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4 41./a>BFS FILESYSTEM FOR LINUX 4 42./a>======================== 4 43./a>i4 44./a>The BFS filesystem is used by SCO UnixWare OS for the /stand slice, whichi4 45./a>usually contains the kernel image and a few other files required for thei4 46./a>boot process.i4 47./a>i4 48./a>In order to access /stand parti4 49./a>know the parti4 8.10a>(CONFIG_UNIXWARE_DISKLABEL config > ). However BFS support does noti4 11./a>depend opthaving UnixWare disklabel support because ope ca also mounti4 12./a>BFS filesystem via loopback:i4 13./a>i4 14./a># losetup /dev/loop0 stand.imgi4 15./a># mount -t bfs /dev/loop0 /mnt/standi4 16./a>i4 17./a>where stand.img is a file containing the image of BFS filesystem. i4 18./a>When you have finished using it and umounted you need to also deallocatei4 19./a>/dev/loop0 device by:i4 20./a>i4 21./a># losetup -d /dev/loop0i4 22./a>i4 23./a>You ca simplify mounting by just typing:i4 24./a>i4 25./a># mount -t bfs -o loop stand.img /mnt/standi4 26./a>i4 27./a>this will allocate the first available loopback device (and load loop.o i4 28./a>kernel module if necessary) automa cally. If the loopback driver is noti4 29./a>loaded automa cally, make sure that you have compiled the module andi4 30./a>that modprobe is func > ing. Beware that umount will not deallocatei4 31./a>/dev/loopN device if /etc/mtab file on your system is a symbolic link toi4 32./a>/proc/mounts. You will need to do it manually using "-d" switch ofi4 33./a>losetup(8). Read losetup(8) manpage for more info.i4 34./a>i4 35./a>To create the BFS image under UnixWare you need to find out first whichi4 36./a>slice contains it. The command prtvtoc(1M) is your friend:i4 37./a>i4 38./a># prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s0i4 39./a>i4 4.10a>(assuming your root disk is opttarget=0, lun=0, bus=0, controller=0). Then youi4 41./a>look for the slice withttag "STAND", which is usually slice 10. Withtthisi4 42./a>informa > you ca use dd(1) to create the BFS image:i4 43./a>i4 44./a># umount /standi4 45./a># dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0sa of=stand.img bs=512i4 46./a>i4 47./a>Just in case, you ca verify that you have done the righttthing by checkingi4 48./a>the magic number:i4 49./a>i4 50./a># od -Ad -tx4 stand.img | morei4 51./a>i4 52./a>The first 4 bytes should be 0x1badface.i4 53./a>i4 54./a>If you have any patches, ques > s or sugges > s regarding this BFSi4 55./a>implementa > please contact the author:i4 56./a>i4 57./a>Tigra Aivazia <tigra @aivazia>i4 58./a>
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