1HOWTO do Linux kernel development
   4This is the be-all, end-all document on this topic.  It contains
   5instructions on how to become a Linux kernel developer and how to learn
   6to work with the Linux kernel development community.  It tries to not
   7contain anything related to the technical aspects of kernel programming,
   8but will help point you in the right direction for that.
  10If anything in this document becomes out of date, please send in patches
  11to the maintainer of this file, who is listed at the bottom of the
  18So, you want to learn how to become a Linux kernel developer?  Or you
  19have been told by your manager, "Go write a Linux driver for this
  20device."  This document's goal is to teach you everything you need to
  21know to achieve this by describing the process you need to go through,
  22and hints on how to work with the community.  It will also try to
  23explain some of the reasons why the community works like it does.
  25The kernel is written mostly in C, with some architecture-dependent
  26parts written in assembly. A good understanding of C is required for
  27kernel development.  Assembly (any architecture) is not required unless
  28you plan to do low-level development for that architecture.  Though they
  29are not a good substitute for a solid C education and/or years of
  30experience, the following books are good for, if anything, reference:
  31 - "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie [Prentice Hall]
  32 - "Practical C Programming" by Steve Oualline [O'Reilly]
  33 - "C:  A Reference Manual" by Harbison and Steele [Prentice Hall]
  35The kernel is written using GNU C and the GNU toolchain.  While it
  36adheres to the ISO C89 standard, it uses a number of extensions that are
  37not featured in the standard.  The kernel is a freestanding C
  38environment, with no reliance on the standard C library, so some
  39portions of the C standard are not supported.  Arbitrary long long
  40divisions and floating point are not allowed.  It can sometimes be
  41difficult to understand the assumptions the kernel has on the toolchain
  42and the extensions that it uses, and unfortunately there is no
  43definitive reference for them.  Please check the gcc info pages (`info
  44gcc`) for some information on them.
  46Please remember that you are trying to learn how to work with the
  47existing development community.  It is a diverse group of people, with
  48high standards for coding, style and procedure.  These standards have
  49been created over time based on what they have found to work best for
  50such a large and geographically dispersed team.  Try to learn as much as
  51possible about these standards ahead of time, as they are well
  52documented; do not expect people to adapt to you or your company's way
  53of doing things.
  56Legal Issues
  59The Linux kernel source code is released under the GPL.  Please see the
  60file, COPYING, in the main directory of the source tree, for details on
  61the license.  If you have further questions about the license, please
  62contact a lawyer, and do not ask on the Linux kernel mailing list.  The
  63people on the mailing lists are not lawyers, and you should not rely on
  64their statements on legal matters.
  66For common questions and answers about the GPL, please see:
  73The Linux kernel source tree has a large range of documents that are
  74invaluable for learning how to interact with the kernel community.  When
  75new features are added to the kernel, it is recommended that new
  76documentation files are also added which explain how to use the feature.
  77When a kernel change causes the interface that the kernel exposes to
  78userspace to change, it is recommended that you send the information or
  79a patch to the manual pages explaining the change to the manual pages
  80maintainer at, and CC the list
  83Here is a list of files that are in the kernel source tree that are
  84required reading:
  85  README
  86    This file gives a short background on the Linux kernel and describes
  87    what is necessary to do to configure and build the kernel.  People
  88    who are new to the kernel should start here.
  90  Documentation/Changes
  91    This file gives a list of the minimum levels of various software
  92    packages that are necessary to build and run the kernel
  93    successfully.
  95  Documentation/CodingStyle
  96    This describes the Linux kernel coding style, and some of the
  97    rationale behind it. All new code is expected to follow the
  98    guidelines in this document. Most maintainers will only accept
  99    patches if these rules are followed, and many people will only
 100    review code if it is in the proper style.
 102  Documentation/SubmittingPatches
 103  Documentation/SubmittingDrivers
 104    These files describe in explicit detail how to successfully create
 105    and send a patch, including (but not limited to):
 106       - Email contents
 107       - Email format
 108       - Who to send it to
 109    Following these rules will not guarantee success (as all patches are
 110    subject to scrutiny for content and style), but not following them
 111    will almost always prevent it.
