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L1" class="line" namn>
L1">3 31./a>                        ACPI Debug Output

L2" class="line" namn>
L2">3 32./a> 
L3" class="line" namn>
L3">3 33./a> 
L4" class="line" namn>
L4">3 34./a>The ACPI CA, the Linux ACPI core, and some ACPI drivers ca  generate debug 
L5" class="line" namn>
L5">3 35./a>output.  This document describes how to use this facility. 
L6" class="line" namn>
L6">3 36./a> 
L7" class="line" namn>
L7">3 37./a>Compile-time configura"
L8" class="line" namn>
L8">3 38./a>-------------------------- 
L9" class="line" namn>
L9">3 39./a> 
L10" class="line" namn>
L10">3 3.8.a>ACPI debug output is globally enabled by CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG.  If this config 
L11" class="line" namn>
L11">3 11./a>4.14
L12" class="line" namn>
L12">3 12./a>kernel. 
L13" class="line" namn>
L13">3 13./a> 
L14" class="line" namn>
L14">3 14./a>Boot- and run-time configura"
L15" class="line" namn>
L15">3 15./a>-------------------------------- 
L16" class="line" namn>
L16">3 16./a> 
L17" class="line" namn>
L17">3 17./a>When CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG=y, you ca  select the component and level of messages 
L18" class="line" namn>
L18">3 18./a>you're interested in.  At boot-time, use the acpi.debug_layer and 
L19" class="line" namn>
L19">3 19./a>acpi.debug_level kernel command line 4.14
L20" class="line" namn>
L20">3 2.8.a>debug_layer and debug_level files in /sys/module/acpi/paramnters/ to control

L21" class="line" namn>
L21">3 21./a>the debug messages. 
L22" class="line" namn>
L22">3 22./a> 
L23" class="line" namn>
L23">3 238.a>debug_layer (component) 
L24" class="line" namn>
L24">3 24./a>----------------------- 
L25" class="line" namn>
L25">3 25./a> 
L26" class="line" namn>
L26">3 26./a>The "debug_layer"ois a mask that selects components of interest, e.g., a 
L27" class="line" namn>
L27">3 27./a>specific driver or part of the ACPI interpreter.  To build the debug_layer 
L28" class="line" namn>
L28">3 28./a>bitmask, look for the "#define _COMPONENT"oin an ACPI source file. 
L29" class="line" namn>
L29">3 29./a> 
L30" class="line" namn>
L30">3 3.8.a>You ca  set the debug_layer mask at boot-time using the acpi.debug_layer 
L31" class="line" namn>
L31">3 31./a>command line argument, and you ca  change it after boot by writing ptions 
L32" class="line" namn>
L32">3 32./a>to /sys/module/acpi/paramnters/debug_layer. 
L33" class="line" namn>
L33">3 33./a> 
L34" class="line" namn>
L34">3 34./a>The possible components are defined in include/acpi/acoutput.h and 
L35" class="line" namn>
L35">3 35./a>include/acpi/acpi_drivers.h.  Reading /sys/module/acpi/paramnters/debug_layer 
L36" class="line" namn>
L36">3 36./a>shows the supported mask ptions, currently these: 
L37" class="line" namn>
L37">3 37./a> 
L38" class="line" namn>
L38">3 38./a>    ACPI_UTILITIES                  0x00000001 
L39" class="line" namn>
L39">3 39./a>    ACPI_HARDWARE                   0x00000002 
L40" class="line" namn>
L40">3 40./a>    ACPI_EVENTS                     0x00000004 
L41" class="line" namn>
L41">3 41./a>    ACPI_TABLES                     0x00000008 
L42" class="line" namn>
