2# SPI driver configuration
   4# NOTE:  the reason this doesn't show SPI slave support is mostly that
   5# nobody's needed a slave side API yet.  The master-role API is not
   6# fully appropriate there, so it'd need some thought to do well.
   8menuconfig SPI
   9        bool "SPI support"
  10        depends on HAS_IOMEM
  11        help
  12          The "Serial Peripheral Interface" is a low level synchronous
  13          protocol.  Chips that support SPI can have data transfer rates
  14          up to several tens of Mbit/sec.  Chips are addressed with a
  15          controller and a chipselect.  Most SPI slaves don't support
  16          dynamic device discovery; some are even write-only or read-only.
  18          SPI is widely used by microcontrollers to talk with sensors,
  19          eeprom and flash memory, codecs and various other controller
  20          chips, analog to digital (and d-to-a) converters, and more.
  21          MMC and SD cards can be accessed using SPI protocol; and for
  22          DataFlash cards used in MMC sockets, SPI must always be used.
  24          SPI is one of a family of similar protocols using a four wire
  25          interface (select, clock, data in, data out) including Microwire
  26          (half duplex), SSP, SSI, and PSP.  This driver framework should
  27          work with most such devices and controllers.
  29if SPI
  31config SPI_DEBUG
  32        boolean "Debug support for SPI drivers"
  33        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
  34        help
  35          Say "yes" to enable debug messaging (like dev_dbg and pr_debug),
  36          sysfs, and debugfs support in SPI controller and protocol drivers.
  39# MASTER side ... talking to discrete SPI slave chips including microcontrollers
  42config SPI_MASTER
  43#       boolean "SPI Master Support"
  44        boolean
  45        default SPI
  46        help
  47          If your system has an master-capable SPI controller (which
  48          provides the clock and chipselect), you can enable that
  49          controller and the protocol drivers for the SPI slave chips
  50          that are connected.
  54comment "SPI Master Controller Drivers"
  56config SPI_ALTERA
  57        tristate "Altera SPI Controller"
  58        depends on GENERIC_HARDIRQS
  59        select SPI_BITBANG
  60        help
  61          This is the driver for the Altera SPI Controller.
  63config SPI_ATH79
  64        tristate "Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR913X SPI controller driver"
  65        depends on ATH79 && GPIOLIB
  66        select SPI_BITBANG
  67        help
  68          This enables support for the SPI controller present on the
  69          Atheros AR71XX/AR724X/AR913X SoCs.
  71config SPI_ATMEL
  72        tristate "Atmel SPI Controller"
  73        depends on (ARCH_AT91 || AVR32)
  74        help
  75          This selects a driver for the Atmel SPI Controller, present on
  76          many AT32 (AVR32) and AT91 (ARM) chips.
  78config SPI_BCM2835
  79        tristate "BCM2835 SPI controller"
  80        depends on ARCH_BCM2835
  81        help
  82          This selects a driver for the Broadcom BCM2835 SPI master.
  84          The BCM2835 contains two types of SPI master controller; the
  85          "universal SPI master", and the regular SPI controller. This driver
  86          is for the regular SPI controller. Slave mode operation is not also
  87          not supported.
  89config SPI_BFIN5XX
  90        tristate "SPI controller driver for ADI Blackfin5xx"
  91        depends on BLACKFIN
  92        help
  93          This is the SPI controller master driver for Blackfin 5xx processor.
  95config SPI_BFIN_SPORT
  96        tristate "SPI bus via Blackfin SPORT"
  97        depends on BLACKFIN
  98        help
  99          Enable support for a SPI bus via the Blackfin SPORT peripheral.
 101config SPI_AU1550
 102        tristate "Au1550/Au1200/Au1300 SPI Controller"
 103        depends on MIPS_ALCHEMY
 104        select SPI_BITBANG
 105        help
 106          If you say yes to this option, support will be included for the
 107          PSC SPI controller found on Au1550, Au1200 and Au1300 series.
 109config SPI_BCM63XX
 110        tristate "Broadcom BCM63xx SPI controller"
 111        depends on BCM63XX
 112        help
 113          Enable support for the SPI controller on the Broadcom BCM63xx SoCs.
 115config SPI_BITBANG
 116        tristate "Utilities for Bitbanging SPI masters"
 117        help
 118          With a few GPIO pins, your system can bitbang the SPI protocol.
 119          Select this to get SPI support through I/O pins (GPIO, parallel
 120          port, etc).  Or, some systems' SPI master controller drivers use
 121          this code to manage the per-word or per-transfer accesses to the
 122          hardware shift registers.
