1                       Linux Serial Console
   3To use a serial port as console you need to compile the support into your
   4kernel - by default it is not compiled in. For PC style serial ports
   5it's the config option next to "Standard/generic (dumb) serial support".
   6You must compile serial support into the kernel and not as a module.
   8It is possible to specify multiple devices for console output. You can
   9define a new kernel command line option to select which device(s) to
  10use for console output.
  12The format of this option is:
  14        console=device,options
  16        device:         tty0 for the foreground virtual console
  17                        ttyX for any other virtual console
  18                        ttySx for a serial port
  19                        lp0 for the first parallel port
  20                        ttyUSB0 for the first USB serial device
  22        options:        depend on the driver. For the serial port this
  23                        defines the baudrate/parity/bits/flow control of
  24                        the port, in the format BBBBPNF, where BBBB is the
  25                        speed, P is parity (n/o/e), N is number of bits,
  26                        and F is flow control ('r' for RTS). Default is
  27                        9600n8. The maximum baudrate is 115200.
  29You can specify multiple console= options on the kernel command line.
  30Output will appear on all of them. The last device will be used when
  31you open /dev/console. So, for example:
  33        console=ttyS1,9600 console=tty0
  35defines that opening /dev/console will get you the current foreground
  36virtual console, and kernel messages will appear on both the VGA
  37console and the 2nd serial port (ttyS1 or COM2) at 9600 baud.
  39Note that you can only define one console per device type (serial, video).
  41If no console device is specified, the first device found capable of
  42acting as a system console will be used. At this time, the system
  43first looks for a VGA card and then for a serial port. So if you don't
  44have a VGA card in your system the first serial port will automatically
  45become the console.
  47You will need to create a new device to use /dev/console. The official
  48/dev/console is now character device 5,1.
  50(You can also use a network device as a console.  See
  51Documentation/networking/netconsole.txt for information on that.)
  53Here's an example that will use /dev/ttyS1 (COM2) as the console.
  54Replace the sample values as needed.
  561. Create /dev/console (real console) and /dev/tty0 (master virtual
  57   console):
  59   cd /dev:20.12">  39
  7e.txt#L53" id="L53" class="line" name=L53" class="line" name="L53">  53Heree=ttyS1,9600 c    616        mknod -m 622ass="linec 5 1me="L53">  53Heree=ttyS1,9600 c    6262       mknod -m 622amastec 4 ame="L53">  53Heree=ttyS1,9600 c    636  646eplac2. LILOlso use a takow ype="fromial port.  as a offi chinsolverref="Documentation/serial-console.txt#L45" id6"L55" cl6ss="line" name="L55">  656        ev/fulns on toffa te /dLILOl /dev/crial port this
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  7e8txt#L53" id="L53" class8"line8  818     5. Initcev/ttole/ioctl.savhef="Documentation/serial-console.txt#L10" id8"L52" cl8ss="line" name="L52">  828  838       cSysvinit remef bichits s960 se96 a ssin a ontesin tole,   848        `tole/ioctl.savh an e. REMOVE THIS FILE beounddev a srnel port ef="Documentation/serial-console.txt#L36" id8"L55" cl8ss="line" name="L55">  8585 console):
   8686        ptaudrate/parit to 384d.
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