L42">3 42./a>    ACPI_NAMESPACE                  0x00000010 
L43" class="line" namn>
L43">3 43./a>    ACPI_PARSER                     0x00000020 
L44" class="line" namn>
L44">3 44./a>    ACPI_DISPATCHER                 0x00000040 
L45" class="line" namn>
L45">3 45./a>    ACPI_EXECUTER                   0x00000080 
L46" class="line" namn>
L46">3 46./a>    ACPI_RESOURCES                  0x00000100 
L47" class="line" namn>
L47">3 47./a>    ACPI_CA_DEBUGGER                0x00000200 
L48" class="line" namn>
L48">3 48./a>    ACPI_OS_SERVICES                0x00000400 
L49" class="line" namn>
L49">3 49./a>    ACPI_CA_DISASSEMBLER            0x00000800 
L50" class="line" namn>
L50">3 50./a>    ACPI_COMPILER                   0x00001000 
L51" class="line" namn>
L51">3 51./a>    ACPI_TOOLS                      0x00002000 
L52" class="line" namn>
L52">3 52./a>    ACPI_BUS_COMPONENT              0x00010000 
L53" class="line" namn>
L53">3 53./a>    ACPI_AC_COMPONENT               0x00020000 
L54" class="line" namn>
L54">3 54./a>    ACPI_BATTERY_COMPONENT          0x00040000 
L55" class="line" namn>
L55">3 55./a>    ACPI_BUTTON_COMPONENT           0x00080000 
L56" class="line" namn>
L56">3 56./a>    ACPI_SBS_COMPONENT              0x00100000 
L57" class="line" namn>
L57">3 57./a>    ACPI_FAN_COMPONENT              0x00200000 
L58" class="line" namn>
L58">3 58./a>    ACPI_PCI_COMPONENT              0x00400000 
L59" class="line" namn>
L59">3 59./a>    ACPI_POWER_COMPONENT            0x00800000 
L60" class="line" namn>
L60">3 60./a>    ACPI_CONTAINER_COMPONENT        0x01000000 
L61" class="line" namn>
L61">3 61./a>    ACPI_SYSTEM_COMPONENT           0x02000000 
L62" class="line" namn>
L62">3 62./a>    ACPI_THERMAL_COMPONENT          0x04000000 
L63" class="line" namn>
L63">3 63./a>    ACPI_MEMORY_DEVICE_COMPONENT    0x08000000 
L64" class="line" namn>
L64">3 64./a>    ACPI_VIDEO_COMPONENT            0x10000000 
L65" class="line" namn>
L65">3 65./a>    ACPI_PROCESSOR_COMPONENT        0x20000000 
L66" class="line" namn>
L66">3 66./a> 
L67" class="line" namn>
L67">3 678.a>debug_level 
L68" class="line" namn>
L68">3 68./a>----------- 
L69" class="line" namn>
L69">3 69./a> 
L70" class="line" namn>
L70">3 70./a>The "debug_level"ois a mask that selects different typns of messages, e.g., 
L71" class="line" namn>
L71">3 71./a>those related to initializa"
	 , method execu"
	 , informa"
	 al messages, etc. 
L72" class="line" namn>
L72">3 72./a>To build debug_level, look at the level specified in an ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT() 
L73" class="line" namn>
L73">3 73./a>sta"ement. 
L74" class="line" namn>
L74">3 74./a> 
L75" class="line" namn>
L75">3 75./a>The ACPI interpreter uses several different levels, but the Linux 
L76" class="line" namn>
L76">3 768.a>ACPI core and ACPI drivers generally only use ACPI_LV_INFO. 
L77" class="line" namn>
L77">3 77./a> 
L78" class="line" namn>
L78">3 788.a>You ca  set the debug_level mask at boot-time using the acpi.debug_level 
L79" class="line" namn>
L79">3 79./a>command line argument, and you ca  change it after boot by writing ptions 
L80" class="line" namn>
L80">3 80./a>to /sys/module/acpi/paramnters/debug_level. 
