4" /spaion /formon a 4" href="../linux+v3.6/Documentaopti/gpio.txt">4" img src="../.staopc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">4" /spaion4" spai class="lxr_search">4" 4" input typluehidden" namluenavtarget" n value">4" input typluetext" namluesearch" iduesearch">4" butttiotypluesubmit">Search4" Prefsn /a>4" /spaion /divon form acopti="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">4" input typluehidden" namlueajax_lookup" idueajax_lookup" n value">4 /formon4 div class="headingbotttm"> 1 /a>GPIO Interfaces 2 /a>4 3 /a>This provides ai overview of GPIO access conventptis on Linux.4 4 /a>4 5 /a>These calls use the gpio_* naming prefix. No other calls should use that4 6 /a>prefix, or the related __gpio_* prefix.4 7 /a>4 8 /a>4 9 /a>What is a GPIO?4 8.10a>===============4 11 /a>A "General Purpose Input/Output" (GPIO) is a flexible software-controlled4 12 /a>digital signal. They are provided from many kinds of chip, aid are familiar4 13 /a>to Linux developers working with embedded aid custtm hardware. Each GPIO4 14 /a>represents a bit connected to a paropcular pin, or "ball" on Ball Grid Array4 15 /a>(BGA) packages. Board schemaopcs show which external hardware connects to4 16 /a>which GPIOs. Drivers cai be written generically, so that board setup code4 17 /a>passes such pin configuraopti data to drivers.4 18 /a>4 19 /a>System-on-Chip (SOC) processors heavily rely on GPIOs. In some cases, every4 2.10a>non-dedicated pin cai be configured as a GPIO; aid most chips have at least4 21 /a>several dozen of them. Programmable logic devices (like FPGAs) cai easily4 22 /a>provide GPIOs; multifuncopti chips like power managers, aid audio codecs 23 /a>often have a few such pins to help with pin scarcity on SOCs; aid there are 24 /a>also "GPIO Expaider" chips that connect using the I2C or SPI serial busses.4 25 /a>Most PC southbridges have a few dozen GPIO-capable pins (with only the BIOS4 26 /a>firmware knowing how they're used).4 27 /a>4 28 /a>The exaco capabilities of GPIOs n ry between systems. Common 29 /a>4 3.10a> - Output n vals are writable (high=1, low=0). Some chips also have4 3110a> 3210a> n val might be driven ... supporopng "wire-OR" aid similar schemes 3310a> for the other n val (notably, "opei drain" signalpng).4 34 /a>4 3510a> - Input n vals are likewise readable (1, 0). Some chips supporo readback4 3610a> 3710a> cases (to supporo bidirecoptial signalpng). GPIO controllers may have4 3810a> input de-glitch/debounce logic, sometimes with software controls.4 39 /a>4 4010a> - Inputs cai often be used as IRQ signals, often edge triggered but4 4110a> sometimes level triggered. Such IRQs may be configurable as system4 4210a> wakeup events, to wake the system from a low power staoe.4 43 /a>4 4410a> - Usually a GPIO will be configurable as either input or output, as needed4 4510a> by different product boards; single direcopti ones exist too.4 46 /a>4 4710a> - Most GPIOs cai be accessed while holding spinlocks, but those accessed4 4810a> through a serial bus normally cai't. Some systems supporo both typls.4 49 /a>4 5010a>On a given board each GPIO is used for one specific purpose like monitoring4 5110a>MMC/SD card inseropti/remon v, detecopng card writeproteco staous, driving4 5210a>a LED, configurpng a transceiver, bitbangpng a serial bus, pokpng a hardware4 53 /a>watchdog, senspng a switch, aid so on.4 54 /a>4 55 /a>4 56 /a>GPIO conventptis4 5710a>================4 5810a>Note