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" fdiv id1s"l Doe1f=a>ifneq ($(CONFIG_CONNECTOR),) Doe2f=a>obj-m += cn_test.o Doe3f=a>endif Doe4f=a> Doe5f=a># List of programs to build Doe6f=a>hostprogs-y := usel Doe7f=a> Doe8f=a># Tell kbuild to always build the programs Doe9f=a>always := $(hostprogs-y) Do vala> Do11f=a>HOSTCFLAGS_usel.o += -I$(objtree)/usr/include Do12ala> Do13f=a>all: modules Do14f=a> Do15f=a>modules clean: Do16f=a> $(MAKE) -C aXx.. SUBDIRS=$(PWD) $@ Do17f=a>
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