 113    Other excellent descriptions of how to create patches properly are:
 114        "The Perfect Patch"
 116        "Linux kernel patch submission format"
 119  Documentation/stable_api_nonsense.txt
 120    This file describes the rationale behind the conscious decision to
 121    not have a stable API within the kernel, including things like:
 122      - Subsystem shim-layers (for compatibility?)
 123      - Driver portability between Operating Systems.
 124      - Mitigating rapid change within the kernel source tree (or
 125        preventing rapid change)
 126    This document is crucial for understanding the Linux development
 127    philosophy and is very important for people moving to Linux from
 128    development on other Operating Systems.
 130  Documentation/SecurityBugs
 131    If you feel you have found a security problem in the Linux kernel,
 132    please follow the steps in this document to help notify the kernel
 133    developers, and help solve the issue.
 135  Documentation/ManagementStyle
 136    This document describes how Linux kernel maintainers operate and the
 137    shared ethos behind their methodologies.  This is important reading
 138    for anyone new to kernel development (or anyone simply curious about
 139    it), as it resolves a lot of common misconceptions and confusion
 140    about the unique behavior of kernel maintainers.
 142  Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt
 143    This file describes the rules on how the stable kernel releases
 144    happen, and what to do if you want to get a change into one of these
 145    releases.
 147  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt
 148    A list of external documentation that pertains to kernel
 149    development.  Please consult this list if you do not find what you
 150    are looking for within the in-kernel documentation.
 152  Documentation/applying-patches.txt
 153    A good introduction describing exactly what a patch is and how to
 154    apply it to the different development branches of the kernel.
 156The kernel also has a large number of documents that can be
 157automatically generated from the source code itself.  This includes a
 158full description of the in-kernel API, and rules on how to handle
 159locking properly.  The documents will be created in the
 160Documentation/DocBook/ directory and can be generated as PDF,
 161Postscript, HTML, and man pages by running:
 162        make pdfdocs
 163        make psdocs
 164        make htmldocs
 165        make mandocs
 166respectively from the main kernel source directory.
 169Becoming A Kernel Developer
 172If you do not know anything about Linux kernel development, you should
 173look at the Linux KernelNewbies project:
 175It consists of a helpful mailing list where you can ask almost any type
 176of basic kernel development question (make sure to search the archives
 177first, before asking something that has already been answered in the
 178past.)  It also has an IRC channel that you can use to ask questions in
 179real-time, and a lot of helpful documentation that is useful for
 180learning about Linux kernel development.
 182The website has basic information about code organization, subsystems,
 183and current projects (both in-tree and out-of-tree). It also describes
 184some basic logistical information, like how to compile a kernel and
 185apply a patch.
 187If you do not know where you want to start, but you want to look for
 188some task to start doing to join into the kernel development community,
 189go to the Linux Kernel Janitor's project:
 191It is a great place to start.  It describes a list of g relively 55"> you want to start, but you want t51mation abocumentation/HOWTO#L93" id="L93" claL46" id=o to au wannitors 
  19have been told ogisticaln/HOWTO#L95" id="L95" cl1ass="1ine" nid="L" clas2" cland
  19have been told h.
  19have been told cumentati Linux kernel coding sty1le, a1d someook for
 178past.)  It2code if i2 is in the proper style.2 178past.)  It2ce this byon/HOWTO#L102" id="L102"2class2"line"cumentation/,#L161" id="Lumentate" name="L190"> 190        http://kernelnewbies.orux+vnic="L8/cumeman/lople,fo/8" clas178 168
  20device."  in assembts
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 105    and se2most alwa2s prevent it.