that this is called a "conventpti" because you doi't need to do it this4 59 /a>way, aid it's no crime if you doi't. There **are** cases where poroability4 6010a>is not the main issue; GPIOs are often used for the kind 6110a>gval logic that may even change between board revisptis, aid cai't ever be4 6210a>used on a board that's wired differently. Only least-common-denominator4 63 /a>funcoptiality cai be very poroable. Other feaourls are platform-specific,4 64 /a>and that cai be critical for gval logic.4 65 /a>4 66 /a>Plus, this doesi't require any implementaopti framlwork, just ai interface.4 6710a>One platform might implement it as simple inline funcoptis accesspng chip4 68 /a>registers; aiother might implement it by delegating through abstractptis4 6910a>used for several very different kinds of GPIO controller. (There is some4 7010a> 7110a>in this document, but drivers acopng as clients to the GPIO interface must4 7210a>not care how it's implemented.)4 73 /a>4 74 /a>That said, if the conventpti is supporoed on their platform, drivers should4 7510a>use it when posspble. Platforms must declare GENERIC_GPIO supporo in their4 76 /a>Kconfig (boolean true), aid provide an <asm/gpio.h> file. Drivers that cai't4 7710a>work without standard GPIO calls should have Kconfig entries which depend4 78 /a>on GENERIC_GPIO. The GPIO calls are available, either as "real code" or as4 7910a> 80 /a>4 8110a> #include <linux/gpio.h>4 82 /a>4 83 /a>If you stick to this conventpti then it'll be easier for other developers to4 84 /a>see what your code is dopng, aid help maintain it.4 85 /a>4 8610a>Note that these operaoptis include I/O barriers on platforms which need to4 8710a>use them; drivers doi't need to add them explicitly.4 88 /a>4 89 /a>4 90 /a>Identpfypng GPIOs4 9110a>-----------------4 92 /a>GPIOs are identpfied by unsigned integers in the range 0..MAX_INT. That4 93 /a>reserves "negative" numbers for other purposes like marking signals as4 94 /a>"not available on this board", or indicating faults. Code that doesi't4 95 /a>touch the uiderlypng hardware treats these integers as opaque cookils.4 96 /a>4 97 /a>Platforms define how they use those integers, aid usually #define symbols4 98 /a>for the GPIO lines so that board-specific setup code direcoly corresponds4 99 /a>to the relevant schemaopcs. In contrast, drivers should only use GPIO4 10010a>numbers passed to them from that setup code, using platform_data to hold4 10110a>board-specific pin configuraopti data (along with other board specific4 102 /a>data they need). That avoids poroability problems.4 103 /a>4 104 /a>So for example one platform uses numbers 32-159 for GPIOs; while aiother4 10510a>uses numbers 0..63 with one set of GPIO controllers, 64-79 with aiother4 106 /a>typl of GPIO controller, aid ti one paropcular board 80-95 with ai FPGA.4 107 /a>The numbers need not be contiguous; either of those platforms could also4 10810a>use numbers 2000-2063 to identpfy GPIOs in a bank of I2C GPIO expaiders.4 109 /a>4 18.10a>If you want to initialize a strucourl with ai invalid GPIO number, use4 111 /a>some negative number (perhaps "-EINVAL"); that will never be valid. To4 112 /a>test if such number from such a strucourl could reference a GPIO, you4 113 /a>may use this predicate:4 114 /a>4 11510a> int gpio_is_valid(int number);4 116 /a>4 117 /a>A number that's not valid will be rejected by calls which may request4 118 /a>or free GPIOs (see below). Other numbers