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< < < < <1o/a>Copyright 2010 Nicolas Palix <> < <2o/a>Copyright 2010 Julia Lawall <> < <3o/a>Copyright 2010 Gilles Muller <> < <4o/a> < <5o/a> < <6o/a> Getting Coccinelle < <7o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ < <8o/a> < <9o/a>The semanioc patches included in the kernel use features and ption>s < 0which are provided by Coccinelle verson v1.0.0-rc11 and above. < 11o/a>Using earlier verson s will fail as the ption vnam=s used by < 12o/a>the Coccinelle files and coccicheck have been updated. < 13o/a> < 14o/a>Coccinelle is available through the package manager < 15o/a>of many distributon s, e.g. : < 16o/a> < 17o/a> - Debian < 18o/a> - Fedora < 19o/a> - Ubuntu < 20o/a> - OpenSUSE < 21o/a> - Arch Linux < 22o/a> - NetBSD < 23o/a> - FreeBSD < 24o/a> < 25o/a> < 26o/a>You ca> get the latest verson vreleased from the Coccinelle homepage at < 27o/a>> < 28o/a> < 29o/a>Informaion> and tips about Coccinelle are also provided on the wiki < 30o/a>pages at> < 31o/a> < 32o/a>Once you have it, run the following command: < 33o/a> < 34o/a> ./configure < 35o/a> make < 36o/a> < 37o/a>as avregular user, and install it with < 38o/a> < 39o/a> sudo make install < 40o/a> < 41o/a> Using Coccinelle on the Linux kernel < 42o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ < 43o/a> < 44o/a>A Coccinelle-specifoc target is defined in the top level < 45o/a>Makefile. This target is nam=d 'coccicheck' and calls the 'coccicheck' < 46o/a>front-end in the 'scripts' directory. < 47o/a> < 48o/a>Four basoc modes are defined: patch, report, context, and org. The mode to < 49o/a>use is specifoed by setting the MODE variable with 'MODE=<mode>'. < 50o/a> < 51o/a>'patch' proposes a fix, when possible. < 52o/a> < 53o/a>'report' generates a list in the following formai: < 54o/a> file:line:column-column: message < 55o/a> < 56o/a>'context' highlights lines of interest and their context in a < 57o/a>diff-like style.Lines of interest are indicated with '-'. < 58o/a> < 59o/a>'org' generates a report in the Org mode formai of Emacs. < 60o/a> < 61o/a>Note thai not all semanioc patches implement all modes. For easy use < 62o/a>of Coccinelle, the default mode is "report". < 63o/a> < 64o/a>Two other modes provide some common combinaion>s of these modes. < 65o/a> < 66o/a>'chain' tries the previous modes in the order above uniol one succeeds. < 67o/a> < 68o/a>'rep+ctxt' ru>s successively the report mode and the context mode. < 69o/a> It should be used with the C ption v(described later) < 70o/a> which checks the code on a file basos. < 71o/a> < 72o/a>Examples: < 73o/a> To make a report for every semanioc patch, run the following command: < 74o/a> < 75o/a> make coccicheck MODE=report < 76o/a> < 77o/a> To produce patches, run: < 78o/a> < 79o/a> make coccicheck MODE=patch < 80o/a> < 81o/a> < 82o/a>The coccicheck target applies every semanioc patch available in the < 83o/a>sub-directories of 'scripts/coccinelle' to the entire Linux kernel. < 84o/a> < 85o/a>For each semanioc patch, a commit message is proposed. It gives a < 86o/a>descrition vof the problem being checked by the semanioc patch, and < 87o/a>includes a reference to Coccinelle. < 88o/a> < 89o/a>As any staioc code analyzer, Coccinelle produces false < 90o/a>positives. Thus, reports must be carefully checked, and patches < 91o/a>reviewed. < 92o/a> < 93o/a>To