 124          This is library code, and is automatically selected by drivers that
 125          need it.  You only need to select this explicitly to support driver
 126          modules that aren't part of this kernel tree.
 128config SPI_BUTTERFLY
 129        tristate "Parallel port adapter for AVR Butterfly (DEVELOPMENT)"
 130        depends on PARPORT
 131        select SPI_BITBANG
 132        help
 133          This uses a custom parallel port cable to connect to an AVR
 134          Butterfly <>, an
 135          inexpensive battery powered microcontroller evaluation board.
 136          This same cable can be used to flash new firmware.
 138config SPI_CLPS711X
 139        tristate "CLPS711X host SPI controller"
 140        depends on ARCH_CLPS711X
 141        help
 142          This enables dedicated general purpose SPI/Microwire1-compatible
 143          master mode interface (SSI1) for CLPS711X-based CPUs.
 146        tristate "Freescale Coldfire QSPI controller"
 147        depends on (M520x || M523x || M5249 || M525x || M527x || M528x || M532x)
 148        help
 149          This enables support for the Coldfire QSPI controller in master
 150          mode.
 152config SPI_DAVINCI
 153        tristate "Texas Instruments DaVinci/DA8x/OMAP-L/AM1x SoC SPI controller"
 154        depends on ARCH_DAVINCI
 155        select SPI_BITBANG
 156        select TI_EDMA
 157        help
 158          SPI master controller for DaVinci/DA8x/OMAP-L/AM1x SPI modules.
 160config SPI_EP93XX
 161        tristate "Cirrus Logic EP93xx SPI controller"
 162        depends on ARCH_EP93XX
 163        help
 164          This enables using the Cirrus EP93xx SPI controller in master
 165          mode.
 167config SPI_FALCON
 168        tristate "Falcon SPI controller support"
 169        depends on SOC_FALCON
 170        help
 171          The external bus unit (EBU) found on the FALC-ON SoC has SPI
 172          emulation that is designed for serial flash access. This driver
 173          has only been tested with m25p80 type chips. The hardware has no
 174          support for other types of SPI peripherals.
 176config SPI_GPIO
 177        tristate "GPIO-based bitbanging SPI Master"
 178        depends on GPIOLIB
 179        select SPI_BITBANG
 180        help
 181          This simple GPIO bitbanging SPI master uses the arch-neutral GPIO
 182          interface to manage MOSI, MISO, SCK, and chipselect signals.  SPI
 183          slaves connected to a bus using this driver are configured as usual,
 184          except that the spi_board_info.controller_data holds the GPIO number
 185          for the chipselect used by this controller driver.
 187          Note that this driver often won't achieve even 1 Mbit/sec speeds,
 188          making it unusually slow for SPI.  If your platform can inline
 189          GPIO operations, you should be able to leverage that for better
 190          speed with a custom version of this driver; see the source code.
 192config SPI_IMX
 193        tristate "Freescale i.MX SPI controllers"
 194        depends on ARCH_MXC
 195        select SPI_BITBANG
 196        default m if IMX_HAVE_PLATFORM_SPI_IMX
 197        help
 198          This enables using the Freescale i.MX SPI controllers in master
 199          mode.
 201config SPI_LM70_LLP
 202        tristate "Parallel port adapter for LM70 eval board (DEVELOPMENT)"
 203        depends on PARPORT
 204        select SPI_BITBANG
 205        help
 206          This driver supports the NS LM70 LLP Evaluation Board,
 207          which interfaces to an LM70 temperature sensor using
 208          a parallel port.
 210config SPI_MPC52xx
 211        tristate "Freescale MPC52xx SPI (non-PSC) controller support"
 212        depends on PPC_MPC52xx
 213        help
 214          This drivers supports the MPC52xx SPI controller in master SPI
 215          mode.
