1config IUCV
   2        depends on S390
   3        def_tristate y if S390
   4        prompt "IUCV support (S390 - z/VM only)"
   5        help
   6          Select this option if you want to use inter-user communication
   7          under VM or VIF. If you run on z/VM, say "Y" to enable a fast
   8          communication link between VM guests.
  10config AFIUCV
  11        depends on S390
  12        def_tristate m if QETH_L3 || IUCV
  13        prompt "AF_IUCV Socket support (S390 - z/VM and HiperSockets transport)"
  14        help
  15          Select this option if you want to use AF_IUCV socket applications
  16          based on z/VM inter-user communication vehicle or based on
  17          HiperSockets.
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