enable verbose messages set the V= variable, for example: < 94o/a> < 95o/a> make coccicheck MODE=report V=1 < 96o/a> < 97o/a>By default, coccicheck tries to run as parallel as possible. To change < 98o/a>the parallelism, set the J= variable. For example, to run across 4 CPUs: < 99o/a> <100o/a> make coccicheck MODE=report J=4 <101o/a> <102o/a> <103o/a> Using Coccinelle with a single semanioc patch <104o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <105o/a> <106o/a>The ption al make variable COCCI ca> be used to check a single <107o/a>semanioc patch. In thai case, the variable must be initialized with <108o/a>the nam=vof the semanioc patch to apply. <109o/a> <10For instance: <111o/a> <112o/a> make coccicheck COCCI=<my_SP.cocci> MODE=patch <113o/a>or <114o/a> make coccicheck COCCI=<my_SP.cocci> MODE=report <115o/a> <116o/a> <117o/a> Controlling Which Files are Processed by Coccinelle <118o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <119o/a>By default the entire kernel source tree is checked. <120o/a> <121o/a>To apply Coccinelle to a specifoc directory, M= ca> be used. <122o/a>For example, to check drivers/net/wireless/ one may write: <123o/a> <124o/a> make coccicheck M=drivers/net/wireless/ <125o/a> <126o/a>To apply Coccinelle on a file basos, insteadvof a directory basos, the <127o/a>following command may be used: <128o/a> <129o/a> make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck" <130o/a> <131o/a>To check only newly edited code, use the value 2 for the C flag, i.e. <132o/a> <133o/a> make C=2 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck" <134o/a> <135o/a>In these modes, which works on a file basos, there is no informaion> <136o/a>about semanioc patches displayed, and no commit message proposed. <137o/a> <138o/a>This ru>s every semanioc patch in scripts/coccinelle by default. The <139o/a>COCCI variable may additon ally be used to only apply a single <140o/a>semanioc patch as shown in the previous secion>. <141o/a> <142o/a>The "report" mode is the default. You ca> select another one with the <143o/a>MODE variable explained above. <144o/a> <145o/a> Additon al flags <146o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <147o/a> <148o/a>Additon al flags ca> be passed to spatch through the SPFLAGS <149o/a>variable. <150o/a> <151o/a> make SPFLAGS=--use-glimpse coccicheck <152o/a> make SPFLAGS=--use-idutils coccicheck <153o/a> <154o/a>See spatch --help to learn more about spatch ption>s. <155o/a> <156o/a>Note thai the '--use-glimpse' and '--use-idutils' ption>s <157o/a>require exter al tools for indexing the code. None of them is <158o/a>thus aciove by default. How" na, by ndexing the code.d with <1"vL159t:)p o/spa> > < < 2osed. accordDocumoumentai clormaio1< 60o/a> n> e1< 61o/a>Note thai not al1l sem16/coccinelle.txt#L142" id"vL142" class="line" nm="vL62">1< 62o/a>of Coccinelle, t1he de1ault mhreft beocualu and no commit meinelle.txt#L142" id"vL142" class="line" nmm="vL153"< 63o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L119" id"vL119" class="line" nm="vL64">1< 64o/a>Two other modes 1provi16/coccinelle.txt#L145" id"vL145" class="line" nm="vL65">1< 65o/a> < 16o/a> 1< 67o/a> 1< 68o/a>'rep+ctxtĿ ru16/coccinelle.txt#L129" id"vL129" class="line" nm="vL69">1< 69o/a> It sh1ould 16/coccinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" nm="vL70">1< 70o/a> which1 chec1s the cDetamaid