1config CPU_FREQ_CBE
   2        tristate "CBE frequency scaling"
   3        depends on CBE_RAS && PPC_CELL
   4        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
   5        default m
   6        help
   7          This adds the cpufreq driver for Cell BE processors.
   8          For details, take a look at <file:Documentation/cpu-freq/>.
   9          If you don't have such processor, say N
  11config CPU_FREQ_CBE_PMI
  12        bool "CBE frequency scaling using PMI interface"
  13        depends on CPU_FREQ_CBE
  14        default n
  15        help
  16          Select this, if you want to use the PMI interface to switch
  17          frequencies. Using PMI, the processor will not only be able to run at
  18          lower speed, but also at lower core voltage.
  20config CPU_FREQ_MAPLE
  21        bool "Support for Maple 970FX Evaluation Board"
  22        depends on PPC_MAPLE
  23        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
  24        help
  25          This adds support for frequency switching on Maple 970FX
  26          Evaluation Board and compatible boards (IBM JS2x blades).
  29        tristate "CPU frequency scaling driver for Freescale E500MC SoCs"
  30        depends on PPC_E500MC && OF && COMMON_CLK
  31        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
  32        select CLK_PPC_CORENET
  33        help
  34          This adds the CPUFreq driver support for Freescale e500mc,
  35          e5500 and e6500 series SoCs which are capable of changing
  36          the CPU's frequency dynamically.
  38config CPU_FREQ_PMAC
  39        bool "Support for Apple PowerBooks"
  40        depends on ADB_PMU && PPC32
  41        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
  42        help
  43          This adds support for frequency switching on Apple PowerBooks,
  44          this currently includes some models of iBook & Titanium
  45          PowerBook.
  47config CPU_FREQ_PMAC64
  48        bool "Support for some Apple G5s"
  49        depends on PPC_PMAC && PPC64
  50        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
  51        help
  52          This adds support for frequency switching on Apple iMac G5,
  53          and some of the more recent desktop G5 machines as well.
  56        bool "Support for PA Semi PWRficient"
  57        depends on PPC_PASEMI
  58        select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
  59        default y
  60        help
  61          This adds the support for frequency switching on PA Semi
  62          PWRficient processors.
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