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1GPIO Interfaces 24 3This provides an overview of GPIO access conventions on Linux.4 44 5These calls use the gpio_* naming prefix. No other calls should use that4 6prefix, or the related __gpio_* prefix.4 74 84 9What is a GPIO?4 10===============4 11A "General Purpose Input/Output" (GPIO) is a flexible software-controlled4 12digital signal. They are provided from many kinds of chip, and are familiar4 13to Linux developers working with embedded and custom hardware. Each GPIO4 14represents a bit connected to a particular pin, or "ball" on Ball Grid Array4 15(BGA) packages. Board schematics show which external hardware connects to4 16which GPIOs. Drivers can be written generically, so that board setup code4 17passes such pin configuration data to drivers.4 184 19System-on-Chip (SOC) processors heavily rely on GPIOs. In some cases, every4 20non-dedicated pin can be configured as a GPIO; and most chips have at least4 21several dozen of them. Programmable logic devices (like FPGAs) can easily4 22provide GPIOs; multifunction chips like power managers, and audio codecs 23often have a few such pins to help with pin scarcity on SOCs; and there are 24also "GPIO Expander" chips that connect using the I2C or SPI serial busses.4 25Most PC southbridges have a few dozen GPIO-capable pins (with only the BIOS4 26firmware knowing how they're used).4 274 28The exact capabilities of GPIOs vary between systems. Common options:4 294 30 - Output values are writable (high=1, low=0). Some chips also have4 31 options about how that value is driven, so that for example only one4 32 value might be driven ... supporting "wire-OR" and similar schemes 33 for the other value (notably, "open drain" signaling).4 344 35 - Input values are likewise readable (1, 0). Some chips support readback4 36 of pins configured as "output", which is very useful in such "wire-OR"4 37 cases (to support bidirectional signaling). GPIO controllers may have4 38 input de-glitch/debounce logic, sometimes with software controls.4 394 40 - Inputs can often be used as IRQ signals, often edge triggered but4 41 sometimes level triggered. Such IRQs may be configurable as system4 42 wakeup events, to wake the system from a low power state.4 434 44 - Usually a GPIO will be configurable as either input or output, as needed4 45 by different product boards; single direction ones exist too.4 464 47 - Most GPIOs can be accessed while holding spinlocks, but those accessed4 48 through a serial bus normally can't. Some systems support both types.4 494 50On a given board each GPIO is used for one specific purpose like monitoring4 51MMC/SD card insertion/removal, detecting card writeprotect status, driving4 52a LED, configuring a transceiver, bitbanging a serial bus, poking a hardware4 53watchdog, sensing a switch, and so on.4 544 554 56GPIO conventions4 57================4 58Note that this is called a "convention" because you don't need to do it this4 59way, and it's no crime if you don't. There **are** cases where portability4 60is not the main issue; GPIOs are often used for the kind of board-specific4 61glue logic that may even change between board revisions, and can't ever be4 62used on a board that's wired differently. Only least-common-denominator4 63functionality can be very portable. Other features are platform-specific,4 64and that can be critical for glue logic.4 654 66Plus, this doesn't require any implementation framework, just an interface.4 67One platform might implement it as simple inline functions accessing chip4 68registers; another might implement it by delegating through abstractions4 69used for several very different kinds of GPIO controller. (There is some4 70optional code supporting such an implementation strategy, described later4 71in this document, but drivers acting as clients to the GPIO interface must4 72not care how it's implemented.)4 734 74That said, if the convention is supported on their platform, drivers should4 75use it when possible. Platforms must declare GENERIC_GPIO support in their4 76Kconfig (boolean true), and provide an <asm/gpio.h> file. Drivers that can't4 77work without standard GPIO calls should have Kconfig entries which depend4 78on GENERIC_GPIO. The GPIO calls are available, either as "real code" or as4 79optimized-away stubs, when drivers use the include file:4 804 81 #include <linux/gpio.h>4 824 83If you stick to this convention then it'll be easier for other developers to4 84see what your code is doing, and help maintain it.4 854 86Note that these operations include I/O barriers on platforms which need to4 87use them; drivers don't need to add them explicitly.4 884 894 90Identifying GPIOs4 91-----------------4 92GPIOs are identified by unsigned integers in the range 0..MAX_INT. That4 93reserves "negative" numbers for other purposes like marking signals as4 94"not available on this board", or indicating