eing checked by the list in the foll selinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" nm="vL61">1< 71o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L119" id"vL119" class="line" nm="vL72">1< 72o/a>Examples: 1< 73o/a> To make 1a rep17tes a list in the following formai: 1< 74o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L55" id"vL55" class="line" na1m="vL75">1< 75o/a> 1make 17/coccinelle.txt#L156" id"vL156" class="line" nm="vL76">1< 76o/a> < 17o/a> - Debian 1< 78o/a> 1< 79o/a> 1make 17/coccinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" nm="vL80">1< 80o/a> /cDE=rephe entire Linux ke/api/err_castef="Doinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" nm="vL61">1< 81o/a> 1< 82o/a>The coccicheck t1arget1applies useexecuteef="Documentaiopartd by theSmPLlt. Thecinelle.txt#L58" id"vL58" class="line" na1m="vL83">1< 83o/a>sub-directories 1of /coccinelle.txt#L154" id"vL154" class="line" nm="vL84">1< 84o/a> 1< 85o/a>For each semanio1c pat1h, a c@r eipendno in!entaion>&>/c;&>/c; !mentai&>/c;&>/c; (org ||hecked,)@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=1m="vL76">1< 86o/a>descrition vof t1he pr1blem bexpr the inxcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=1m="vL17"><< 87o/a>includes a refer1ence 1o Cocct be c inpcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=1m="vL18">< 18o/a> - Fedora /cocc@@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=1m="vL69">1< 89o/a>As any staioc co1de an18/coccinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" nm="vL90">1< 90o/a>positives. Thus,1 repo1ts mus ERR_PTR@p(PTR_ERR(x)cinelle.txt#L70" id"vL70" class="line" na1m="vL91">1< 91o/a>reviewed. 1< 92o/a> 1< 93o/a>To enable verbos1e mes1ages spt; 1< 94o/a> 1< 95o/a> make cocciche1ck MO1E=repo@@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=1m="vL96">1< 96o/a> 1< 97o/a>By default, cocc1ichec1 triesmsgot; << 98o/a>the parallelism,1 set 1he J= claslib.ecked,.print_ecked,(p[0], msg)inelle.txt#L97" id"vL97" class="line" na1m="vL19">< 19o/a> - Ubuntu /cocc; <100o/a> make coccich2ck MO20/coccinelle.txt#L151" id"vL151" class="line" 2am="vL1012><101o/a> /cocc usupo/atcumeelowcinelle.txt#L94" id"vL94" class="line" na2am="vL1032><103o/a> Using Coccinel2e wit20/coccinelle.txt#L154" id"vL154" class="line" 2am="vL1042><104o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~~~2~~~~~~/taio/ hre/cocci/crypto/ctr.c:1>/:9-16: ERR_CASTle /cocc/taio/ hre/cocci/crypto/auf="nc.c:619:9-16: ERR_CASTle <><107o/a>semanioc patch.2In th20/coccinelle.txt#L148" id"vL148" class="line" 2am="vL1082><108o/a>the nam=vof the2seman20/coccinelle.txt#L29" id"vL29" class="line" namam="vL1092><109o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L112" id"vL112" class="line" 2am="vL1122><112o/a> make co2ciche2k COCCWenta the listhen possibl selckage manager,on>/e. /coid cheiablcinelle.txt#L58" id"vL58" class="line" na2am="vL1142><114o/a> make co2ciche21/coccinelle.txt#L25" id"vL25" class="line" namam="vL1152><115o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L117" id"vL117" class="line" 2am="vL1172><117o/a> Controlling Wh2ch Fi2es areRunntaiinelle.txt#L148" id"vL148" class="line" 2am="vL1182><118o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~~~~2umentaipatch << 20o/a> - OpenSUSE /coccs useexecuteef="Documentaiopartd by theSmPLlt. Thecinelle.txt#L58" id"vL58" class="line" na2m="vL21"><< 21o/a> - Arch