2# FMC (ANSI-VITA 57.1) bus support
   5menuconfig FMC
   6        tristate "FMC support"
   7        help
   9          FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Carrier) is a mechanical and electrical
  10          standard for mezzanine cards that plug into a carrier board.
  11          This kernel subsystem supports the matching between carrier
  12          and mezzanine based on identifiers stored in the internal I2C
  13          EEPROM, as well as having carrier-independent drivers.
  15          The framework was born outside of the kernel and at this time
  16          the off-tree code base is more complete.  Code and documentation
  17          is at git:// .
  19if FMC
  21config FMC_FAKEDEV
  22        tristate "FMC fake device (software testing)"
  23        help
  24          This is a fake carrier, bringing a default EEPROM content
  25          that can be rewritten at run time and usef for matching
  26          mezzanines.
  28config FMC_TRIVIAL
  29        tristate "FMC trivial mezzanine driver (software testing)"
  30        help
  31          This is a fake mezzanine driver, to show how FMC works and test it.
  32          The driver also handles interrupts (we used it with a real carrier
  33          before the mezzanines were produced)
  36        tristate "FMC mezzanine driver to write I2C EEPROM"
  37        help
  38          This driver matches every mezzanine device and can write the
  39          internal EEPROM of the PCB, using the firmware loader to get
  40          its binary and the function carrier->reprogram to actually do it.
  41          It is useful when the mezzanines are produced.
  43config FMC_CHARDEV
  44        tristate "FMC mezzanine driver that registers a char device"
  45        help
  46          This driver matches every mezzanine device and allows user
  47          space to read and write registers using a char device. It
  48          can be used to write user-space drivers, or just get
  49          aquainted with a mezzanine before writing its specific driver.
  51endif # FMC
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