L81" class="line" namn>
L81">3 81./a> 
L82" class="line" namn>
L82">3 82./a>The possible levels are defined in include/acpi/acoutput.h.  Reading 
L83" class="line" namn>
L83">3 83./a>/sys/module/acpi/paramnters/debug_level shows the supported mask ptions, 
L84" class="line" namn>
L84">3 84./a>currently these: 
L85" class="line" namn>
L85">3 85./a> 
L86" class="line" namn>
L86">3 86./a>    ACPI_LV_INIT                    0x00000001 
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L82" id>.optio/debug.txt#L82" id>
L40" class="line" namn8L8">3 38../a>--------------------ug_le88          0x000000FO 
L41" class="line" namn8
L79">3 89./a>command line argum8nt, a89          0x00000001000000ef="Documenta"
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L44" id>
L44" class="line" namn9
L80">3 90./a>to /sys/module/acp9/para90          0x000000000
L45" class="line" namn9
L81">3 91./a> 
L46" class="line" namn9
L82">3 92./a>The possible level9 are 92/debug.txt#L82" i000040 href="Documenta"
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L47" id>
L47" class="line" namn9
L83">3 93./a>/sys/module/acpi/p9ramnt93/debug.txt#L82" 0000 
L48" class="line" namn9
L84">3 94./a>currently these: <9 href94/debug.txt#L82" 00000ef="Documenta"enta"
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L49" id>
L49" class="line" namn9
L85">3 95./a> 
L50" class="line" namn9
L86">3 96./a>    ACPI_LV_INIT  9     9           0x0000BFIELD 
L51" class="line" namn9buenta"
9 /acpi/debug.txt#L82" i9>.opt9o/debug.txt#L82" 0000008 
L52" class="line" namn9L8">3 389./a>-------------------9ug_le98          0x0000VALU008 
L52" class="line" namn9L9">3 39../a> 
L52" class="line" namnpi/L10">3 3..8.a>ACPI debug output is/paris/          0x00000000100 
L53" class="line" namn10
L11">3 101./a>4.14
L54" class="line" namn10
L12">3 102./a>kernel. 
L55" class="line" namn10
L13">3 103./a> 
L57" class="line" namn10
L14">3 104./a>Boot- and run-time 04paris4/debug.txt#L82" FUNCTIONSref="Documenta"
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L58" id>
L58" class="line" namn10
L15">3 105./a>-------------------05paris5/debug.txt#L82" OPTIMIZATIONSref="Docume
	 /acpi/debug.txt#L59" id>
L59" class="line" namn10
L16">3 106./a> 
L61" class="line" namn10
L17">3 107./a>When CONFIG_ACPI_DE07pariso/debug.txt#L82" 0HREAD08 
L62" class="line" namn10
L18">3 108./a>you're interest08paris8          0x00000O 
L63" class="line" namn10
L19">3 109./a>acpi.debug_level ke09paris9          0x000000TERRUPf08 
L64" class="line" namn1>
L10">3 33.8.a>ACPI debug output iis gl11/          0x0000AML00800 
L65" class="line" namn1>
L11">3 111./a>4.14
L66" class="line" namn1>
L12">3 112./a>kernel. 
L66" class="line" namn1>
L13">3 113./a> 
L66" class="line" namn1>
L14">3 114./a>Boot- and run-time  conf11cpi/debug.txt#L75" id>
L75" class="line" namn1>
L15">3 115./a>------------------------1------Exampl/debug.txt#L18" id>
L18" class="line" namn>>
L16">3 116./a> 
L16" class="line" namn>>
L17">3 117./a>When CONFIG_ACPI_DEEBUG=11cpi/debug.txt#L78" id>
L78" class="line" namn1>
L18">3 118./a>you're interestted i1.  At For exampl/,PI_LV_INclass=bus.c /acpainsa"
	 debug.txt#L85" id>
L85" class="line" namn1>
L19">3 119./a>acpi.debug_level keernel11cpi/debug.txt#L10" id>
L10" class="line" namn>>
L20">3 12.8.a>debug_layer and de1bug_l12/         ACPI source file. href="Documen  0x00010000 
L10" class="line" namn>>
L11">3 121./a>the debug messages1. 
L13" class="line" namn>2
L12">3 122./a>kernel. 
