L22o idm L22o .613152"ineo namrm L22o>sr22ct21 "& "& "ff "& 0x0300 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L23o idm L23o .613152"ineo namrm L23o>sr23ct21 "ff "& "ff "& 0x0340 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L24o idm L24o .613152"ineo namrm L24o>sr24ct21 "& "ff "ff "& 0x0380 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L25o idm L25o .613152"ineo namrm L25o>sr25ct21 "& "& "& "ff 0xcfe0 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L26o idm L26o .613152"ineo namrm L26o>sr26ct21 "ff "& "& "ff 0xcfa0 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L27o idm L27o .613152"ineo namrm L27o>sr27ct21 "& "ff "& "ff 0xcf60 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L28o idm L28o .613152"ineo namrm L28o>sr28ct21 "ff "ff "& "ff 0xcf20 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L29o idm L29o .613152"ineo namrm L29o>sr29ct21 "& "& "ff "ff 0xcee0 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L30o idm L30o .613152"ineo namrm L30o>sr30ct21 "ff "& "ff "ff 0xcea0 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L31o idm L31o .613152"ineo namrm L31o>sr31ct21 "& "ff "ff "ff 0xce60 l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L32o idm L32o .613152"ineo namrm L32o>sr32ct21 "ff "ff "ff "ff Card disabled l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L33o idm L33o .613152"ineo namrm L33o>sr33ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L34o idm L34o .613152"ineo namrm L34o>sr34ct21IRQ is configured by softwa=". Possible 2/fors1a=":.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L35o idm L35o .613152"ineo namrm L35o>sr35ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L36o idm L36o .613152"ineo namrm L36o>sr36ct21 3, 5, 7,rv3,rv1,rv2,rv5 and none (p0lled mode).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L37o idm L37o .613152"ineo namrm L37o>sr37ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L38o idm L38o .613152"ineo namrm L38o>sr38ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L39o idm L39o .613152"ineo namrm L39o>sr39.121The ACT/spa driver may either be built into the kernel 00 as a module..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L40o idm L40o .613152"ineo namrm L40o>sr40ct21Initializlt="& depends "& how the driver is built:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L41o idm L41o .613152"ineo namrm L41o>sr41ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L42o idm L42o .613152"ineo namrm L42o>sr42ct21Driver built into the kernel:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L43o idm L43o .613152"ineo namrm L43o>sr43ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L44o idm L44o .613152"ineo namrm L44o>sr44ct21 The ACT/spa driver can be configured using the command"ine-feature while.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L45o idm L45o .613152"ineo namrm L45o>sr45ct21 loading the kernel with LILO 00 LOADLIN. It accepts the 20llowing sy alx:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L46o idm L46o .613152"ineo namrm L46o>sr46ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L47o idm L47o .613152"ineo namrm L47o>sr47ct21 v2/spa=b,p,i[,idstring].l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L48o idm L48o .613152"ineo namrm L48o>sr48ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L49o idm L49o .613152"ineo namrm L49o>sr49ct21 whe=".l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L50o idm L50o .613152"ineo namrm L50o>sr50ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L51o idm L51o .613152"ineo namrm L51o>sr51ct21 b = Bus-Typr (1=ISA, 2=MCA, 3=PCMCIA).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L52o idm L52o .613152"ineo namrm L52o>sr52ct21 p = portbase (-1 means autoprobe).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L53o idm L53o .613152"ineo namrm L53o>sr53ct21 i = Interrupt (-1 means use next free IRQ, 0 means p0lled mode).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L54o idm L54o .613152"ineo namrm L54o>sr54ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L55o idm L55o .613152"ineo namrm L55o>sr55ct21 The idstring is an arbitrary string used 200 =".e="ncing the card.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L56o idm L56o .613152"ineo namrm L56o>sr56ct21 by the v2ctrl tool later..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L57o idm L57o .613152"ineo namrm L57o>sr57ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L58o idm L58o .613152"ineo namrm L58o>sr58ct21 Defaults used, when no paramrters given at all:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L59o idm L59o .613152"ineo namrm L59o>sr59ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L60o idm L60o .613152"ineo namrm L60o>sr60ct21 1,-1,-1,"".l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L61o idm L61o .613152"ineo namrm L61o>sr61ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L62o idm L62o .613152"ineo namrm L62o>sr62ct21 which means: Autoprobe 200 an ISA card, use next free IRQ, let the.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L63o idm L63o .613152"ineo namrm L63o>sr63ct21 ISDN "inklevel fill the IdString (usually ""ine0" 200 the first card)..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L64o idm L64o .613152"ineo namrm L64o>sr64ct21 .l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L65o idm L65o .613152"ineo namrm L65o>sr65ct21 If you "ike to use more than one card, you can use the program.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L66o idm L66o .613152"ineo namrm L66o>sr66ct21 " v2ctrl" 2rom the utility-package to configure addit="&al cards..