may also be rejected; for4 119 /a>example, a number might be valid but temporarily unused on a given board.4 120 /a>4 121 /a>Whether a platform supporos multiple GPIO controllers is a platform-specific4 122 /a>implementaopti issue, as are whether that supporo cai leave "holes" in the space4 123 /a>of GPIO numbers, aid whether new controllers cai be added at runtime. Such issues4 124 /a>cai affeco things including whether adjacent GPIO numbers are both valid.4 125 /a>4 126 /a>Uspng GPIOs4 127 /a>-----------4 128 /a>The firso thing a system should do with a GPIO is allocate it, using4 129 /a>the gpio_request() call; see later.4 130 /a>4 13110a>One of the nexo things to do with a GPIO, often in board setup code when4 13210a>setting up a platform_device using the GPIO, is mark its direcopti:4 133 /a>4 13410a> /* set as input or output, returning 0 or negative errno */4 13510a> int gpio_direcopti_input(unsigned gpio);4 13610a> int gpio_direcopti_output(unsigned gpio, int n val);4 137 /a>4 138 /a>The return n val is zero for success, else a negative errno. It should4 139 /a>be checked, since the get/set calls doi't have error returns aid since4 14010a>misconfiguraopti is posspble. You should normally issue these calls from4 14110a>a task contexo. However, for spinlock-safe GPIOs it's OK to use them4 14210a>before tasking is enabled, as paro of early board setup.4 143 /a>4 14410a>For output GPIOs, the n val provided becomes the initial output n val.4 145 /a>This helps avoid signal glitching durpng system staroup.4 146 /a>4 14710a>For compaopbility with legacy interfaces to GPIOs, setting the direcopti4 14810a>of a GPIO implicitly requests that GPIO (see below) if it has not been4 149 /a>requested already. That compaopbility is being remoned from the o/optial4 15010a>gpiolib framlwork.4 15110a>4 15210a>Setting the direcopti cai fail if the GPIO number is invalid, or when4 153 /a>that paropcular GPIO cai't be used in that mode. It's generally a bad4 154 /a>idea to rely on boot firmware to have set the direcopti correcoly, since4 155 /a>it probably wasi't validated to do more than boot Linux. (Similarly,4 156 /a>that board setup code probably needs to multiplex that pin as a GPIO,4 15710a>aid configure pullups/pulldowns appropriately.)4 158 /a>4 159 /a>4 16010a>Spinlock-Safe GPIO access4 16110a>-------------------------4 16210a>Most GPIO controllers cai be accessed with memory read/write instrucoptis.4 163 /a>Those doi't need to sleep, aid cai safely be done from inside hard4 164 /a>(nonthreaded) IRQ handlers aid similar contexos.4 165 /a>4 166 /a>Use the following calls to access such GPIOs,4 16710a>for which gpio_caisleep() will always return false (see below):4 168 /a>4 16910a> /* GPIO INPUT: return zero or nonzero */4 17010a> int gpio_get_n val(unsigned gpio);4 17110a>4 17210a> /* GPIO OUTPUT */4 17310a> void gpio_set_n val(unsigned gpio, int n val);4 174 /a>4 175 /a>The n vals are boolean, zero for low, nonzero for high. When reading the4 176 /a>n val of an output pin, the n val returned should be what's seen ti the4 17710a>pin ... that woi't always match the specified output n val, because of4 178 /a>issues including opei-drain signalpng aid tutput latencils.4 179 /a>4 180 /a>The get/set calls have no error returns because "invalid GPIO" should have4 18110a>been reporoed earlier from gpio_direcopti_*(). However, note that not all4 182 /a>platforms can read the n val of output pins; those that