> 32 /span v 32 /form v 32 a > 32 href="../linux+von>.6/mm/percpu.c"> > 32 img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>"> /span v span class="lxr_search"> > > 32 input typ vahidden" nam vanavtarget" ti2n va"> > 32 input typ vatext" nam vasearch" idvasearch"> > 32 buttSearch 32 onclick="return ajax_prefs();"> > 32Prefsv 32 /a> /span v> 32 2 /div v> 32 2 form ac 2n="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;"> input typ vahidden" nam vaajax_lookup" idvaajax_lookup" ti2n va"> > 32 2 /form v > 32 2 div class="headingbott
32 32 2 div idvasearch_results" class="search_results"v 3 v> 32 2 /div v div idvacontent">v div idvafile_contents"
2 21 /a> span class="comment">/* /span v2 22 /a> span class="comment"> * mm/percpu.c - percpu memory allocator /span v2 23 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 24 /a> span class="comment"> * Copyright (C) 2009           SUSE Linux2Products GmbH /span v2 25 /a> span class="comment"> * Copyright (C) 2009           Tejun Heo <> /span v2 26 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 27 /a> span class="comment"> * This file is released under the GPL.2. /span v2 28 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 29 /a> span class="comment"> * This is percpu allocator which can handle both static and dynamic /span v2 ptioa> span class="comment"> * areas.32Percpu areas are allocated in chunks.32Each chunk is /span v2 11 /a> span class="comment"> * consisted of boot-time determined number of units and the first /span v2 12 /a> span class="comment"> * chunk is used for static percpu variables in the kernel image /span v2 13 /a> span class="comment"> * (special boot time alloc/init handling necessary as these areas /span v2 14 /a> span class="comment"> * need to be brought up before allocat 2 15 /a> span class="comment"> * Unit grows as necessary and all units grow or shrink in unison. /span v2 16 /a> span class="comment"> * When a chunk is filled up, another chunk is allocated. /span v2 17 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 18 /a> span class="comment"> *  c0                           c1                         c2 /span v2 19 /a> span class="comment"> *  -------------------          -------------------        ------------ /span v2 2tioa> span class="comment"> * | u0 | u1 | u2 | u3 |        | u0 | u1 | u2 | u3 |      | u0 | u1 | u /span v2 21 /a> span class="comment"> *  -------------------  ......  -------------------  ....  ------------ /span v2 22 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 23 /a> span class="comment"> * Allocat 2 24 /a> span class="comment"> * an area of 512 bytes at 6k in c1 occupies 512 bytes at 6k of c1:u0, /span v2 25 /a> span class="comment"> * c1:u1, c1:u2 and c1:u3.  On UMA, units corresponds directly to /span v2 26 /a> span class="comment"> * cpus.  On NUMA, the mapping can be non-linear and even sparse. /span v2 27 /a> span class="comment"> * Percpu access can be done by configuring percpu base registers /span v2 28 /a> span class="comment"> * according to cpu to unit mapping and pcpu_unit_size. /span v2 29 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 3tioa> span class="comment"> * There are usually many small percpu allocat 2 31 /a> span class="comment"> * as small as 4 bytes.  The allocator organizes chunks into lists /span v2 32 /a> span class="comment"> * according to free size and tries to allocate from the fullest one. /span v2 33 /a> span class="comment"> * Each chunk keeps the maximum contiguous area size hint which is /span v2 34 /a> span class="comment"> * guaranteed to be equal to or larger than the maximum contiguous /span v2 35 /a> span class="comment"> * area in the chunk.  This helps the allocator not to iterate the /span v2 36 /a> span class="comment"> * chunk maps unnecessarily. /span v2 37 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 38 /a> span class="comment"> * Allocat 2 39 /a> span class="comment"> * on chunk->map.  A positive ti2n  in the map represents a free /span v2 4tioa> span class="comment"> * region and negative allocated.  Allocat 2 41 /a> span class="comment"> * by scanning this map sequentially and serving the first matching /span v2 42 /a> span class="comment"> * entry.  This is mostly copied from the percpu_modalloc() allocator. /span v2 43 /a> span class="comment"> * Chunks can be determined from the address using the index field /span v2 44 /a> span class="comment"> * in the page struct. The index field contains a pointer to the chunk. /span v2 45 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 46 /a> span class="comment"> * To use this allocator, arch code should do the followings. /span v2 47 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 48 /a> span class="comment"> * - define __addr_to_pcpu_ptr() and __pcpu_ptr_to_addr() to translate /span v2 49 /a> span class="comment"> *   regular address to percpu pointer and back if they need to be /span v2 5tioa> span class="comment"> *   different from the default /span v2 51 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2 52 /a> span class="comment"> * - use pcpu_setup_first_chunk() during