1menuconfig EXTCON
   2        tristate "External Connector Class (extcon) support"
   3        help
   4          Say Y here to enable external connector class (extcon) support.
   5          This allows monitoring external connectors by userspace
   6          via sysfs and uevent and supports external connectors with
   7          multiple states; i.e., an extcon that may have multiple
   8          cables attached. For example, an external connector of a device
   9          may be used to connect an HDMI cable and a AC adaptor, and to
  10          host USB ports. Many of 30-pin connectors including PDMI are
  11          also good examples.
  13if EXTCON
  15comment "Extcon Device Drivers"
  17config OF_EXTCON
  18        def_tristate y
  19        depends on OF
  21config EXTCON_GPIO
  22        tristate "GPIO extcon support"
  23        depends on GPIOLIB
  24        help
  25          Say Y here to enable GPIO based extcon support. Note that GPIO
  26          extcon supports single state per extcon instance.
  28config EXTCON_ADC_JACK
  29        tristate "ADC Jack extcon support"
  30        depends on IIO
  31        help
  32          Say Y here to enable extcon device driver based on ADC values.
  34config EXTCON_MAX77693
  35        tristate "MAX77693 EXTCON Support"
  36        depends on MFD_MAX77693 && INPUT
  37        select IRQ_DOMAIN
  38        select REGMAP_I2C
  39        help
  40          If you say yes here you get support for the MUIC device of
  41          Maxim MAX77693 PMIC. The MAX77693 MUIC is a USB port accessory
  42          detector and switch.
  44config EXTCON_MAX8997
  45        tristate "MAX8997 EXTCON Support"
  46        depends on MFD_MAX8997 && IRQ_DOMAIN
  47        help
  48          If you say yes here you get support for the MUIC device of
  49          Maxim MAX8997 PMIC. The MAX8997 MUIC is a USB port accessory
  50          detector and switch.
  53        tristate "Wolfson Arizona EXTCON support"
  54        depends on MFD_ARIZONA && INPUT && SND_SOC
  55        help
  56          Say Y here to enable support for external accessory detection
  57          with Wolfson Arizona devices. These are audio CODECs with
  58          advanced audio accessory detection support.
  60config EXTCON_PALMAS
  61        tristate "Palmas USB EXTCON support"
  62        depends on MFD_PALMAS
  63        help
  64          Say Y here to enable support for USB peripheral and USB host
  65          detection by palmas usb.
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