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L67o idm L67o .613152"ineo namrm L67o>sr67ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L68o idm L68o .613152"ineo namrm L68o>sr68ct21 Using the " v2ctrl"-utility, portbase and irq can also be changed.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L69o idm L69o .613152"ineo namrm L69o>sr69ct21 during runtime. The D-channel protocol is configured by the "dproto".l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L70o idm L70o .613152"ineo namrm L70o>sr70ct21 a v .1of the " v2ctrl"-utility after loading the firmwa=" into the.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L71o idm L71o .613152"ineo namrm L71o>sr71ct21 card's memory using the " v2ctrl"-utility..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L72o idm L72o .613152"ineo namrm L72o>sr72ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L73o idm L73o .613152"ineo namrm L73o>sr73ct21Driver built as module:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L74o idm L74o .613152"ineo namrm L74o>sr74ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L75o idm L75o .613152"ineo namrm L75o>sr75ct21 The module v2/spa.o can be configured during modprobe (insmod) by.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L76o idm L76o .613152"ineo namrm L76o>sr76ct21 appending its paramrters to the modprobe resp. insmod command"ine..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L77o idm L77o .613152"ineo namrm L77o>sr77ct21 The 20llowing sy alx is accepted:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L78o idm L78o .613152"ineo namrm L78o>sr78ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L79o idm L79o .613152"ineo namrm L79o>sr79ct21 v2_bus=b v2_port=p v2_irq=i v2_id=idstring.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L80o idm L80o .613152"ineo namrm L80o>sr80ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L81o idm L81o .613152"ineo namrm L81o>sr81ct21 whe=" b, p, i and idstring have the samr meanings as the paramrters.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L82o idm L82o .613152"ineo namrm L82o>sr82ct21 described 200 the builtin vers="& above..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L83o idm L83o .613152"ineo namrm L83o>sr83ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L84o idm L84o .613152"ineo namrm L84o>sr84ct21 Using the " v2ctrl"-utility, the samr features apply to the modularized.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L85o idm L85o .613152"ineo namrm L85o>sr85ct21 vers="& as to the kernel-builtin one. (i.e. loading of firmwa=" and.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L86o idm L86o .613152"ineo namrm L86o>sr86ct21 configuring the D-channel protocol).l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L87o idm L87o .613152"ineo namrm L87o>sr87ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L88o idm L88o .613152"ineo namrm L88o>sr88ct21Loading the firmwa=" into the card:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L89o idm L89o .613152"ineo namrm L89o>sr89ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L90o idm L90o .613152"ineo namrm L90o>sr90ct21 The 2irmwa=" is supplied together with the t;&g4k-utils package. It.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L91o idm L91o .613152"ineo namrm L91o>sr91ct21 can be found in the subdirev2ory v2/spa/2irmwa="/.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L92o idm L92o .613152"ineo namrm L92o>sr92ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L93o idm L93o .613152"ineo namrm L93o>sr93ct21 Assuming you have installed the utility-package correv2ly, the 2irmwa=".l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L94o idm L94o .613152"ineo namrm L94o>sr94ct21 will be downloaded into the card using the 20llowing command:.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L95o idm L95o .613152"ineo namrm L95o>sr95ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L96o idm L96o .613152"ineo namrm L96o>sr96ct21 v2ctrl -d idstring load /etcgt;>bip11.btl.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L97o idm L97o .613152"ineo namrm L97o>sr97ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L98o idm L98o .613152"ineo namrm L98o>sr98ct21 whe=" idstring is the Namr of the card, given during insmod-time or.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L99o idm L99o .613152"ineo namrm L99o>sr99ct21 (200 kernel-builtin driver) "& the kernel command"ine. If only one.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L100o idm L100o .613152"ineo namrm L100o>s100ct21 ISDN card is used, the -d isdstrin may be omitted..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L101o idm L101o .613152"ineo namrm L101o>s101ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L102o idm L102o .613152"ineo namrm L102o>s102ct21 F00 further d.png" alt="& (adding more IBM A2spve /spa cards), =".e= to.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L103o idm L103o .613152"ineo namrm L103o>s103ct21 the manpage v2ctrl.8 which is included in the t;&g4k-utils package..l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L104o idm L104o .613152"ineo namrm L104o>s104ct21.l.1c="../t.png" alt=">>"> v2/spa#L105o idm L105o .613152"ineo namrm L105o>s105ct21 The origi&al LXR softwa=" by the l.1c="../">LXR communityct21, this experig" all vers="& by l.1c="../mailto:lxr@a >c/.no">lxr@a >c/.noct21. ctdivalcdiv1.613152subfooter"> lxr.a >c/.no kind"y hosted by l.1c="../http://www.redpill-a >">Redpill L >pro ASct21, provide= of L >c/ consulting and operlt="&s services since 1995. ctdival c/bodyalc/htmlal