 217config SPI_MPC52xx_PSC
 218        tristate "Freescale MPC52xx PSC SPI controller"
 219        depends on PPC_MPC52xx
 220        help
 221          This enables using the Freescale MPC52xx Programmable Serial
 222          Controller in master SPI mode.
 224config SPI_MPC512x_PSC
 225        tristate "Freescale MPC512x PSC SPI controller"
 226        depends on PPC_MPC512x
 227        help
 228          This enables using the Freescale MPC5121 Programmable Serial
 229          Controller in SPI master mode.
 231config SPI_FSL_LIB
 232        tristate
 233        depends on OF
 235config SPI_FSL_CPM
 236        tristate
 237        depends on FSL_SOC
 239config SPI_FSL_SPI
 240        bool "Freescale SPI controller and Aeroflex Gaisler GRLIB SPI controller"
 241        depends on OF
 242        select SPI_FSL_LIB
 243        select SPI_FSL_CPM if FSL_SOC
 244        help
 245          This enables using the Freescale SPI controllers in master mode.
 246          MPC83xx platform uses the controller in cpu mode or CPM/QE mode.
 247          MPC8569 uses the controller in QE mode, MPC8610 in cpu mode.
 248          This also enables using the Aeroflex Gaisler GRLIB SPI controller in
 249          master mode.
 251config SPI_FSL_ESPI
 252        bool "Freescale eSPI controller"
 253        depends on FSL_SOC
 254        select SPI_FSL_LIB
 255        help
 256          This enables using the Freescale eSPI controllers in master mode.
 257          From MPC8536, 85xx platform uses the controller, and all P10xx,
 258          P20xx, P30xx,P40xx, P50xx uses this controller.
 260config SPI_OC_TINY
 261        tristate "OpenCores tiny SPI"
 262        depends on GPIOLIB
 263        select SPI_BITBANG
 264        help
 265          This is the driver for OpenCores tiny SPI master controller.
 267config SPI_OCTEON
 268        tristate "Cavium OCTEON SPI controller"
 269        depends on CAVIUM_OCTEON_SOC
 270        help
 271          SPI host driver for the hardware found on some Cavium OCTEON
 272          SOCs.
 274config SPI_OMAP_UWIRE
 275        tristate "OMAP1 MicroWire"
 276        depends on ARCH_OMAP1
 277        select SPI_BITBANG
 278        help
 279          This hooks up to the MicroWire controller on OMAP1 chips.
 281config SPI_OMAP24XX
 282        tristate "McSPI driver for OMAP"
 283        depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
 284        help
 285          SPI master controller for OMAP24XX and later Multichannel SPI
 286          (McSPI) modules.
 288config SPI_OMAP_100K
 289        tristate "OMAP SPI 100K"
 290        depends on ARCH_OMAP850 || ARCH_OMAP730
 291        help
 292          OMAP SPI 100K master controller for omap7xx boards.
 294config SPI_ORION
 295        tristate "Orion SPI master"
 296        depends on PLAT_ORION
 297        help
 298          This enables using the SPI master controller on the Orion chips.
 300config SPI_PL022
 301        tristate "ARM AMBA PL022 SSP controller"
 302        depends on ARM_AMBA
 303        default y if MACH_U300
 304        default y if ARCH_REALVIEW
 305        default y if INTEGRATOR_IMPD1
 306        default y if ARCH_VERSATILE
 307        help
 308          This selects the ARM(R) AMBA(R) PrimeCell PL022 SSP
 309          controller. If you have an embedded system with an AMBA(R)
 310          bus and a PL022 controller, say Y or M here.
 312config SPI_PPC4xx
 313        tristate "PPC4xx SPI Controller"
 314        depends on PPC32 && 4xx
 315        select SPI_BITBANG
 316        help
 317          This selects a driver for the PPC4xx SPI Controller.
 319config SPI_PXA2XX_PXADMA
 320        bool "PXA2xx SSP legacy PXA DMA API support"
 321        depends on SPI_PXA2XX && ARCH_PXA
 322        help
 323          Enable PXA private legacy DMA API support. Note that this is
 324          deprecated in favor of generic DMA engine API.
