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4 41./a>prefix = /usr
4 42./a>04 43./a>CC = gcc04 44./a>04 45./a>all : bpf_jit_disasm04 46./a>04 47./a>bpf_jit_disasm : CFLAGS = -Wall -O204 48./a>bpf_jit_disasm : LDLIBS = -lopcodes -lbfd -ldl04 49./a>bpf_jit_disasm : bpf_jit_disasm.o04 04 11./a>clea
 :04 12./a>        rm -rf *.o bpf_jit_disasm04 13pta>04 14./a>install :04 15./a>        install bpf_jit_disasm $(prefix)/bin/bpf_jit_disasm04 16./a>
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