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The cry o developers made a point of writing padata ipta. 9 /a>sufficiently general fash 3.8.a>. 11 /a>The first step iptusing padata is to set up a padata_instance structure for. 12 /a>overall control of how tasks are to be run:. 13 /a>. 14 /a> #include <linux/padata.h>. 15 /a>. 16 /a> struct padata_instance *padata_alloc(struct workqueue_struct *wq,. 17 /a> const struct cpumask *pcpumask,. 18 /a> const struct cpumask *cbcpumask);. 19 /a>. 20 /a>The pcpumask describes which processors will be used to execu e work. 21 /a>submitted to this instance iptparallel. The cbcpumask defines which. 22 /a>processors are allowed to be used as the serializa 23 /a>The workqueue wq is where the work will ac 24 /a>atmultithreaded queue, naturally.. 25 /a>. 1706roto bec _instance iptparallIPsec codefi_ubmsirfo_nes with /di="Documenta 17 2a> 2 efines stance hel a funcback prnas the s="Documenta 18 2a> 28ref="Documenta 19 2a>. 20 3a>The3href="Documenta 21 3a>sub3ittedNote: atmechme ohe ostawo kindets wefines st oh fahref=umaskhe r supplied"Documenta 22 3a>pro32 efines s, to this itheloc(struct w/loc(struct w_ubmsirfoy 3 /aa>The33 efines s=umaskheerforefines sted to waynism topadas wjax+vile reti cou="Documenta 24 3a>atm3ltithhe r suppliedrefines s;cou=s. ark willefines ststance be done; ell.. 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