1menuconfig MAILBOX
   2        bool "Mailbox Hardware Support"
   3        help
   4          Mailbox is a framework to control hardware communication between
   5          on-chip processors through queued messages and interrupt driven
   6          signals. Say Y if your platform supports hardware mailboxes.
   8if MAILBOX
   9config PL320_MBOX
  10        bool "ARM PL320 Mailbox"
  11        depends on ARM_AMBA
  12        help
  13          An implementation of the ARM PL320 Interprocessor Communication
  14          Mailbox (IPCM), tailored for the Calxeda Highbank. It is used to
  15          send short messages between Highbank's A9 cores and the EnergyCore
  16          Management Engine, primarily for cpufreq. Say Y here if you want
  17          to use the PL320 IPCM support.
  19config OMAP_MBOX
  20        tristate
  21        help
  22          This option is selected by any OMAP architecture specific mailbox
  23          driver such as CONFIG_OMAP1_MBOX or CONFIG_OMAP2PLUS_MBOX. This
  24          enables the common OMAP mailbox framework code.
  26config OMAP1_MBOX
  27        tristate "OMAP1 Mailbox framework support"
  28        depends on ARCH_OMAP1
  29        select OMAP_MBOX
  30        help
  31          Mailbox implementation for OMAP chips with hardware for
  32          interprocessor communication involving DSP in OMAP1. Say Y here
  33          if you want to use OMAP1 Mailbox framework support.
  35config OMAP2PLUS_MBOX
  36        tristate "OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support"
  37        depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
  38        select OMAP_MBOX
  39        help
  40          Mailbox implementation for OMAP family chips with hardware for
  41          interprocessor communication involving DSP, IVA1.0 and IVA2 in
  42          OMAP2/3; or IPU, IVA HD and DSP in OMAP4/5. Say Y here if you
  43          want to use OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support.
  46        int "Mailbox kfifo default buffer size (bytes)"
  47        depends on OMAP2PLUS_MBOX || OMAP1_MBOX
  48        default 256
  49        help
  50          Specify the default size of mailbox's kfifo buffers (bytes).
  51          This can also be changed at runtime (via the mbox_kfifo_size
  52          module parameter).
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