 326config SPI_PXA2XX_DMA
 327        def_bool y
 328        depends on SPI_PXA2XX && !SPI_PXA2XX_PXADMA
 330config SPI_PXA2XX
 331        tristate "PXA2xx SSP SPI master"
 332        depends on (ARCH_PXA || PCI || ACPI) && GENERIC_HARDIRQS
 333        select PXA_SSP if ARCH_PXA
 334        help
 335          This enables using a PXA2xx or Sodaville SSP port as a SPI master
 336          controller. The driver can be configured to use any SSP port and
 337          additional documentation can be found a Documentation/spi/pxa2xx.
 339config SPI_PXA2XX_PCI
 340        def_tristate SPI_PXA2XX && PCI
 342config SPI_RSPI
 343        tristate "Renesas RSPI controller"
 344        depends on SUPERH
 345        help
 346          SPI driver for Renesas RSPI blocks.
 348config SPI_S3C24XX
 349        tristate "Samsung S3C24XX series SPI"
 350        depends on ARCH_S3C24XX
 351        select SPI_BITBANG
 352        help
 353          SPI driver for Samsung S3C24XX series ARM SoCs
 355config SPI_S3C24XX_FIQ
 356        bool "S3C24XX driver with FIQ pseudo-DMA"
 357        depends on SPI_S3C24XX
 358        select FIQ
 359        help
 360          Enable FIQ support for the S3C24XX SPI driver to provide pseudo
 361          DMA by using the fast-interrupt request framework, This allows
 362          the driver to get DMA-like performance when there are either
 363          no free DMA channels, or when doing transfers that required both
 364          TX and RX data paths.
 366config SPI_S3C64XX
 367        tristate "Samsung S3C64XX series type SPI"
 368        depends on (ARCH_S3C24XX || ARCH_S3C64XX || ARCH_S5P64X0 || ARCH_EXYNOS)
 369        select S3C64XX_DMA if ARCH_S3C64XX
 370        help
 371          SPI driver for Samsung S3C64XX and newer SoCs.
 373config SPI_SC18IS602
 374        tristate "NXP SC18IS602/602B/603 I2C to SPI bridge"
 375        depends on I2C
 376        help
 377          SPI driver for NXP SC18IS602/602B/603 I2C to SPI bridge.
 379config SPI_SH_MSIOF
 380        tristate "SuperH MSIOF SPI controller"
 381        depends on (SUPERH || ARCH_SHMOBILE) && HAVE_CLK
 382        select SPI_BITBANG
 383        help
 384          SPI driver for SuperH and SH Mobile MSIOF blocks.
 386config SPI_SH
 387        tristate "SuperH SPI controller"
 388        depends on SUPERH
 389        help
 390          SPI driver for SuperH SPI blocks.
 392config SPI_SH_SCI
 393        tristate "SuperH SCI SPI controller"
 394        depends on SUPERH
 395        select SPI_BITBANG
 396        help
 397          SPI driver for SuperH SCI blocks.
 399config SPI_SH_HSPI
 400        tristate "SuperH HSPI controller"
 401        depends on ARCH_SHMOBILE
 402        help
 403          SPI driver for SuperH HSPI blocks.
 405config SPI_SIRF
 406        tristate "CSR SiRFprimaII SPI controller"
 407        depends on ARCH_SIRF
 408        select SPI_BITBANG
 409        help
 410          SPI driver for CSR SiRFprimaII SoCs
 412config SPI_MXS
 413        tristate "Freescale MXS SPI controller"
 414        depends on ARCH_MXS
 415        select STMP_DEVICE
 416        help
 417          SPI driver for Freescale MXS devices.
 419config SPI_TEGRA114
 420        tristate "NVIDIA Tegra114 SPI Controller"
 421        depends on ARCH_TEGRA && TEGRA20_APB_DMA
 422        help
 423          SPI driver for NVIDIA Tegra114 SPI Controller interface. This controller
 424          is different than the older SoCs SPI controller and also register interface
 425          get changed with this controller.