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 184some basic2u     184some basic2uin assembbly. A good understanding the 22line" name="L187"> 187If you do 2pment.  Asssembly (any architecturee mov2ng to 3.TO#L189" "L61 name="L114"> 114        &q2vcumentat2el development for that a href2"Documine" nlass="line" name="L171"> 171
 140    about 2tion/Secu2ityBugs
   2-----------------feel you 2ave found a security pro2lem i2 the LTO#L22" HOWTsel
 114        &q2follow th2 steps in this document 2o hel23 href="-7As="loass="a
  22and hints on hers, and 2elp solve the issue.
  78userspace to 2ocumentat2on/HOWTO#L135" id="L135"2class23nelnewbie1" is, usu a
 178past.)  It2tion/Mana2ementStyle
  91    This file2cument de2cribes how Linux kernel 2ainta2ners opera clas22" g"li(TO#L#L189"0" clasn/HOWTOm" class="s="li,imor" class="lineame="L91">  91    This file2cment.  Asnd their methodologies. 2This 2s importan" id="Lumentate/"l-scm="L8/)ocumentatig"l-scm="L8/)oious uyou ws="line" nref="Documju name="L81">  81linux-api@vge2one new t2 kernel development (or 2nyone2simply curilopname="L24">  24
  48high standard2he unique2behavior of kernel maint2iners2
 178past.)  It2ocumentat2on/HOWTO#L142" id="L142"2class24the Linuxs/HOWTO#L1HOWTO#Lwhol8" class="lif="Doc
 178past.)  It2oollow th2e_kernel_rules.txt
  43definitive re2le descri2es the rules on how the 2table2kernel relrisktion/aas22" rfgres"DocumWTO#L2rn as " id="Ls="="lin" clas " id="ame="L43">  43definitive re2lmentation//HOWTO#L25" id="L25" claslass2ge into onne"id="-l progredhref="De="L28"af15" caumen3"uHsidhref="Doc/Hdeon/HOame="L43">  43definitive re2lion/Mana2="Documentation/HOWTO#L126" id2"L146" claea hr/HOWTntat="lg"li" id="Lusss=3" ass=" ="L114"oor1" is afne"o-rc1ame="L43">  43definitive re2lument de2on/HOWTO#L147" id="L147"2class24ers opera cltion/HOW" id="101" ="L114"heehind Documb1" cl clasa" ublicame="L43">  43definitive re2lment.  Asl-docs.txt
  43definitive re2lit resol2ase consult this list if2you d2 not find Documeacumentaa  43definitive re2king for 2ithin the in-kernel docu2entat25="Documentaf="Doca"at n-rc"8" classcumenoeekname="L24">  24
 178past.)  It2tion/appl2ing-patches.txt
 178past.)  It2te descri2on describing exactly wh2t a p25
 178past.)  It2tmentationifferent development bra2ches 2f the kernHOWTOtion/HOW63" class="line" nmentation/HOr" idclass=lengO#Lef= name="L178"> 178past.)  It2tion/Mana2on/HOWTO#L156" id="L156"2class25L146" cla"lineion/H/HOzero the
  91    This file2also has 2 large number of documen2s tha256146" cla"locumel"L24lL100 sm0" cTO#L157" irfgres"DocumofDocure#L167ineame="L91">  91    This file2ament.  Ased from the source code 2tself257"Documentaf="Docd="Lt name="L178"> 178past.)  It2tne new t2he in-kernel API, and ru2es on2ine" name="L59">  59The Linux ker2perly.  T2e documents will be crea2ed in2the
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 114        &q2 HTML, an2 man pages by running:
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2a href="Documentation/HO2TO#L124" id="L164" cpmentncelas88d="Lumen."line" name="L117"> 117          2e htmldoc2
2e mandocs2 114        &q2y from th2 main kernel source dire2tory.267" class="line" nlass="line"ine" name="L171"> 171
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 178past.)  It2- htmldoc2://">ht2p://k27ne" name="L15">  15Introduction
2 of a hel2ful mailing list where y2u can2ask almfocum3.T.y 8" id="L38"vefe="L1,ine"WTO#L8ndarlineTO#L15f="3.Tame="L15">  15Introduction
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  59The Linux ker3tion/Secu3ityBugs
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