1config ECRYPT_FS
   2        tristate "eCrypt filesystem layer support"
   3        depends on KEYS && CRYPTO && (ENCRYPTED_KEYS || ENCRYPTED_KEYS=n)
   4        select CRYPTO_ECB
   5        select CRYPTO_CBC
   6        select CRYPTO_MD5
   7        help
   8          Encrypted filesystem that operates on the VFS layer.  See
   9          <file:Documentation/filesystems/ecryptfs.txt> to learn more about
  10          eCryptfs.  Userspace components are required and can be
  11          obtained from <>.
  13          To compile this file system support as a module, choose M here: the
  14          module will be called ecryptfs.
  17        bool "Enable notifications for userspace key wrap/unwrap"
  18        depends on ECRYPT_FS
  19        help
  20          Enables the /dev/ecryptfs entry for use by ecryptfsd. This allows
  21          for userspace to wrap/unwrap file encryption keys by other
  22          backends, like OpenSSL.
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