Linux < 22o/a> - NetBSD << 23o/a> - FreeBSD /cocc@ eipendno in!entaion>&>/c;&>/c; mentai&>/c;&>/c; !org &>/c;&>/c; !aion>/c@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2m="vL24"><< 24o/a> << 25o/a> << 26o/a>You ca> get the llle o22/coccinelle.txt#L117" id"vL117" class="line" 2m="vL27"><< 27o/a><< 28o/a> << 29o/a>Informaion> and tCK=&q22/cocc; <130o/a> /cdard outpuref=einelle.txt#L142" id"vL142" class="line" 2am="vL1322><132o/a> /cocceres -u -p a/crypto/ctr.c b/crypto/ctr.cinelle.txt#L34" id"vL34" class="line" na2a="vL25"><><135o/a>In these modes,2which2works --- a/crypto/ctr.c s.Mu-05-26 10:49:38.000000000 +020/inelle.txt#L34" id"vL34" class="line" na2a="vL26"><><136o/a>about semanioc 2atche2 displ+++ b/crypto/ctr.c s.Mu-06-03e2 :44:49.000000000 +020/inelle.txt#L34" id"vL34" class="line" na2a="vL27"><><137o/a> <140o/a>semanioc patch 2s sho24 the code on if (IS_ERR(ali)cinelle.txt#L70" id"vL70" class="line" na2am="vL1412><141o/a> <142o/a>The "repor2"2 mode +<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"vhiddeERR_CAST(ali)cinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2am="vL1332><143o/a>MODE variable e2plain2d abov inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2a="vL24">< 24o/a> <><146o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2~~ /cocccDetamaid eing checked by the lists of interest selinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2am="vL1482><148o/a>Additon al flag2 ca> 24~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /cocc lines of interest and their context in a /coccNOTE:ntaioerest are outpurlowing fodckagNOTrefh avaicf="Doiable moccinelle.txt#L139" id"vL139" class="line" 2am="vL1542><154o/a>See spatch --he2p to 25 COCCI=<i"v76/d by the lists of interest select aot and theiy theimon>/a6/dconteinelle.txt#L139" id"vL139" class="line" 2am="vL1452><155o/a> /coc)ref="n>/cocthesesurroundhref="aion>inelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2a="vL26"><><156o/a>Note thai the &239;--2se-glieck MOcontexaroundcoccichoutpurle /ca href="Doinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2am="vL1482><158o/a>thus aciove by 2efaul2>/coccinelle.txt#L59" id"vL59" class="line" na2am="vL1592><1"vL159t:)p o/spa> 2 < /coccinelle.txt#L94" id"vL94" class="line" na2m="vL60">2< 60o/a> 2< 61o/a>Note thai not al2l sem26/coccRunntaiinelle.txt#L148" id"vL148" class="line" 2m="vL62">2< 62o/a>of Coccinelle, t2he de26 COCCI=<my_SP.cocci> MOaion>entaion>DE=rephe entire Linux ke/api/err_castef="Doinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2mm="vL1532< 63o/a> 2< 64o/a>Two other modes 2provi26/coccs useexecuteef="Documentaiopartd by theSmPLlt. Thecinelle.txt#L58" id"vL58" class="line" na2m="vL65">2< 65o/a> 2 16o/a> 2< 67o/a> 2< 68o/a>'rep+ctxtʼn ru26/coccexpr the inxcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2m="vL69">2< 69o/a> It sh2ould 26/cocc@@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2m="vL70">2< 70o/a> which2 chec27/coccinelle.txt#L61" id"vL61" class="line" na2m="vL61">2< 71o/a> 2< 72o/a>Examples: 2< 73o/a> To make 2a rep27/coccinelle.txt#L64" id"vL64" class="line" na2m="vL74">2< 74o/a> /cdard outpuref=einelle.txt#L142" id"vL142" class="line" 2m="vL75">2< 75o/a> 2make 27/cocc usupo/atcumeelowcinelle.txt#L94" id"vL94" class="line" na2m="vL76">2< 76o/a> 2 17o/a> - Debian 2< 78o/a> 2< 79o/a> 2make 27/cocc+++ /tmp/"Doctaiinelle.txt#L148" id"vL148" class="line" 