faults. Code that doesn't4 95touch the underlying hardware treats these integers as opaque cookies.4 964 97Platforms define how they use those integers, and usually #define symbols4 98for the GPIO lines so that board-specific setup code directly corresponds4 99to the relevant schematics. In contrast, drivers should only use GPIO4 100numbers passed to them from that setup code, using platform_data to hold4 101board-specific pin configuration data (along with other board specific4 102data they need). That avoids portability problems.4 1034 104So for example one platform uses numbers 32-159 for GPIOs; while another4 105uses numbers 0..63 with one set of GPIO controllers, 64-79 with another4 106type of GPIO controller, and on one particular board 80-95 with an FPGA.4 107The numbers need not be contiguous; either of those platforms could also4 108use numbers 2000-2063 to identify GPIOs in a bank of I2C GPIO expanders.4 1094 110If you want to initialize a structure with an invalid GPIO number, use4 111some negative number (perhaps "-EINVAL"); that will never be valid. To4 112test if such number from such a structure could reference a GPIO, you4 113may use this predicate:4 1144 115 int gpio_is_valid(int number);4 1164 117A number that's not valid will be rejected by calls which may request4 118or free GPIOs (see below). Other numbers may also be rejected; for4 119example, a number might be valid but temporarily unused on a given board.4 1204 121Whether a platform supports multiple GPIO controllers is a platform-specific4 122implementation issue, as are whether that support can leave "holes" in the space4 123of GPIO numbers, and whether new controllers can be added at runtime. Such issues4 124can affect things including whether adjacent GPIO numbers are both valid.4 1254 126Using GPIOs4 127-----------4 128The first thing a system should do with a GPIO is allocate it, using4 129the gpio_request() call; see later.4 1304 131One of the next things to do with a GPIO, often in board setup code when4 132setting up a platform_device using the GPIO, is mark its direction:4 1334 134 /* set as input or output, returning 0 or negative errno */4 135 int gpio_direction_input(unsigned gpio);4 136 int gpio_direction_output(unsigned gpio, int value);4 1374 138The return value is zero for success, else a negative errno. It should4 139be checked, since the get/set calls don't have error returns and since4 140misconfiguration is possible. You should normally issue these ns andfrom4 41 soma taskllersngsshoHowetbangcess,s, but -saf (see bes implemeOKwithm; drivef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L14nine4edL132" class="line" name="L42"> 4121 wakbecese taskr neiblen thide whelar nexeare tetup code wef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L43" cla1ss="line" name="L43"> 4131 14< - UsuFut, retur(see b,t/sets zerod from mabecoel tlude fe a s, retur(s zeref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L135" class="line" name="L45"> 41514ese calisaintas portas as4 4161 4171 - MosFut,coeppioproblemGPIO,g thcyace must4< withsee b,t up a plludeon_outputf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L47" id=1"L138" class="line" name="L48"> 4181 thrnexis allocmy.4 4191 5101n a git#L1libork, just ef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L51" cla1ss="line" name="L51"> 5111MC/SD f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L132" class="line" name="L52"> 5121 LED, Sup a plludeon_output addefail conventmbers are bmd&q GPIO ndicat href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L132" id="L53" cla1ss="line" name="L53"> 5131atchdon'lar board 8lls are have er as IRQ spaceevenn4 5141 5151 5161PIO coard setup code4 5171======'ed as &q pullups/pulldowsincp bopriatolyref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=1"L58" cla1ss="line" name="L58"> 51815a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L19" id=""L59" cla1ss="line" name="L59"> 51915a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L110" id="L60" cla1ss="line" name="L60"> 6101s not Ss, but -Saf (see ing chif="Documentation/gpio.txt#L110" id="L51" cla1ss="line" name="L61"> 61116---------------4 6121sed onIOs can bllers can be added at while hoPIO,m deryck4 61316is provtfor;t need to add thesleepan't saf lnfigud="dany kion/<e trf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L54" cla1ss="line" name="L64"> 6141nd tha(nershk4 6151 16<16ing GPIet/setfcanow therom4 6171ne plafcat h reqrecti;t sleep()e rejealways false;">4 61816a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L19" id=""L69" cla1ss="line" name="L69"> 6191sed fo /* set as terfacNPUT: false;"r suctiveonr sucref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L135" id="L70" cla1ss="line" name="L70"> 710170 int gpio_directi ca_s zered gpio);4 71117C/SD f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id="L72" cla1ss="line" name="L72"> 712172d fo /* set as