percpu area initializat 2 53 /a> span class="comment"> *   setup the first chunk containing the kernel static percpu area /span v2 54 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2 55 /a>v2 56 /a>#include <linux/bitmap.h /a>>v2 57 /a>#include <linux/bootmem.h /a>>v2 58 /a>#include <linux/err.h /a>>v2 59 /a>#include <linux/list.h /a>>v2 60 /a>#include <linux/log2.h /a>>v2 61 /a>#include <linux/mm.h /a>>v2 62 /a>#include <linux/module.h /a>>v2 63 /a>#include <linux/mutex.h /a>>v2 64 /a>#include <linux/percpu.h /a>>v2 65 /a>#include <linux/pfn.h /a>>v2 66 /a>#include <linux/slab.h /a>>v2 67 /a>#include <linux/spinlock.h /a>>v2 68 /a>#include <linux/vmalloc.h /a>>v2 69 /a>#include <linux/workqueue.h /a>>v2 70 /a>#include <linux/kmemleak.h /a>>v2 71 /a>v2 72 /a>#include <asm/cacheflush.h /a>>v2 73 /a>#include <asm/sec
 2ns.h /a>>v2 74 /a>#include <asm/tlbflush.h /a>>v2 75 /a>#include <asm/io.h /a>>v2 76 /a>v2 77 /a>#define PCPU_SLOT_BASE_SHIFT /a>            5        span class="comment">/* 1-31 shares the sam  slot */ /span v2 78 /a>#define PCPU_DFL_MAP_ALLOC /a>            2 16       span class="comment">/* start a map with 16 ents */ /span v2 79 /a>v2 80 /a>#ifdef CONFIG_SMP /a>v2 81 /a> span class="comment">/* default addr <-> pcpu_ptr mapping, override in asm/percpu.h if necessary */ /span v2 82 /a>#ifndef __addr_to_pcpu_ptr /a>v2 83 /a>#define __addr_to_pcpu_ptr /a>(addr /a>)                                        \v2 84 /a>        (void __percpu /a> *)((unsigned long)(addr /a>) -                       \v2 85 /a>            2             (unsigned long)pcpu_base_addr /a> +               \v2 86 /a>            2             (unsigned long)__per_cpu_start /a>)v2 87 /a>#endifv2 88 /a>#ifndef __pcpu_ptr_to_addr /a>v2 89 /a>#define __pcpu_ptr_to_addr /a>(ptr /a>)                                         \v2 90 /a>        (void __force /a> *)((unsigned long)(ptr /a>) +                         \v2 91 /a>            2            (unsigned long)pcpu_base_addr /a> -                \v2 92 /a>            2            (unsigned long)__per_cpu_start /a>)v2 93 /a>#endifv2 94 /a>#else    span class="comment">/* CONFIG_SMP */ /span v2 95 /a> span class="comment">/* on UP, it's always identity mapped */ /span v2 96 /a>#define __addr_to_pcpu_ptr /a>(addr /a>)        (void __percpu /a> *)(addr /a>)v2 97 /a>#define __pcpu_ptr_to_addr /a>(ptr /a>)         (void __force /a> *)(ptr /a>)v2 98 /a>#endif   span class="comment">/* CONFIG_SMP */ /span v2 99 /a>v2100 /a>struct pcpu_chunk /a> {v2101 /a>        struct list_head /a>        list /a>;            span class="comment">/* linked to pcpu_slot lists */ /span v2102 /a>        int                     free_size /a>;       span class="comment">/* free bytes in the chunk */ /span v2103 /a>        int                     contig_hint /a>;     span class="comment">/* max contiguous size hint */ /span v2104 /a>        void                    *base_addr /a>;      span class="comment">/* base address of this chunk */ /span v2105 /a>        int                     map_used /a>;        span class="comment">/* # of map entries used */ /span v2106 /a>        int                     map_alloc /a>;       span class="comment">/* # of map entries allocated */ /span v2107 /a>        int                     *map /a>;            span class="comment">/* allocat 2108 /a>        void                    *data /a>;           span class="comment">/* chunk data */ /span v2109 /a>        bool /a>            2       immutable /a>;       span class="comment">/* no [de]populat 2110 /a>        unsigned long   2       populated /a>[];     span class="comment">/* populated bitmap */ /span v2111 /a>};v2112 /a>v2113 /a>static int pcpu_unit_pages /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2114 /a>static int pcpu_unit_size /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2115 /a>static int pcpu_nr_units /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2116 /a>static int pcpu_atom_size /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2117 /a>static int pcpu_nr_slots /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2118 /a>static size_t /a> pcpu_chunk_struct_size /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2119 /a>v212tioa> span class="comment">/* cpus with the lowest and highest unit addresses */ /span v2121 /a>static unsigned int pcpu_low_unit_cpu /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2122 /a>static unsigned int pcpu_high_unit_cpu /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2123 /a>v2124 /a> span class="comment">/* the address of the first chunk which starts with the kernel static area */ /span v2125 /a>void *pcpu_base_addr /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2126 /a> a href="+code=EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL" class="sref">EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL /a>(pcpu_base_addr /a>);v2127 /a>v2128 /a>static const int *pcpu_unit_map /a> __read_mostly /a>;           span class="comment">/* cpu -> unit */ /span v2129 /a>const unsigned long *pcpu_unit_offsets /a> __read_mostly /a>;    span class="comment">/* cpu -> unit offset */ /span v213tioa>v2131 /a> span class="comment">/* group informat 2132 /a>static int pcpu_nr_groups /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2133 /a>static const unsigned long *pcpu_group_offsets /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2134 /a>static const size_t /a> *pcpu_group_sizes /a> __read_mostly /a>;v2135 /a>v2136 /a> span class="comment">/* /span v2137 /a> span class="comment"> * The first chunk which always exists.  