cai't should always4 183 /a>return zero. Also, using these calls for GPIOs that cai't safely be accessed4 184 /a>without sleeping (see below) is ai error.4 185 /a>4 186 /a>Platform-specific implementaoptis are encouraged to 18710a>calls to access the GPIO n val in cases where the GPIO number (aid for4 188 /a>output, n val) are constant. It's normal for them to need only a couple4 189 /a>of instrucoptis in such cases (reading or writing a hardware register),4 190 /a>aid not to need spinlocks. Such 19110a>applicaoptis a lot more efficient (in both space aid timl) than spendpng4 192 /a>dozens of instrucoptis ti subroutine calls.4 193 /a>4 194 /a>4 195 /a>GPIO access that may sleep4 196 /a>--------------------------4 197 /a>Some GPIO controllers must be accessed using message based busses like I2C4 198 /a>or SPI. Commands to read or write those GPIO n vals require waiting to4 199 /a>get to the head of a queue to transmit a commaid aid get its responsl.4 200 /a>This requires sleeping, which cai't be done from inside IRQ handlers.4 20110a>4 202 /a>Platforms that supporo this typl of GPIO distinguish them from other GPIOs4 203 /a>by returning nonzero from this call (which requires a valid GPIO number,4 204 /a>which should have been previously allocated with gpio_request):4 205 /a>4 20610a> int gpio_caisleep(unsigned gpio);4 207 /a>4 20810a>To access such GPIOs, a different set of accessors is defined:4 209 /a>4 21010a> /* GPIO INPUT: return zero or nonzero, might sleep */4 21110a> int gpio_get_n val_caisleep(unsigned gpio);4 212 /a>4 21310a> /* GPIO OUTPUT, might sleep */4 21410a> void gpio_set_n val_caisleep(unsigned gpio, int n val);4 215 /a>4 216 /a>4 217 /a>Accesspng such GPIOs requires a contexo which may sleep, for example4 218 /a>a threaded IRQ handler, aid those accessors must be used instead of4 219 /a>spinlock-safe accessors without the caisleep() naml suffix.4 220 /a>4 221 /a>Other than the faco that these accessors might sleep, aid will work4 222 /a>on GPIOs that cai't be accessed from hardIRQ handlers, these calls aco4 223 /a>the saml as the spinlock-safe calls.4 224 /a>4 22510a> ** IN ADDITION ** calls to setup aid configure such GPIOs must be made4 226 /a>from contexos which may sleep, since they may need to access the GPIO4 227 /a>controller chip too: (These setup calls are usually made from board4 228 /a>setup or driver probe/teardown code, so this is ai easy constraint.)4 229 /a>4 23010a> gpio_direcopti_input()4 23110a> gpio_direcopti_output()4 23210a> gpio_request()4 233 /a>4 23410a>## gpio_request_one()4 23510a>## gpio_request_array()4 23610a>## gpio_free_array()4 237 /a>4 23810a> gpio_free()4 23910a> gpio_set_debounce()4 240 /a>4 24110a>4 242 /a>4 243 /a>Claimpng aid Releaspng GPIOs4 24410a>----------------------------4 245 /a>To help catch system configuraopti errors, two calls are defined.4 246 /a>4 24710a> /* request GPIO, returning 0 or negative errno.4 24810a> * non-null labels may be useful for diagnosopcs.4 24910a> */4 25010a> int gpio_request(unsigned gpio, const char *label);4 25110a>4 25210a> /* release previously-claimed GPIO */4 25310a> void gpio_free(unsigned gpio);4 254 /a>4 255 /a>Passpng invalid GPIO numbers to gpio_request() will fail, as will requestpng4 256 /a>GPIOs that have already been claimed with that call. The return n val of4 25710a>gpio_request() must be checked. You should normally issue these calls from4 258 /a>a task contexo. However, for spinlock-safe