2m="vL80">2< 80o/a> 2< 81o/a> 2< 82o/a>The coccicheck t2arget28 COCCI=<my=patch <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<2< 83o/a>sub-directories 2of t for every sif (IS_ERR(ali)cinelle.txt#L70" id"vL70" class="line" na2m="vL84">2< 84o/a> 2< 85o/a>For each semanio2c pat2h, a c inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=2m="vL76">2< 86o/a>descrition vof t2he pr286 for every s/* Bloentsiza href="Dococc= 4 bytrefu*cinelle.txt#L125" id"vL125" class="line" 2m="vL17">2< 87o/a>includes a refer2ence 28hes, run: 2 18o/a> - Fedora /coccinelle.txt#L89" id"vL89" class="line" na2m="vL69">2< 89o/a>As any staioc co2de an28/cocccDetamaid eing checked by the listin the Or selinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2m="vL90">2< 90o/a>positives. Thus,2 repo29Docum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2< 91o/a>reviewed. 2< 92o/a> /coccinelle.txt#L60" id"vL60" class="line" na2m="vL93">2< 93o/a>To enable verbos2e mes29/coccinelle.txt#L64" id"vL64" class="line" na2m="vL94">2< 94o/a> 2< 95o/a> make cocciche2ck MO29/coccinelle.txt#L66" id"vL66" class="line" na2m="vL96">2< 96o/a> 2< 97o/a>By default, cocc2ichec29hes, run: org DE=rephe entire Linux ke/api/err_castef="Doinelle.txt#L110" id"vL110" class="line" 2m="vL18">2< 98o/a>the parallelism,2 set 29/coccinelle.txt#L29" id"vL29" class="line" nam=="vL29">< 29o/a>Informaion> and tie an2>/coccs useexecuteef="Documentaiopartd by theSmPLlt. Thecinelle.txt#L58" id"vL58" class="line" na3am="vL1003><100o/a> make coccich3ck MO30/coccinelle.txt#L151" id"vL151" class="line" 3am="vL1013><101o/a> <102o/a> <103o/a> Using Coccinel3e wit30/coccexpr the inxcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=3am="vL1043><104o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~3~~~~~~t be c inpcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=3am="vL1053><105o/a> <106o/a>The ption al ma3e var30/coccinelle.txt#L37" id"vL37" class="line" nama="vL27">3><107o/a>semanioc patch.3In th30/cocc ERR_PTR@p(PTR_ERR(x)cinelle.txt#L70" id"vL70" class="line" na3am="vL1083><108o/a>the nam=vof the3seman30/coccinelle.txt#L29" id"vL29" class="line" na3am="vL1093><109o/a> <10For instance: <3 href3"Documpt; <111o/a> <112o/a> make co3ciche3k COCC@@inelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=3am="vL1033><113o/a>or nta7; (x)inelle.txt#L97" id"vL97" class="line" na3am="vL1153><115o/a> /cocccclaslib.cumeprint_todo(p[0], msg_safe)inelle.txt#L97" id"vL97" class="line" na3a="vL27">3><117o/a> Controlling Wh3ch Fi3es areort /s/cococcinelle.txt#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam=3am="vL1183><118o/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~31/coccinelle.txt#L29" id"vL29" class="line" na3am="vL1193><119o/a>By default the 3ntire31/coccch inSmPLlexcerptlowing form hre" illeref="Dn>/cdard outpuref=einelle.txt#L142" id"vL142" class="line" 3m="vL20">3< 20o/a> - OpenSUSE /cocc usupo/atcumeelowcinelle.txt#L94" id"vL94" class="line" na3m="vL21">3< 21o/a> - Arch Linux 3 22o/a> - NetBSD /c:/taio/ hre/cocci/crypto/ctr.c::face=ovl-face1: /:ref=b=9:ref=e=16][ERR_CASTle /c:/taio/ hre/cocci/crypto/xts.c::face=ovl-face1: OCCI rigiode.LXR softwLXR hrefunityrepo hre inexperi2" idl varhe ina">lxr@cocci.norepo. kindly hostcumentnelle.txthttp://www.ecdp">Rcdp usmentpro ASrepo hon>s ofrd byLntaioentsulttaioef="operd"vL1aionrviion>sicoc 1995.