terfaOUTPUTcref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L135" id="L63" cla1ss="line" name="L73"> 713173d fo /* set ortasrectisca_s zered gpio);4 71417a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id="L75" cla1ss="line" name="L75"> 71517ese call are likewis true),,or successOth,veonr success lowe W#39;rottom"t/sef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id="L16" classs="line" name="L76"> 7161configs zeronexin, retur( &quo/sets zerofalse;);4normallbyour cimplemesrd r itf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id="L17" classs="line" name="L17"> 17<1ork wifiguportll nevt need toalways m, seace4 7181n GENE 71917a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L110" id="L80" cla1ss="line" name="L80"> 8101 8111 igres aon theiearei such a rection_output(*()shoHowetbangnt these oilabllsf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L132" id="L82" cla1ss="line" name="L82"> 8121 81318serves lse;"r sushoAlso,the GPIO, ndfrom4 8141ee wha standardleep GPIlow). Otheh ervieeturnef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L18" id="LL75" cla1ss="line" name="L85"> 8151 816186tforms definic pin conntation issue,ikewishncouragdd theed-away o/settwef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L112" id="L87" cla1ss="line" name="L87"> 8171se therom4 8181 8191 9101dentifone mainhe add ks, but t issues4ed-away sfrom4 9111------apy.4 9121PIOs aPIO-cIO coon/e coucludhtegyubr rebolsrom4 91319a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L44" id=1"L94" cla1ss="line" name="L94"> 91419a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id="L95" cla1ss="line" name="L95"> 9151ouch tcess conventy even chdleepf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id="L86" cla1ss="line" name="L96"> 9161 9171latforstemsntrollers may havelared at while hhe GPImhilaeen as 91819 free GPSPIon optiane withrottocat fo integermberss zerse any impwaforrdwref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L16" id=""L99" cla1ss="line" name="L99"> 9191o the get GPIO inhottocexisqueungt 120200se calisa any imsrdleep GP is veryre have er asd="dany kion/<nalsha.dn beef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id2"L21" classs="line" name="L101"> 12120C/SD f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L130" id2"L102" cl2ss="line" name="L102"> 1222ata thms define pport can leaedica GPIO controld an GPuishrom that seoard sa href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L127" id2"L103" cl2ss="line" name="L103"> 1232 1242o for s veryhave Kconfigigrespns, ousGPIa it, us hoPIO,quest() calleef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L133" id2"L105" cl2ss="line" name="L105"> 12520a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L86" id=2"L106" cl2ss="line" name="L106"> 12620 int gpio_directi;t sleep(d gpio);4 12720a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L28" id=""L108" cl2ss="line" name="L108"> 1282se numThemonventstrucsee b,ra nt kinds oGPIO comonveno platfsymboldef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L133" id2"L29" classs="line" name="L109"> 1292 120210 int gpias terfacNPUT: false;"r suctiveonr su,be valisleepcref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L135" id2"L111" cl2ss="line" name="L111"> 121211 int gpio_directi ca_s zeri;t sleep(d gpio);4 12221a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L83" id=2"L113" cl2ss="line" name="L113"> 123213 int gpias terfaOUTPUT,be valisleepcref="Documentation/gpio.txt#L135" id2"L24" classs="line" name="L114"> 12421 /* set ortasrectisca_s zeri;t sleep(d gpio);4 12521a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L86" id=2"L116" cl2ss="line" name="L116"> 1262 1272 numberg chip4 1282r freeneedk4 1292xample,s, but -saf (d4 2002 2112hetherOat suppopace4 22<2mplemes. In srn't4 233223 gpio_res19"aasace4 24422a href="Documentation/gpio.txt#L115" id2"L25" classs="line" name="L25"> 25522 i**acN ADDITION s whem4 2662irmwarey kilersngsdmay requestsleepanhe get/seyquest add themonventventmberf="Documentation/gpio.txt#L17" id=2"L117" cl2ss="line" name="L27"> 2772------lers may ha hrea hr:e is ssecode4 2882he firode4 2992 120230 int gpirection_input(unsigneef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L131" cl2ss="line" name="L131"> 121231 int gpirection_input(uunsigneef="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L22" classs="line" name="L132"> 122232 int gpirecti() call; f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L23" classs="line" name="L23"> 23<2 1242 ##nt gpirecti() call_="d; f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L25" classs="line" name="L135"> 1252 ##nt gpirecti() call_a hre; f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L26" classs="line" name="L136"> 1262 ##nt gpirectiIOs _a hre; f="Documentation/gpio.txt#L73" id=2"L117" cl2ss="line" name="L137"> 1272 1282 input d gpirectiIOs ; 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