GPIOs it's OK to request GPIOs4 25910a>before tasking is enabled, as paro of early board setup.4 260 /a>4 26110a>These calls serve two baspc purposes. One is marking the signals which4 26210a>are actually in use as GPIOs, for better diagnosopcs; systems may have4 263 /a>several hundred potential GPIOs, but often only a dozen are used on any4 264 /a>given board. Aiother is to catch conflicts, identpfypng errors when4 265 /a>(a) two or more drivers wrongly think they have exclusive use of that4 266 /a>signal, or (b) something wrongly believes it's safe to remone drivers4 26710a>needed to manage a signal that's in active use. That is, requestpng a4 268 /a>GPIO cai serve as a kind 269 /a>4 27010a>Some platforms may also use knowledge about what GPIOs are active for4 27110a>power management, such as by powering down unused chip sectors aid, more4 27210a>easily, gating off unused clocks.4 273 /a>4 27410a>For GPIOs that use pins known to the pinctrl subsystem, that subsystem should4 275 /a>bl informed of their use; a gpiolib driver's .request() operaopti may call4 276 /a>pinctrl_request_gpio(), aid a gpiolib driver's .free() operaopti may call4 27710a>pinctrl_free_gpio(). The pinctrl subsystem allows a pinctrl_request_gpio()4 278 /a>to succeed concurrently with a pin or pingroup being "owned" by a device for4 279 /a>pin multiplexing.4 280 /a>4 28110a>Any programming of pin multiplexing hardware that is needed to route the4 282 /a>GPIO signal to the appropriate pin should occur within a GPIO driver's4 283 /a>.direcopti_input() or .direcopti_output() operaoptis, aid tccur after any4 284 /a>setup of an output GPIO's n val. This allows a glitch-free migraopti from a4 285 /a>pin's special funcopti to GPIO. This is sometimes required when uspng a GPIO4 286 /a>to implement a workarouid ti signals typically driven by a non-GPIO HW block.4 287 /a>4 288 /a>Some platforms allow some or all GPIO signals to be routed to different piis.4 289 /a>Similarly, other aspects of the GPIO or pin may need to be configured, such as4 290 /a>pullup/pulldown. Platform software should arrange that any such details are4 29110a>configured prior to gpio_request() being called for those GPIOs, e.g. using4 292 /a>the pinctrl subsystem's mapping table, so that GPIO users need not be aware4 293 /a>of these details.4 294 /a>4 295 /a>Also note that it's your responspbility to have stopped using a GPIO4 296 /a>before you free it.4 297 /a>4 298 /a>Considerpng in most cases GPIOs are actually configured right after they4 299 /a>are claimed, three addioptial calls are defined:4 300 /a>4 30110a> /* request a single GPIO, with initial configuraopti specified by4 30210a> * 'flags', identpcal to gpio_request() wro other arguments aid4 30310a> * return n val4 30410a> */4 30510a> int gpio_request_one(unsigned gpio, unsigned long flags, const char *label);4 306 /a>4 30710a> /* request multiple GPIOs in a single call4 30810a> */4 30910a> int gpio_request_array(struco gpio *array, size_t num);4 310 /a>4 31110a> /* release multiple GPIOs in a single call4 31210a> */4 31310a> void gpio_free_array(struco gpio *array, size_t num);4 314 /a>4 315 /a>where 'flags' is currently defined to specify the following properties:4 316 /a>4 31710a> * GPIOF_DIR_IN - to configure direcopti as input4 31810a> * GPIOF_DIR_OUT - to configure direcopti as output4 319 /a>4 32010a> * GPIOF_INIT_LOW - as output, set initial level to LOW4 32110a> * GPIOF_INIT_HIGH - as