 427config SPI_TEGRA20_SFLASH
 428        tristate "Nvidia Tegra20 Serial flash Controller"
 429        depends on ARCH_TEGRA
 430        help
 431          SPI driver for Nvidia Tegra20 Serial flash Controller interface.
 432          The main usecase of this controller is to use spi flash as boot
 433          device.
 435config SPI_TEGRA20_SLINK
 436        tristate "Nvidia Tegra20/Tegra30 SLINK Controller"
 437        depends on ARCH_TEGRA && TEGRA20_APB_DMA
 438        help
 439          SPI driver for Nvidia Tegra20/Tegra30 SLINK Controller interface.
 441config SPI_TI_SSP
 442        tristate "TI Sequencer Serial Port - SPI Support"
 443        depends on MFD_TI_SSP
 444        help
 445          This selects an SPI master implementation using a TI sequencer
 446          serial port.
 449        tristate "Intel EG20T PCH/LAPIS Semicon IOH(ML7213/ML7223/ML7831) SPI"
 450        depends on PCI
 451        help
 452          SPI driver for the Topcliff PCH (Platform Controller Hub) SPI bus
 453          used in some x86 embedded processors.
 455          This driver also supports the ML7213/ML7223/ML7831, a companion chip
 456          for the Atom E6xx series and compatible with the Intel EG20T PCH.
 458config SPI_TXX9
 459        tristate "Toshiba TXx9 SPI controller"
 460        depends on GPIOLIB && CPU_TX49XX
 461        help
 462          SPI driver for Toshiba TXx9 MIPS SoCs
 464config SPI_XCOMM
 465        tristate "Analog Devices AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ SPI-I2C-bridge driver"
 466        depends on I2C
 467        help
 468          Support for the SPI-I2C bridge found on the Analog Devices
 469          AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ board.
 471config SPI_XILINX
 472        tristate "Xilinx SPI controller common module"
 473        depends on HAS_IOMEM
 474        select SPI_BITBANG
 475        help
 476          This exposes the SPI controller IP from the Xilinx EDK.
 478          See the "OPB Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (v1.00e)"
 479          Product Specification document (DS464) for hardware details.
 481          Or for the DS570, see "XPS Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (v2.00b)"
 483config SPI_NUC900
 484        tristate "Nuvoton NUC900 series SPI"
 485        depends on ARCH_W90X900
 486        select SPI_BITBANG
 487        help
 488          SPI driver for Nuvoton NUC900 series ARM SoCs
 491# Add new SPI master controllers in alphabetical order above this line
 495        tristate "DesignWare SPI controller core support"
 496        help
 497          general driver for SPI controller core from DesignWare
 499config SPI_DW_PCI
 500        tristate "PCI interface driver for DW SPI core"
 501        depends on SPI_DESIGNWARE && PCI
 503config SPI_DW_MID_DMA
 504        bool "DMA support for DW SPI controller on Intel Moorestown platform"
 505        depends on SPI_DW_PCI && INTEL_MID_DMAC
 507config SPI_DW_MMIO
 508        tristate "Memory-mapped io interface driver for DW SPI core"
 509        depends on SPI_DESIGNWARE && HAVE_CLK
 512# There are lots of SPI device types, with sensors and memory
 513# being probably the most widely used ones.
 515comment "SPI Protocol Masters"
 517config SPI_SPIDEV
 518        tristate "User mode SPI device driver support"
 519        help
 520          This supports user mode SPI protocol drivers.
 522          Note that this application programming interface is EXPERIMENTAL
 523          and hence SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE while it stabilizes.
 525config SPI_TLE62X0
 526        tristate "Infineon TLE62X0 (for power switching)"
 527        depends on SYSFS
 528        help
 529          SPI driver for Infineon TLE62X0 series line driver chips,
 530          such as the TLE6220, TLE6230 and TLE6240.  This provides a
 531          sysfs interface, with each line presented as a kind of GPIO
 532          exposing both switch control and diagnostic feedback.
 535# Add new SPI protocol masters in alphabetical order above this line
 538endif # SPI_MASTER
 540# (slave support would go here)
 542endif # SPI
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