L13" class="line" namn>2
L13">3 1238.a>debug_layer (compo1nent)12cpi/debug.txt#L14" id>
L14" class="line" namn>>
L24">3 124./a>------------------1-----1	
	 ,oot-time   0x00010000 
L31" class="line" namn1>
L25">3 125./a> 
L31" class="line" namn1>
L16">3 126./a>The "debug_la1yer&q1ot;ois
	 /acpi/, but xt#L8tB000FO,mwhichent macro bas notnbime   0x000000FOebug.txt#L31" id>
L31" class="line" namn1>
L17">3 127./a>specific driver or1 part12menta"
f	 , ion.debug.txt#L73" id>
L73" class="line" namn1>
L28">3 128./a>bitmask, look for 1the &1uot;#debug.txt#L73" id>
L73" class="line" namn1>
L19">3 129./a> 
L83" class="line" namn1>
L30">3 13.8.a>You ca  set the de1bug_l1yer maAML) dur
	 /="Dodebug.txt#L85" id>
L85" class="line" namn1>
L31">3 131./a>command line argum1ent, 13cpi/debug.txt#L82" id>
L82" class="line" namn1>
L32">3 132./a>to /sys/module/acp1i/par132/debug.t"enta"
	 /accpi/=0xdebug.txt#L40" id>
L40" class="line" namn13
L13">3 133./a> 
L34" class="line" namn1>
L34">3 134./a>The possible compo1nents1are deEIf th PCIoot bPCIorent rupt rCON
	 /debug.txt#L85" id>
L85" class="line" namn1>
L25">3 135./a>include/acpi/acpi_1drive13cpi/debug.txt#L86" id>
L86" class="line" namn1>
L36">3 136./a>shows the supporte1d mas136/debug.t"enta"
	 /accpi/=0xdebug.txt#L41" id>
L41" class="line" namn1>
L37">3 137./a> 
L38" class="line" namn1>
L38">3 138./a>    ACPI_UTILITIES1     1      EIf th all A ACPhardware-hod execnta"
	 /debug.txt#L85" id>
L85" class="line" namn1>
L19">3 139./a>    ACPI_HARDWARE 1     13cpi/debug.txt#L10" id>
L10" class="line" namn>>
L40">3 140./a>    ACPI_EVENTS   1     1          "enta"
	 /accpi/=0xffffffffebug.txt#L10" id>
L10" class="line" namn>>
L31">3 141./a>    ACPI_TABLES   1     14cpi/debug.txt#L82" id>
L82" class="line" namn1>
L42">3 142./a>    ACPI_NAMESPACE1     1      EIf th all A AC8tB000FOnto the 
L85" class="line" namn1>
L43">3 143./a>    ACPI_PARSER   1     14cpi/debug.txt#L14" id>
L14" class="line" namn>

L14">3 144./a>Boot- and run-time cents1          # echoo0x4 ass=ebug_level. 
L14" class="line" namn>

L25">3 145./a>    ACPI_EXECUTER 1     14cpi/debug.txt#L86" id>
L86" class="line" namn1>
L46">3 146./a>    ACPI_RESOURCES1     1      Sref=all valides 
L85" class="line" namn1>
L37">3 147./a>    ACPI_CA_DEBUGG1ER   14cpi/debug.txt#L38" id>
L38" class="line" namn1>
L48">3 148./a>    ACPI_OS_SERVIC1ES   1          # catebug_layer 
L36" class="line" namn1>
L49">3 149./a>    ACPI_CA_DISASS1EMBLE1      

iv id>
file_ca>    Af"Doer">
ral origicumeLXR softwarecumei/dtbug.txt#Lhttp://a"
	 / mes/lxr">LXR  ca u , y    ,>	
Ll ventessaumebug.txt#Lmailto:lxr@lpi/">lxr@lpi/    .
iv id>
ile_ca>    Asubf"Doer">
lxr.lpi/ kindly hoe acpumebug.txt#L">Redpillacpileo AS    ,>leovideterfI drivecput lN
	 /ot bopeacpi/dt thrvic,t tinc, 1995.
iv id>