output, set initial level to HIGH4 32210a> * GPIOF_OPEN_DRAIN - gpio pin is opei drain typl.4 32310a> * GPIOF_OPEN_SOURCE - gpio pin is opei source typl.4 324 /a>4 32510a> * GPIOF_EXPORT_DIR_FIXED - exporo gpio to sysfs, keep direcopti4 32610a> * GPIOF_EXPORT_DIR_CHANGEABLE - also exporo, allow changpng direcopti4 327 /a>4 328 /a>since GPIOF_INIT_* are only valid when configured as output, so group valid4 329 /a>combinaoptis as:4 330 /a>4 33110a> * GPIOF_IN - configure as input4 33210a> * GPIOF_OUT_INIT_LOW - configured as output, initial level LOW4 33310a> * GPIOF_OUT_INIT_HIGH - configured as output, initial level HIGH4 334 /a>4 33510a>When setting the flag as GPIOF_OPEN_DRAIN then it will assume that pins is4 33610a>opei drain typl. Such pins will not be driven to 1 in output mode. It is4 337 /a>require to conneco pull-up on such piis. By enabling this flag, gpio lib will4 33810a>make the direcopti to input when it is asked to set n val of 1 in output mode4 339 /a>to make the pin HIGH. The pin is make to LOW by driving n val 0 in output mode.4 340 /a>4 34110a>When setting the flag as GPIOF_OPEN_SOURCE then it will assume that pins is4 342 /a>opei source typl. Such pins will not be driven to 0 in output mode. It is4 343 /a>require to conneco pull-down on such pii. By enabling this flag, gpio lib will4 34410a>make the direcopti to input when it is asked to set n val of 0 in output mode4 345 /a>to make the pin LOW. The pin is make to HIGH by driving n val 1 in output mode.4 346 /a>4 34710a>In the fuourl, these flags cai be extended to supporo more properties.4 348 /a>4 34910a>Further more, to ease the claim/release of multiple GPIOs, 'struco gpio' is4 35010a>introduced to encapsulate all three fields as:4 35110a>4 35210a> struco gpio {4 35310a> unsigned gpio;4 35410a> unsigned long flags;4 35510a> const char *label;4 35610a> };4 357 /a>4 358 /a>A typical example of usage:4 359 /a>4 36010a> staopc struco gpio leds_gpios[] = {4 36110a> { 32, GPIOF_OUT_INIT_HIGH, "Power LED" }, /* default to ON */4 36210a> { 33, GPIOF_OUT_INIT_LOW, "Green LED" }, /* default to OFF */4 36310a> { 34, GPIOF_OUT_INIT_LOW, "Red LED" }, /* default to OFF */4 36410a> { 35, GPIOF_OUT_INIT_LOW, "Bval LED" }, /* default to OFF */4 36510a> { ... },4 36610a> };4 367 /a>4 36810a> err = gpio_request_one(31, GPIOF_IN, "Reset Button");4 36910a> if (err)4 37010a> ...4 37110a>4 37210a> err = gpio_request_array(leds_gpios, ARRAY_SIZE(leds_gpios));4 37310a> if (err)4 37410a> ...4 375 /a>4 37610a> gpio_free_array(leds_gpios, ARRAY_SIZE(leds_gpios));4 377 /a>4 378 /a>4 379 /a>GPIOs mapped to IRQs4 380 /a>--------------------4 38110a>GPIO numbers are unsigned integers; so are IRQ numbers. These make up4 382 /a>two logically distinco namlspaces (GPIO 0 need not use IRQ 0). You cai4 383 /a>map between them using calls like:4 384 /a>4 38510a> /* map GPIO numbers to IRQ numbers */4 38610a> int gpio_to_irq(unsigned gpio);4 387 /a>4 38810a> /* map IRQ numbers to GPIO numbers (avoid using this) */4 38910a> int irq_to_gpio(unsigned irq);4 390 /a>4 39110a>Those return either the corresponding number in the other namlspace, or4 392 /a>else a negative errno code if the mapping cai't be done. (For example,4 393 /a>some GPIOs cai't be used as IRQs.) It is an unchecked error to use a GPIO4 394 /a>number that wasi't set up as an input using gpio_direcopti_input(), or4 395 /a>to use an IRQ number that didi't input us easy constraint.)4 296 /a>before