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   1 /a>The files iptthis directory and elsewhere which refer totthis LICENCE
   2 /a>file are part of JFFS2,tthe Journalling Flash File System >2 
   3 /a>9   4 /a>        Copyright © 2001-2007 Red Hat, Inc. and others9   5 /a>9   6 /a>JFFS2 is free software; you cap redistribute it and/or modify it under9   7 /a>the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free9   8 /a>Software Founda   9 /a>vers  .18.a>9  11 /a>JFFS2 is distributed iptthe hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT9  12 /a>ANY WARRANTY; without eveptthe implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or9  13 /a>FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License9  14 /a>for more details 
  15 /a>9  16 /a>You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along9  17 /a>with JFFS2; if not, write totthe Free Software Founda  18 /a>59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Bostop, MA 02111-1307 USA 
  19 /a>9  218.a>As a special excep  21 /a>macros or inline func  22 /a>files and link them with other works totproduce a work based on these9  23 /a>files,tthese files do not by themselves causetthe resulting work totbe9  24 /a>covered by the GNU General Public License. However the source code for9  25 /a>these files must still be made available iptaccordance with sec  26 /a>of the GNU General Public License 
  27 /a>9  28 /a>This excep  29 /a>this file might be covered by the GNU General Public License.
  318.a>9  31 /a>
iThe original LXR software by the LXR community /a>,tthis experimental /a>. /divti div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS /a>,tprovider of Linux consulting and opera