Note that unlike other /span v2138 /a> span class="comment"> * chunks, this one can be allocated and mapped iopseveral different /span v2139 /a> span class="comment"> * ways and thus often doesn't liv  in the vmalloc area. /span v214tioa> span class="comment"> */ /span v2141 /a>static struct pcpu_chunk /a> *pcpu_first_chunk /a>;v2142 /a>v2143 /a> span class="comment">/* /span v2144 /a> span class="comment"> * O>
 2nal reserved chunk.  This chunk reserves part of the first /span v2145 /a> span class="comment"> * chunk and serves it for reserved allocat 2146 /a> span class="comment"> * reserved offset is in pcpu_reserved_chunk_limit.  When reserved /span v2147 /a> span class="comment"> * area doesn't exist, the following variables contain NULL and 0 /span v2148 /a> span class="comment"> * respec
 vely. /span v2149 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2150 /a>static struct pcpu_chunk /a> *pcpu_reserved_chunk /a>;v2151 /a>static int pcpu_reserved_chunk_limit /a>;v2152 /a>v2153 /a> span class="comment">/* /span v2154 /a> span class="comment"> * Synchronizat 2155 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2156 /a> span class="comment"> * There are two locks - pcpu_alloc_mutex and pcpu_lock.  The former /span v2157 /a> span class="comment"> * protects allocat 2158 /a> span class="comment"> * vmalloc mapping.  The latter is a spinlock and protects the index /span v2159 /a> span class="comment"> * data structures - chunk slots, chunks and area maps in chunks. /span v216tioa> span class="comment"> * /span v2161 /a> span class="comment"> * During allocat 2162 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_lock is grabbed and released as necessary.  All ac
ual memory /span v2163 /a> span class="comment"> * allocat 2164 /a> span class="comment"> * general, percpu memory can't be allocated with irq off but /span v2165 /a> span class="comment"> * irqsave/restore are still used iopalloc path so that it can be used /span v2166 /a> span class="comment"> * from early init path - sched_init() specifically. /span v2167 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2168 /a> span class="comment"> * Free path accesses and alters only the index data structures, so it /span v2169 /a> span class="comment"> * can be safely called from atomic context.  When memory needs to be /span v217tioa> span class="comment"> * returned to the system, free path schedules reclaim_work which /span v2171 /a> span class="comment"> * grabs both pcpu_alloc_mutex and pcpu_lock, unlinks chunks to be /span v2172 /a> span class="comment"> * reclaimed, release both locks and frees the chunks.  Note that it's /span v2173 /a> span class="comment"> * necessary to grab both locks to remove a chunk from circulat 2174 /a> span class="comment"> * allocat 2175 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_alloc_mutex locked. /span v2176 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2177 /a>static DEFINE_MUTEX /a>(pcpu_alloc_mutex /a>);   span class="comment">/* protects whole alloc and reclaim */ /span v2178 /a>static DEFINE_SPINLOCK /a>(pcpu_lock /a>);       span class="comment">/* protects index data structures */ /span v2179 /a>v2180 /a>static struct list_head /a> *pcpu_slot /a> __read_mostly /a>;  span class="comment">/* chunk list slots */ /span v2181 /a>v2182 /a> span class="comment">/* reclaim work to release fully free chunks, scheduled from free path */ /span v2183 /a>static void pcpu_reclaim /a>(struct work_struct /a> *work /a>);v2184 /a>static DECLARE_WORK /a>(pcpu_reclaim_work /a>, pcpu_reclaim /a>);v2185 /a>v2186 /a>static bool /a> pcpu_addr_in_first_chunk /a>(void *addr /a>)v2187 /a>{v2188 /a>        void *first_start /a> = pcpu_first_chunk /a>->base_addr /a>;v2189 /a>v2190 /a>        return addr /a> >= first_start /a> && addr /a> < first_start /a> + pcpu_unit_size /a>;v2191 /a>}v2192 /a>v2193 /a>static bool /a> pcpu_addr_in_reserved_chunk /a>(void *addr /a>)v2194 /a>{v2195 /a>        void *first_start /a> = pcpu_first_chunk /a>->base_addr /a>;v2196 /a>v2197 /a>        return addr /a> >= first_start /a> &&v2198 /a>        2       addr /a> < first_start /a> + pcpu_reserved_chunk_limit /a>;v2199 /a>}v220tioa>v2201 /a>static int __pcpu_size_to_slot /a>(int size /a>)v2202 /a>{v2203 /a>        int highbit /a> = fls /a>(size /a>);         span class="comment">/* size is in bytes */ /span v2204 /a>        return max /a>(highbit /a> - PCPU_SLOT_BASE_SHIFT /a> + 2, 1);v2205 /a>}v2206 /a>v2207 /a>static int pcpu_size_to_slot /a>(int size /a>)v2208 /a>{v2209 /a>        if (size /a> == pcpu_unit_size /a>)v2210 /a>                return pcpu_nr_slots /a> - 1;v2211 /a>        return __pcpu_size_to_slot /a>(size /a>);v2212 /a>}v2213 /a>v2214 /a>static int pcpu_chunk_slot /a>(const struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>)v2215 /a>{v2216 /a>        if (chunk /a>->free_size /a> < sizeof(int) || chunk /a>->contig_hint /a> < sizeof(int))v2217 /a>                return 0;v2218 /a>v2219 /a>        return pcpu_size_to_slot /a>(chunk /a>->free_size /a>);v222tioa>}v2221 /a>v2222 /a> span class="comment">/* set the pointer to a chunk in a page struct */ /span v2223 /a>static void pcpu_set_page_chunk /a>(struct page /a> *page /a>, struct pcpu_chunk /a> *pcpu /a>)v2224 /a>{v2225 /a>        page /a>->index /a> = (unsigned long)pcpu /a>;v2226 /a>}v2227 /a>v2228 /a> span class="comment">/* obtain pointer to a chunk from a page struct */ /span v2229 /a>static struct pcpu_chunk /a> *pcpu_get_page_chunk /a>(struct page /a> *page /a>)v223tioa>{v2231 /a>        return (struct pcpu_chunk /a> *)page /a>->index /a>;v2232 /a>}v2233 /a>v2234 /a>static int __maybe_unused /a> pcpu_page_idx /a>(unsigned int cpu /a>, int page_idx /a>)v2235 /a>{v2236 /a>        return pcpu_unit_map /a>[cpu /a>] * pcpu_unit_pages /a> + page_idx /a>;v2237 /a>}v2238 /a>v2239 /a>static unsigned long pcpu_chunk_addr /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>,v2240 /a>                                     unsigned int cpu /a>, int page_idx /a>)v2241 /a>{v2242 /a>        return (unsigned long)chunk /a>->base_addr /a> + pcpu_unit_offsets /a>[cpu /a>] +v2243 /a>                (page_idx /a> << PAGE_SHIFT /a>);v2244 /a>}v2245 /a>v2246 /a>static void __maybe_unused /a> pcpu_next_unpop /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>,v2247 /a>                                           int *rs /a>, int *re /a>, int end /a>)v2248 /a>{v2249 /a>        *rs /a> = find_next_zero_bit /a>(chunk /a>->populated /a>, end /a>, *rs /a>);v2250 /a>        *re /a> = find_next_bit /a>(chunk /a>->populated /a>, end /a>, *rs /a> + 1);v2251 /a>}v2252 /a>v2253 /a>static void __maybe_unused /a> pcpu_next_pop /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>,v2254 /a>                                         int *rs /a>, int *re /a>, int end /a>)v2255 /a>{v2256 /a>        *rs /a> = find_next_bit /a>(chunk /a>->populated /a>, end /a>, *rs /a>);v2257 /a>        *re /a> = find_next_zero_bit /a>(chunk /a>->populated /a>, end /a>, *rs /a> + 1);v2258 /a>}v2259 /a>v226tioa> span class="comment">/* /span v2261 /a> span class="comment"> * (Un)populated page reg 2262 /a> span class="comment"> * page reg 2263 /a> span class="comment"> * be integer variables and will be set to start and end page index of /span v2264 /a> span class="comment"> * the current reg 2265 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2266 /a>#define pcpu_for_each_unpop_reg (chunk /a>, rs /a>, re /a>, start /a>, end /a>)               \v2267 /a>        for ((rs /a>) = (start /a>), pcpu_next_unpop /a>((chunk /a>), &(rs /a>), &(re /a>), (end /a>)); \v2268 /a>        2    (rs /a>) < (re /a>);                                                   \v2269 /a>        2    (rs /a>) = (re /a>) + 1, pcpu_next_unpop /a>((chunk /a>), &(rs /a>), &(re /a>), (end /a>)))v227tioa>v2271 /a>#define pcpu_for_each_pop_reg (chunk /a>, rs /a>, re /a>, start /a>, end /a>)                 \v2272 /a>        for ((rs /a>) = (start /a>), pcpu_next_pop /a>((chunk /a>), &(rs /a>), &(re /a>), (end /a>));   \v2273 /a>             (rs /a>) < (re /a>);                                                   \v2274 /a>             (rs /a>) = (re /a>) + 1, pcpu_next_pop /a>((chunk /a>), &(rs /a>), &(re /a>), (end /a>)))v2275 /a>v2276 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2277 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_mem_zalloc - allocate memory /span v2278 /a> span class="comment"> * @size: bytes to allocate /span v2279 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v228tioa> span class="comment"> * Allocate @size bytes.  If @size is smaller than PAGE_SIZE, /span v2281 /a> span class="comment"> * kzalloc() is used; otherwise, vzalloc() is used.  The returned /span v2282 /a> span class="comment"> * memory is always zeroed. /span v2283 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2284 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2285 /a> span class="comment"> * Does GFP_KERNEL allocat 2286 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2287 /a> span class="comment"> * RETURNS: /span v2288 /a> span class="comment"> * Pointer to the allocated area on success, NULL on failure. /span v2289 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2290 /a>static void *pcpu_mem_zalloc /a>(size_t /a> size /a>)v2291 /a>{v2292 /a>        if (WARN_ON_ONCE /a>(!slab_is_available /a>()))v2293 /a>                return NULL /a>;v2294 /a>v2295 /a>        if (size /a> <= PAGE_SIZE /a>)v2296 /a>                return kzalloc /a>(size /a>, GFP_KERNEL /a>);v2297 /a>        elsev2298 /a>        2       return vzalloc /a>(size /a>);v2299 /a>}v230tioa>v2301 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2302 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_mem_free - free memory /span v2303 /a> span class="comment"> * @ptr: memory to free /span v2304 /a> span class="comment"> * @size: size of the area /span v2305 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2306 /a> span class="comment"> * Free @ptr.  @ptr should have been allocated using pcpu_mem_zalloc(). /span v2307 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2308 /a>static void pcpu_mem_free /a>(void *ptr /a>, size_t /a> size /a>)v2309 /a>{v2310 /a>        if (size /a> <= PAGE_SIZE /a>)v2311 /a>                kfree /a>(ptr /a>);v2312 /a>        elsev2313 /a>                vfree /a>(ptr /a>);v2314 /a>}v2315 /a>v2316 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2317 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_chunk_relocate - put chunk in the appropriate chunk slot /span v2318 /a> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2319 /a> span class="comment"> * @oslot: the previous slot it was on /span v232tioa> span class="comment"> * /span v2321 /a> span class="comment"> * This funct 2322 /a> span class="comment"> * New slot according to the changed state is determined and @chunk is /span v2323 /a> span class="comment"> * moved to the slot.  Note that the reserved chunk is never put on /span v2324 /a> span class="comment"> * chunk slots. /span v2325 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2326 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2327 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_lock. /span v2328 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2329 /a>static void pcpu_chunk_relocate /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>, int oslot /a>)v233tioa>{v2331 /a>        int nslot /a> = pcpu_chunk_slot /a>(chunk /a>);v2332 /a>v2333 /a>        if (chunk /a> != pcpu_reserved_chunk /a> && oslot /a> != nslot /a>) {v2334 /a>                if (oslot /a> < nslot /a>)v2335 /a>                        list_move /a>(&chunk /a>->list /a>, &pcpu_slot /a>[nslot /a>]);v2336 /a>                elsev2337 /a>                        list_move_tail /a>(&chunk /a>->list /a>, &pcpu_slot /a>[nslot /a>]);v2338 /a>        }v2339 /a>}v234tioa>v2341 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2342 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_need_to_extend - determine whether chunk area map needs to be extended /span v2343 /a> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2344 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2345 /a> span class="comment"> * Determine whether area map of @chunk needs to be extended to /span v2346 /a> span class="comment"> * accommodate a new allocat 2347 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2348 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2349 /a> span class="comment"> * pcpu_lock. /span v235tioa> span class="comment"> * /span v2351 /a> span class="comment"> * RETURNS: /span v2352 /a> span class="comment"> * New target map allocat 2353 /a> span class="comment"> * otherwise. /span v2354 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2355 /a>static int pcpu_need_to_extend /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>)v2356 /a>{v2357 /a>        int new_alloc /a>;v2358 /a>v2359 /a>        if (chunk /a>->map_alloc /a> >= chunk /a>->map_used /a> + 2)v2360 /a>                return 0;v2361 /a>v2362 /a>        new_alloc /a> = PCPU_DFL_MAP_ALLOC /a>;v2363 /a>        while (new_alloc /a> < chunk /a>->map_used /a> + 2)v2364 /a>                new_alloc /a> *= 2;v2365 /a>v2366 /a>        return new_alloc /a>;v2367 /a>}v2368 /a>v2369 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v237tioa> span class="comment"> * pcpu_extend_area_map - extend area map of a chunk /span v2371 /a> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2372 /a> span class="comment"> * @new_alloc: new target allocat 2373 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2374 /a> span class="comment"> * Extend area map of @chunk to have @new_alloc entries. /span v2375 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2376 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2377 /a> span class="comment"> * Does GFP_KERNEL allocat 2378 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2379 /a> span class="comment"> * RETURNS: /span v238tioa> span class="comment"> * 0 on success, -errno on failure. /span v2381 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2382 /a>static int pcpu_extend_area_map /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>, int new_alloc /a>)v2383 /a>{v2384 /a>        int *old /a> = NULL /a>, *new /a> = NULL /a>;v2385 /a>        size_t /a> old_size /a> = 0, new_size /a> = new_alloc /a> * sizeof(new /a>[0]);v2386 /a>        unsigned long flags /a>;v2387 /a>v2388 /a>        new /a> = pcpu_mem_zalloc /a>(new_size /a>);v2389 /a>        if (!new /a>)v2390 /a>                return -ENOMEM /a>;v2391 /a>v2392 /a>         span class="comment">/* acquire pcpu_lock and switch to new area map */ /span v2393 /a>        spin_lock_irqsave /a>(&pcpu_lock /a>, flags /a>);v2394 /a>v2395 /a>        if (new_alloc /a> <= chunk /a>->map_alloc /a>)v2396 /a>                goto out_unlock /a>;v2397 /a>v2398 /a>        old_size /a> = chunk /a>->map_alloc /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->map /a>[0]);v2399 /a>        old /a> = chunk /a>->map /a>2e=new_alloass="sref4idvaL300" class="line" n4line"4nam vaL300">230tioa>v2399 /a>        (pcpu_lock /a>, pcpu_lock /a>, map /a>[0]);v2332 /a>v2393 /a>        chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = map /a>[0]);v22ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = map /a>[0]);v2385 /a>        new /a> = NULL /a>;v2206 /a>v:L206">2206 /a>v2398 /a>        < classs="srref" chuoa href="+code=re" classs="srref" chuoa n_lock_irqsave /a>(&pcpu_lock /a>, flags /a>);v2259 /a>v23L260">226tioa> span class="comment">/* /span v2381 /a> span claaaaaaaaass="comment"> *() mightt to upis fuew sv"> *() whi_loused and @chunk is /span v2372 /a> span claaaaaaaaassIRQ-unsafe  acquire thuhis n'tchuns functundd chand releases pcpu_lock. /span v2373 /a> span claaaaaaaaasnew area map */ /span v22ef">old /a> = pcpucpu_lock /a>, pcpu_lock /a>, map /a>[0]);v2225 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, pcpu_lock /a>, new_size /a>);v2206 /a>v22              return 0;v2258 /a>}v2259 /a>v232tioa> span class="comment">/** /span v2321 /a> span class classplit_b acqu- split tch tobs="srecomment">/** /span v2322 /a> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2323 /a> span class@i:t and endch tobs="snd wiplitnk of interest /span v2324 /a> span class@head: headent"> inent"> *(s nchun0)nk of interest /span v2325 /a> span clas @ef">: ef">ent"> inent"> *(s nchun0)nk of interest /span v2326 /a> span clasnk of interest /span v2327 /a> span classSplit  2328 /a> span clas non-ory ,izheadent"> *bs="snusnunserve bbefoa *bs="sn@is="cew sitnk of interest /span v2379 /a> span classko @i+1cat  * Allizheadent"> ases pcpu_lock. /span v235tioa> span class="comment"> * /span v2321 /a> span class@sizef">e if on-ory ,i  * /span v2322 /a> span classdep toew sonizhead,e ifo.duce bbyizef">ent"> *is deef">ent">obs="srecomment">/** /span v2323 /a> span classusnunserve b 2344 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2325 /a> span clas @t"> *ref">h tomustp of @enough allocent">* @si"comment"> "> * plitases pcpu_lock. /span v2326 /a> span clasnk of interest /span v2327 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2328 /a> span clas hand releases pcpu_lock. /span v2289 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2290 /25 /a>        (struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>, int  */ /span v2311 /a>               f">chunk /a>, int chunk /a>, int list>map_alloc /a>)v2383 /a>{v22f">chunk /a>, int         if (!        if (!list      return 0;v2394 /a>v2225 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->mew_alloc /a> < chunk /a>->mhunk /a>, int new_size /a>);v2206 /a>v2292 /a>         span classunserv and subbs="saass="comment"> */ /span v2398 /a>        (&chunk /a>->mhunk /a>, int list /a>, &chunk /a>-> */ /span v2269 /aaaap_alloc /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->chunk /a>->, int new_size /a>);v22lloc /a> < chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = 2391 /a>v2292 /a>        if (nslot /a>) {v2313 /a>                chunk /a>->m1]"sref">old /a> = chunk /a>->, int new_size /a>);v2254 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->old /a> = new_size /a>);v22L258">2258 /a>}v2292 /a>        if (list>ef">nslot /a>) {v2337 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->old /a> = list      return 0;v2298 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->old /a> = list      return 0;v23L258">2258 /a>}v2258 /a>}v2361 /a>v2262 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2263 /a> span class classs="sf">pccpu_mem_zall">pccfrom a  class="srefcomment">/** /span v2264 /a> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2265 /a> span class="commewanve bnt"> inent"> nk of interest /span v2376 /a> span class@alignmewanve balignnk of interest /span v2347 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2328 /a> span clas T> * @p_mem_zall"> * Allocal">pccaligne bats@aligncfrom  free changed @chunk. /span v2369 /a> span class=o the slot.comment"> * onlyp_mem_zals "> *offsetg 237tioa> span class=ate ovesan h to 2371 /a> span clashanged @chunk. /span v2372 /a> span class=t"> *ref">h tomustp of @slo  Grt two allocent">changed @chunk. /span v2373 /a> span class="comment"> * /span v2374 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2375 /a> span clas hand releases pcpu_lock. /span v2376 /a> span classes pcpu_lock. /span v2377 /a> span class="comment"> * RETURNS: /span v2278 /a> span class="commend*offset ined area comment"> * 01292 no h tchew s">pcced and @chunk is /span v2379 /a> span classfouns always zeroed. /span v238tioa> span class="comment"> */ /span v2382 /a>static int pcode=pcpu_chunk" classs="sf">pcxtend_area_map /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>, int chunk /a>, int map_alloc /a>)v2383 /a>{v22f">chunk /a>, int nslot /a> = pcpu_chunk_slot /a>(chunk /a>);v2384 /chunk /a>->23f">chunk /a>, int , int 2206 /a>v2372 /ahunk /a>, int old_size /a> = 0, , int mew_alloc /a> < chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->ef">nslot /a>) {v2298 /a>  ef">old /a> = , int nslot /a> = m1 =alloc /a> >= chunk /a>->2269 /aaaaf">chunk /a>, int old /a> = list      return 0;v230tioa>v2311 /a>   2 /a>         span classs="ra372 /alignpan  recommepan  ss="comment"> */ /span v2398 /a>  ef">old /a> =  >= pcpucpu_lock /a>, old /a> = "-chunk /a>, int 2293 /a>  25 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, ef rved_chunk /a> && chunk /a>);v2394 /a>v2369 /aaaaf9 /a>        if (chunk /a>->map_alloc /a>)v2396 /a>          continueef">chunk /a>);v2337 /a>  f9 /a>        if (chunk /a>-> && mhunk /a>, int nslot /a>) {v2298 /a>  93 /a>  25 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>);v2269 /aaaa        continueef">chunk /a>);v2390 /a>  L258">2258 /a>}v2361 /a>v2398 /a>  e260">226tioa> span class="comment">/* /span v2303 /a> span claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass@siheadeed small an th> * @oslot:bs="snusnallo,s="comment">/* /span v2304 /a> span claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassmerge'emed to the slo'small' changfine bad smallers="comment">/* /span v2305 /a> span claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasse snap_allocf">), whi_lochavery small butochn'tcto be extended to /span v2306 /a> span claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassuncommen372 / vchanged @chunk. /span v2307 /a> span claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass="comment"> */ /span v2298 /a>  92 /a>        if (        if () ||               chunk /a>->a0>sef">nslot /a>) {v2269 /aaaa        f9 /a>        if (chunk /a>->a0>">nslot /a>) {v2390 /a>                  a>        if (chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = new_size /a>);v2311 /a>              ef">nslot /a>) {v2398 /a>                  a>        if (chunk /a>->old /a> = new_size /a>);v2313 /a>                  a>        if (chunk /a>->old /a> = new_size /a>);v2254 /a>          L258">2258 /a>}v2369 /aaaa        a>        if (chunk /a>->old /a> = new_size /a>);v2396 /a>          a> && >new_size /a> = new_size /a>);v2337 /a>                        2298 /a>  L258">2258 /a>}v2259 /a>v2390 /a>  92 /a>         span classuf ef">e ifsmall, justpkeep prearounsass="comment"> */ /span v2311 /a>   f">old /a> = list"sref">old /a> = chunk /a>->, int , int 2398 /a>  92 /a>        if (listrvew_ap_allocf">)>">nslot /a>) {v2313 /a>           f">old /a> = list"sr       return 0;v2394 /a>v2369 /aaaa92 /a>         span classsplit 92 warranve bss="comment"> */ /span v2396 /a>  92 /a>        if (list>ef">nslot /a>) {v2337 /a>                        old /a> = old /a> = , int old /a> = listref">chunk /a>);v2298 /a>  93 /a>  92 /a>        if (nslot /a>) {v2269 /aaaa                              chunk /a>);v2390 /a>                  a>        if (>new_size /a> = new_size /a>);v2311 /a>                  a>        if (pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>);v2398 /a>          L258">2258 /a>}v2313 /a>          92 /a>        if (list>258">2258 /a>}v2334 /a>                  a>        if (pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>);v2335 /a>  L258">2258 /a>}v2206 /a>v2337 /a>  92 /a>         span classupnt"> hf">cis dmarkp_mem_zal bss="comment"> */ /span v2298 /a>  92 /a>        if (258">2258 /a>}v2269 /aaaa        cpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="sref25 /a>         */ /span v2390 /a>      nt"> */ /span v2311 /a>          cpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="sref25 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="srnt"> */ /span v2398 /a>                  311 /a>          cpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>);vchunk /a>);v2254 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2369 /aaaa9f">old /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2206 /a>v2337 /a>  ef">old /a> = < class="srereem_zal=pcpu_mem_free" class="srereem_zalxtendef">old /a> = old /a> = chunk /a>);v2298 /a>  66 /a>        return 23L258">2258 /a>}v230tioa>v2399 /a>        chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="sref25 /a>        2392 /a>         span classfully scannl bss="comment"> */ /span v2362 /a>        < class="srereem_zal=pcpu_mem_free" class="srereem_zalxtendef">old /a> = old /a> = chunk /a>);vchunk /a>);v2292 /a>         span classtell th> up;v< laypis pccss="comment"> */ /span v22        1ef">chunk /a>);v2258 /a>}v2397 /a>v2278 /a> span class="comment">/** /span v2379 /a> span class clasallor">pccpualloc">pcc @p_  class="srefcomment">/** /span v237tioa> span class="comment"> * @chunk: chunk of interest /span v2371 /a> span class=allome:*offset tend>pcc @pref">p of interest /span v2262 /a> span classes pcpu_lock. /span v2263 /a> span classFlloc">pccstartew sfrom  allomesko @free c s=o the slot.comment"> *ses pcpu_lock. /span v2264 /a> span classonlypmodifils "> *c: new targ clg 2265 /a> span class 2376 /a> span clashanged @chunk. /span v2347 /a> span class="comment"> * CONTEXT: /span v2328 /a> span clas hand releases pcpu_lock. /span v2369 /a> span class="comment"> */ /span v2290 /25 /a>        pc=pcpu_mem_free" clasallor">pcxtend_area_map /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>, int 258">2258 /a>}vnslot /a>) {v229">chunk /a>, int nslot /a> = pcpu_chunk_slot /a>(chunk /a>);v22f">chunk /a>, int , int 2394 /a>v2272 /ahunk /a>, int old_size /a> = 0, , int mew_alloc /a> < chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->L394">2394 /a>v2396 /a>  92 /a>        if (new_size /a> = 258">2258 /a>}v2337 /a>          b>pck      return 0;v2398 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, new_size /a> =       return 0;v2399 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->a0>      return 0;v230tioa>v2399 /a>        chunk /a>->chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2362 /a>        chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);vchunk /a>);v2292 /a>         span classmerge with * @oslot?ass="comment"> */ /span v23f2 /a>        if (mf">a0rved_chunk /a> && chunk /a>->ef ref">nslot /a>) {v2396 /a>  a> && chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2337 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2298 /a>  ef">old /a> = (&chunk /a>->list /a>, &chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2269 /aaaaaaaaaaaa=lloc /a> < chunk /a>->, int  * sizeof(chunk /a>->2390 /a>  9unk /a>, int chunk /a>);v23L258">2258 /a>}v2392 /a>         span classmerge with next?ass="comment"> */ /span v22f2 /a>        if (>m1 mew_alloc /a> < chunk /a>-> && chunk /a>->ef ref">nslot /a>) {v2254 /a>  ef">old /a> = chunk /a>->>new_size /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2369 /aaaaef">old /a> = chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2396 /a>  ef">old /a> = (&chunk /a>->(&chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v2337 /a>  aaaaaaaa=lloc /a> < chunk /a>->        if (>m1)) *ap_alloc /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->22L258">2258 /a>}v2259 /a>v23 /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="sref25 /a>        pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="s>      return 0;v2399 /a>        < class="srereem_zal=pcpu_mem_free" class="srereem_zalxtendef">old /a> = old /a> = chunk /a>);v2258 /a>}vchunk /a>);v2_area_map /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *< classs="sff="+code=pcpu_chunk" classs="sff="+cxtend290 >258">2258 /a>}vnslot /a>) {v23_area_map /a>(struct pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>);v2397 /a>v2398 /a>        nslot /a> = old /a> = < class="srefarea_ref="+code=new_size" class="srefarea_ref="s="sref">chunk /a>);v22f2 /a>        if (!chunk /a>);v2390 /a>  66 /a>        return chunk /a>);v2361 /a>v2362 /a>        chunk /a>->nslot /a> = old /a> = pcL361">2361 /a>v2313 /a>                                  p_alloc /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->22f2 /a>        if (!chunk /a>->nslot /a>) {v2369 /aaaachunk /a>->pu_chunk_slot /a>(chunk /a>);v2396 /a>  66 /a>        return chunk /a>);v23L258">2258 /a>}v2258 /a>}v2399 /a>        chunk /a>->ef">nslot /a> = ef">chunk /a>);v23 /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->chunk /a>->old /a> = ef">chunk /a>);v2361 /a>v2362 /a>        (&chunk /a>->chunk /a>);v23save /a>(&chunk /a>->old /a> = ef">chunk /a>);v23save /a>(&chunk /a>->f="+code=chunk" ontig_hf">s="sref25 /a>        ef">chunk /a>);vchunk /a>);v2366 /a>        return chunk /a>);v2258 /a>}v2258 /a>}v2290 /25 /a>        pcpu_chunk /a> *chunk /a>);vnslot /a>) {v23f2 /a>        if (!chunk /a>);v2398 /a>  66 /a>ef">chunk /a>);v23save /a>(&pcpucpu_lock /a>, chunk /a>->old /a> = chunk /a>->*ap_alloc /a> * sizeof(chunk /a>->23save /a>(&pu_chunk_slot /a>(chunk /a>);v2258 /a>}v2206 /a>v2347 /a> span class="comment">/* /span v2328 /a> span clas C"> * managepan  implepan w tarases pcpu_lock. /span v2369 /a> span classes pcpu_lock. /span v237tioa> span classT@p_memw differan  implepan w tars,nt"> * ss="s/alloc"ndses pcpu_lock. /span v2371 /a> span class[de]pate ovtargare implepan ed inea separovesfile whi_lochate ledses pcpu_lock. /span v2372 /a> span classf">oot.commile is d> spiled together.  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@reserved_ cla: thes cla of reserved v142sm vaL369">2369 /a> span cla* @dyn_ cla: minimum frees cla 72 /dy clic _mem_zatar in bytes="commentlock. /span v142am vaL371">2371 /a> span cla* @stomf cla: _mem_zatar ctom clan_commentlock. /span v142am vaL372">2372 /a> span cla* @clasdistance_fn: c_meback to dek: mL37 distance between clas, opataraln_commentlock. /span v142am vaL263">2263 /a> span clas="commentlock. /span v142am vaL264">2264 /a> span cla* This funcatar dek: mL37s grouping of units, 142am vas2 /a> span cla* and>other parclak: sa onsidering needed v142am vas2 /a> span cla* atom clanand>distances between CPUsases pcpu_lock. /span v142am vas2 /a> span clas="commentlock. /span v1428m vaL371">2371 /a> span cla* Groups _re _mways mutliples of atom clanand>CPUs which _re of="commentlock. /span v142am vaL369">2369 /a> span cla* LOCAL_DISTANCE both ways _re grouped together and>sh_re 369ce for="commentlock. /span v143sm vaL369">2369 /a> span cla* units in thesscla groupa The returned 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