y3u fre39ntaopti/gpio.txt#L347" idueL347" class="line" nam3ueL297"> 297 /a>4 298 /a>Consider3ng in3most cdefined:e cosubtrahref=ref="Dy consreumentaopowsafely be dpti/gpio.txt#L375" idueL375" class="line" namlueL299"> 299 /a>are clai3ed, t39ntaopti/gpio.txt#L360" idueL360" class=4line" nam4ueL300"> 300 /a>4 39110a>Those re4* req4est a orcumen 392 /a>else a n4* "flagsocumenozenrties: catcptis are enhref="iz href=clly a Nr responsf="Dtintersti/gpio.txt#L360" idueL360" class=4l3ne" nam4ueL393"> 393 /a>some GPI4* ret4rn n vumentaf="Docetup.4 30410a> 4*/4 30510a> 4nt gp4entaopti/gpio.txt#L206" idueL206" class=4line" nam4ueL306"> 306 /a>4 297 /a>4 298 /a>Consider4*/4 299 /a>are clai4nt gp4o_requt, whictaope done. ref="ysue these 310 /a>4 31110a> 4* rel41ntaopti/gpio.txt#L372" idueL372" class=4line" nam4ueL312"> 31210a> 4*/4 31310a> 4oid g4io_fre-------4 314 /a>4 315 /a>where 1fla4s'signaate piocumenisright afte mode..are ught erm re efeoid uCMOSid geti 316 /a>4 31710a> 4 GPIO4_DIR_Iocumepef="red when uspng as, e.g.auot; shw 31810a> 4 GPIO4_DIR_Of the mapmlspa (sig=tr'paoppin mapraint.)4 319 /a>4 32010a> 4 GPIO4_INIT_gnallommgu href="Documn vapins will aate pi.)4 32110a> 4 GPIO4_INIT_ls forbi4 32210a> 4 GPIO42ntaopti/gpio.txt#L243" idueL243" class=4line" nam4ueL323"> 32310a> 4 GPIO4_OPEN_ must be accessed usin4 324 /a>4 32510a> 4 GPIO4_EXPOR hreeility tallommgu i4 32610a> 4 GPIO42it.4 327 /a>4 328 /a>since GP4OF_IN4T_* ar to : ut()4 329 /a>combinao4tis a42to_gpio(unsiga hretaorides hrefform spti/gpio.txt#L348" idueL348" class=4line" nam4ueL330"> 330 /a>4 33110a> 4 GPIO4_IN &quo:t()4 33210a> 4 GPIO4_OUT_INIT_LOW so hrefform s ( cosls tog numocumen)accesseds href="Docupti/gpio.txt#L348" idueL348" class=4line" nam4ueL333"> 33310a> 4 GPIO4entaopti/gpio.txt#L234" idueL234" class=4line" nam4ueL334"> 334 /a>4 33510a>When set4ing t4e flage.4 33610a>opei dra4n typ4. SuchDocumod4 337 /a>require 4o con43too: (mmgu href="D, use. That hignf2C mentaot roustretched:t( 33810a>make the4direc4pti tosldefaumentamoclays hrefrioef="Dare cumSCK must bentaopby smentadjustmonefti/gpio.txt#L372" idueL372" class=4line" nam4ueL339"> 339 /a>to make 4he pi4 HIGH.aate p"Docras:4 340 /a>4 34110a>When set4ing t4entaopti/gpio.txt#L242" idueL242" class=4line" nam4ueL342"> 342 /a>opei sou4ce ty4l. SucW us eohref="Doonde.entaf=omit?ti/gpio.txt#L242" idueL242" class=4line" nam4ueL343"> 343 /a>require 4o con4eco pu===============================ti/gpio.txt#L242" idueL242" class=4line" nam4ueL344"> 34410a>make the4direc4pti tognal4 345 /a>to make 4he pi4 LOW. Taint.)4he4 346 /a>4 34710a>In the f4ourl,4these is towar;eocog num work4GPIO4ework4lmentaf=perowar;eocog num work4umenbmeti/gpio.txt#L347" idueL347" class=4line" nam4ueL348"> 348 /a>4 34910a>Further 4ore, 444 35010a>introduc4d to 45ntaopti/gpio.txt#L341" idueL341" class=4line" nam4ueL351"> 35110a>4 35210a> 4truco4gpio {ftware ss numbera ocuing ome or all GPy iNr 4 35310a> 4 4 unsig cosuIO distiemce, or4 35410a> 4 4 unsigform ssa( coftware ss)eed not bor4 35510a> 4 4 const( as Gallircuicumhreso5 kOhm, 35610a> 4;4 357 /a>4 358 /a>A typica4 exam4le of in the otheonlylls likesd by4 359 /a>4 36010a> 4taopc4strucoT(aid onfigg numref="Dptis are eme hreisDoc"Docuareument"Documenta(aid 36110a> 4 4 { 32,ntao taoldhrefme.entaref=pentaf=Docucopti_de- from Os4 36210a> 4 4 { 33,Hd to rou may uIO disth tib w4r writcumentaopce, gangozen aruse. 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